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Reviewed in Canada on December 8, 2020
Be warned, the developers of this product must be working in a dark cave far, far away from the rest of civilization. Even now in the times of COVID where everyone is working from home they are not savvy enough to realize that there is absolutely no way for them to know when the right time is to reset my network in order to apply a forced software update! Our house has a professor teaching many students over zoom and two students in our house that are often in classes or submitting work or watching classes. I do work at every hour of the day because I sometimes have offshore work. They have the gall to to make software updates forced with no way for me to turn this "feature" off. I called support and verified - there is no way to turn off or postpone automatic software updates! So these guys could push a software update that breaks your system and there would be absolutely no way to prevent it. Yeah, I know - "There is no way we would do this, we test properly - yada yada". BS. Stuff happens and if this happened my wife would be sitting with her entire class of upper level students wondering what just happened to their prof and why isn't she coming back? And, we would be forced to go into a brick and mortar store to get an emergency router! Absolutely not!

Also, be aware that many of the features of this router cannot be used unless you have a subscription! They entice you for a couple of months then BAM, pay up or loose out. No, I will not pay extra for features that should be included by default from the start.

As soon as I can research a better alternative that has all it's features up front and does not force me to update their software on their schedule, these things will be going back.

Do not tolerate this "pay a subscription" for what should be in the product to start with. It is an insidious beast that you must never allow into you life at all. If you do so just once, pretty soon every gadget in your house will require a subscription to work effectively. Just say NO.
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