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Reviewed in Canada on June 17, 2020
So when the Echo Dot came out, I figured it would be amazing, so I put it into my car, and then downloaded an app that when the bluetooth turned on in my car, it would turn on my hotspot, and the echo dot would connect to it, and then I would be good to go. It worked wonders! and then I saw this. I was so excited, I signed up for the US account, and got my friend to relay ship it to me, and then switched my account to a US one just so I could connect it up and get it working, and you know what I found.. It was no different than an Echo Dot (2nd gen or lower that connected to a Micro USB Power)

Sure this one is smaller, but it's harder to mount, it's an eye sore on the dash, and if you use the attached mounting hardware, you have a device that's twice as big as it needs to be. The Micro USB port positioning means you either have a neatly tucked away, or the LEDs not facing you, rather than the universally symmetrical ring design of the dot.

Oh and since it connects through the phone, your phone needs to be connected, and the alexa app ready to go on your phone, which begs the question, if its just going to relay through the alexa app on your phone, why bother with the device if you're going to have your phone out anyways? I'm always half way on the road when i hear.. Your device is having problems connecting to the internet, check the app, at which point I need to pull out the phone anyways.

It's also delayed, it not Alexa what time is it.. it is... Alexa, wait for the ding, then ask the question.

For those looking for a car companion, It does fit the bill, asking to play music, set the temperature (of your house before you get home), timers, reminders, etc.. are absolutely convenient and you'll definitely wonder why you never had it to begin with, but is it worth the price? especially considering dots have gone down to half this, come in a nicer symmetrical package, and already can do this with very little effort? I don't know..

I think this a bridge gap until Amazon signs with a car manufacturer to have their entire infotainment system integrated, including temperature in the car, GPS navigation, etc... right now, its a niche bridge gap solution that probably can wait for something a bit better.
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