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Reviewed in Canada on December 29, 2019
I just like Alicia Vikander., she's cute & tough--in a "don't be there when the fists/bullets arrive" kind of clever way. Never mind that her character--Lara Croft--is also sometimes quite smart, but,in a kind of know-it-all way, solving puzzles--both cerebral & physical--that other, older, usually male folks are stumped by. Also, the character (& so perhaps by extension the actress) are both, probably to different degrees, accomplished archers--& Archery is cool. Spoiler Alert:
Lara loves here daddy--Sir Richard Croft, currently lost in Orient, as story opens--& dearly wants to find him. So her subsequent journey & puzzle-solving are fueled by L-U-V.. The script-writers did a great job making Lara into a sympathetic, emotionally deep, pragmatic character--by: losing to a female fight-jock, then volunteering for a "Hounds & Fox" bicycle race--to raise money, for her gym membership,rent, etc. This is an origin story that betters the Angelina Jolie vehicles, in the several respects--alluded to above.
Lara ricochets from one near-fatal mess, to another; sometimes physical, sometimes in confrontation with malefactors. e.g.: she climbs onto a crashed, crumbling WWII-era bomber, to escape a fatal plunge to bottom of a vertiginous water-fall--only to have plane fall apart --but, happily enough, she's able to make use of a leftover parachute. Or, she Sprints out've a cave--which's being collapsed, due to a pile of high explosives set off by Daddy--in order to avert a (potentially World ending) evil--only to almost fall into a fatal pit & saves herself only via heroic use of an ice-climber's axe. It's a fantastic romp. But, throughout it all we've got the tough, durable Alicia hollering & screaming--just like an ordinary lass would do, in a similar situation--which makes Lara seem even more Human--& seems to get by with wit, courage, gumption & sheer good fortune. We don't mind, that Lara's guardian angel is putting in overtime--because Alicia Vikander's version of Lara Croft is (currently) quite likable, not to mention unutterably cute.
. :-)
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