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Reviewed in Canada on March 20, 2020
Many people enjoy this game and I am one of them but 90 plus dollars is no where close to be worth that. The game is mainly a repeat just like most nintendo games. How many times do you need to save the princess? When you look at other triple A games like fallout 4 or horizon zero dawn, those games take a lot more time to make (Not that they are similar what so ever) but these games are now found at $20 or less and sometimes even free. Nintendo used to have their games at 10-20$ less than other consoles which was fair due to the amount of content. Nothing has changed today. The only difference is Nintendo is taking advantage of you, by knowing that you will pay all this money for a game that does not even compare to other games on other platforms that are now $20 and less. Another example, Paying $30 plus on some plastic tiny statue is another. I’m not saying you don’t have the right because I spend money on useless things myself like everyone else but these amibos are clearly overpriced and yet again they take advantage of you. Nintendo has some good games but their business practice is the way it is because you allow it. The game overall is good but it does not have enough content to make it apart from previous games and definitely not a high score. More like a big update to an old game at most.
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