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Reviewed in Canada on March 22, 2021
First off and foremost, this show is great. Both seasons are terrific and pretty much every episode has a bunch of laughs. It also features some great voice talent, some fun/crazy stories and great dialog... plus the show runners have been allowed to kind of do whatever they want with these DC characters which makes for some great moments! I also enjoy the gore factor and the general "mature" vibe of the show. Both seasons of Harley Quinn are 5/5 stars for me, it's been a new favorite of mine over the last year! If you like Harley and Co. you'll find something to like in this show, just know that it isn't for kids, like at all... not a kids show! ;)

Bit of a rant incoming! I've said it before in other reviews, Warner Brothers recent cost cutting on physical media, often bought by the deeper fan base of these properties... is getting silly. Last year I had to pick up Harley Quinn Season One on DVD because Warner's decided SD was the physical format to go with, and I felt like "Maybe this is all we're getting? That's pretty lame. Guess I'll buy the stupid DVD then". So this year they decided to go with a Bluray release for Season Two ... but only as a two pack with Season One included. So now I'm buying this release so I can get what I really wanted initially plus the latest season, only now I also still have a rogue copy of Season One on DVD, which I'll prob just give away to someone at some point.

To top it off this release is about as bare bones as it gets, typical Bluray case with 3 discs inside, no digital codes, no slip case, not even an episode sheet... nada, zilch, unless you count the little shard of the case which fell out when I opened it. It's all got a very "give us your cash (again), here's that thing you want, whatever" vibe. I've seen it on other recent WB releases as well, like Rick & Morty S4 and the recent Batman Beyond no frills repack bluray releases. Either way. The episodes look good, the discs work fine, and as I said the show is a gem and I'm happy to have it on Bluray, it's just this double dipping the fans and all that, kinda irks me. Ok Rant off! :)

So as mentioned the show itself, both seasons are 5/5 stars, straight up! The bluray release for me is a 3/5, and honestly, that's just for simply existing, WB needs to do better.

TL;DR Great show, buy it, but don't expect much from the bluray package itself and if you already own S1 on DVD find someone to give it to.
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