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Reviewed in Canada on January 11, 2020
I have three Apple TV that I've been using for years. They're still working fine. But I needed a small streaming device for my gym. Buying another 250$ Apple TV was out of question. Google Chromecast product managers are hard head and don't acknowledge that people still want a physical remote control in 2020. So a Chromecast without a remote was a NOGO for me. I saw the Amazon FireTV 4K on sale at 50% during Back Friday so I decided to give it a go.

I'm impressed by the quality of the hardware. The remote feels amazing in my hand. Setup was fairly easy. Although Amazon is saying when an Alexa device is ordered through our Amazon account it should arrived already configured, mine was not. I had to do the setup configuration from scratch. Alexa voice recognition works very well. My gym is in a corner room of my house while my Apple Extreme is centered in my house and the FireTV streaming is all good.

I have both Prime and Netflix account. I was apprehending the moment I would ask Alexa to star Blacklist on Netflix. But Alexa execute my order and immediately found Blacklist on my Netflix account (after installing the Netflix app on the FireTV).

Cons :
- The only issue I have is with the FireTV HDMI dongle. It's huge, heavy and the HDMI dongle is WAYYYY too short. So the FireTV extend on the side of my TV. When I'm watching tv I see the FireTV hanging form the side and it's ugly. I don't get why Amazon didn't include a longer HDMI dongle. That's ridiculous! I tried with an HDMI 90 deg adapter (bought on Amazon) and FireTV didn't like it at all, steaming was choppy and freezing all the time. That's the reasons I took out one star.

I like the FireTV, mostly for the awesome remote control that feels super nice in my hand and for Alexa that doesn't get mad at me for asking to watch Netflix :-) Because of my good experience with the FireTV 4K I later on bough an Echo Dot and an Echo Show 5 to extend my smart home. So far the Echo Dot is nice. But Alexa seems to have a real grudge against Spotify though. Alexa doesn't play nice with Spotify.

So yes I do recommend the FireTV 4K. But... make sure you're ready to live with the FireTV hanging from the side of your TV.

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