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Reviewed in Canada on October 3, 2020
I'm not sure what differs from the older version, but I bought what is supposed to be an "all new" five camera kit. Well packaged, with a well thought out boxing to minimize space. The package includes five Blink HD cameras, five mounting pedestals, five 90 degree adapters, five sets of two lithium AA batteries, the Blink sync module 2, a USB cable and AC USB charging adapter.

Setup was a breeze. I had already downloaded the Breeze app, so it was just a matter of adding the sync module as a device, then adding each camera. The app stepped me through and found each camera, updated the firmware and set it up faster than I could get the batteries in the next camera. You could then change the name of each camera and adjust settings such as enable/disable, sensitivity, notifications, wifi signal, etc. Took maybe 20 minutes to get all the cameras ready.

Next walked around and figured where I wanted to put each camera. Using my phone to view the picture, I held each camera in the chosen location, figuring out the best exact spot. I mounted the pedestal and snapped the camera in place, fine tuning the aim with my phone in hand. Total installation took less than 30 minutes. Once mounted, you can go back into the Blink settings and set up trigger zones, etc.

I did order the Echo Show 5 along with the camera. It came a few days before the camera kit. I changed my mind and sent the Look 5 back and instead ordered the Alexa Echo Show 2nd Gen with the 10.1" screen. I'm glad I did.

I also ordered an Echo Plus, thinking I needed it, but you don't so I returned that as well. The Echo Show is an Amazon Echo, so the separate unit isn't needed.

The picture quality is excellent whether on my phone, my iPad or the Echo Show. Each camera also has a microphone and a speaker so you can talk to a person by the camera. The Echo Show does make it as easy as saying "Alexa, show me the front door". It's a little slow as it takes about eight seconds for the Blink to respond, but it has no problem understanding the five camera names I used.

The hardest part of the whole setup was figuring out how to add the 'Blink skill' to the Echo Show. Once I had that, it was simple and quick. Definitely recommend this kit. The only questionable part to me is how long the batteries in the cameras will last as they are not rechargeable. Amazon says two years under normal conditions. If I get a year out of them I will be happy.

This is actually the third camera kit I have bought. The first was a wireless signal with DC power. The second was POE. Both have sat in my basement for over two years as I just haven't had the time to run wires. This one showed up this morning and I had it up and running and fully installed in two hours.
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