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Reviewed in Canada on August 19, 2019
I Bought this keyboard/mouse combo early March 2019. It's now nearing the end of August 2019 and I still use this mouse and keyboard every day. I've absolutely loved it.
Obviously if you are an extremely competitive gamer looking for the absolute best, you'll have to spend more money. But for myself and most gamers out there, you definitely can't go wrong.
The keys are NOT mechanical (which I personally like only due to noise because I game at night a lot and these keys are quiet) but they still feel very nice to press vs a flat keyboard. And the keyboard itself is spill resistant which has saved me a few times as any small spills will just drain out the bottom rather than ruining it.
Lots of reviews seemed to say the keys aren't actually backlit, which, the keys themselves infact do not have their own lights, but the backlight itself is plenty bright and the keys allow light to pass through so even in a very bright room the entire keyboard still lights up. You cannot change the colours though, it's just on/off/breathing modes. And 2 brightness levels. I still love it.
Mouse has worked amazing for me. I really love the DPI button as I have dual monitors but at night I only use one. So being able to adjust the DPI with a click of a button when switching between gaming/working/lounging is awesome. The whole mouse lights up and looks awesome, but again, no colour options, it just flashes through all the colours, or you can keep the lights off.
All in all, for the price, I doubt you'd find much better. Obviously if you compare it to high end $100-$300 keyboards and what not, huge difference. But unless you're insanely competitive and need the absolute best of the best, I 10/10 recommend this keyboard and mouse.
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