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Reviewed in Canada on May 8, 2020
I've been using the HD60S for about 3 months now, running live streams on Twitch and recording footage for tutorials and video essays for work. It's a great little device, but considering I've used it on Mac and PC I figured I'd put up my tips. The killer features I would say is it accepting 1080p 60 and the ease of use / quality of Game Capture HD software if you are recording. (Beats the hell out of Blackmagic's Express software imho. For streaming just use OBS.)

General = It works well with all kinds of input devices (PC, Mac, PS4, Switch, Mirrorless Cameras: GH5s)
General = It doesn't work well with any passive or active usb 3.0 extensions I have found (power hungry.)
PC = Go for it, it's great.
MAC = Go for an AverMedia or Blackmagic depending on what you need if you want to stream. It's recording capabilities are still great if that's your main use case.

1. Great for everything (streaming and recording) on PC, Great for ONLY RECORDING on Mac
I have workstation grade computers on both OS, and unfortunately I have to say it's not as versatile on Mac. Recording through Game Capture is great if you are only looking to do local recordings. (The mac version does lack some settings, but it still is easy and the footage is good looking.)

The issue is streaming, on PC Elgato has drivers for OBS/Streamlabs to natively work with the device. No lag, no sync issues, plug and play goodness. (It sometimes thinks it's connected to another Elgato if you keep unplugging and plugging it back into new ports, but it's simple enough to fix in the sources menu.)

Streaming on Mac requires you to use "OBS Link" which is a program that basically takes the signal from the Elgato and turns it into a "fake" network webcam NDI source and then allows you to ingest that source into OBS. It's the worst for 2 reasons: 1, it introduces bad lag (850 ms on average) so syncing is a nightmare, but WORSE that lag fluctuates wildly all the time during streams (from 500ms to 1200ms in my experience). 2, it causes a bunch of issues in my experience with the sound pickup from the source (I'm guessing due to NDI compression).

Same setup on PC no lag at all thanks to the drivers, so until Elgato releases drivers and phases out "OBS LINK" I can't recommend using it for streaming on Mac.

2. Works well as a more versatile Cam Link (On PC)
I use this with VG systems (Switch / PS4) which is easy and works great.

I've also used it for screen recording on PC and Mac. which works great as well. (I will let you know that the system recognizes the device as a display regardless of whether you have a display daisy chained to it or not.)

It also works great with my Panasonic GH5s, I make sure the camera is set to automatically detect HDMI resolution and set the recording quality to 1080 60p. In fact it even seems to negate some of the delay I usually notice when using on Camera monitors like the SmallHD Focus, though that could be my imagination.

So as long as you don't need the 4k recording function, which honestly due to filesize and upload bitrate I would say you probably don't, just go with this. (Also I've enjoyed having a capture card with a decently long USB cord, as opposed to the Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini or Intensity Shuttle.)

3. USB Cable Length Issues
Now the one issue you can run into is with extending it's cable length (my PC and my entertainment system are on opposite sides of the room.) This thing is seriously power hungry and it's very common that if it isn't getting enough power for it to give you a "Must be plugged into a USB 3.0 port" error, even if the cable is USB 3.0.

I've found this using various lengths of both passive USB extensions and high end single port active extensions (Cable Creation). I've also tested the extension using USB 3.0 Ports, 3.1 ports and 3.0 DAC ports that deliver more power. So if you are buying this and need cable length for the recorder to reach the input source, buy HDMI cables to reach the input, don't buy USB extensions to move the Elgato.

Lastly it will heat up a bit while in use (not crazy, what you'd expect for such a compact card) so make sure it's not on soft surfaces or an ventilated cabinet if possible.

But yeah, overall I really love this device on PC.
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