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Reviewed in Canada on April 26, 2019
Although borderline-boring, from time to time, I liked the cultural themes.

Yet, I thought this show could do without the stupidity. For example, [SPOILER ALERT] I did not think the king had to accept the challenges, from every 'Tom, Dick and Harry' who showed up, at his door, spoiling for a fight and a chance, at the throne - especially, when the king's defeat was likely to lead to instability, a civil war plus deaths.

So, I felt that such was carried too far!

Similarly, the simplistic decision-making left me questioning the show's supposed 'wise' leader. [Spoiler Alert] Just handing over potentially-dangerous technology, to anyone who wanted it, seemed foolish. Yet, this was the supposed to be the 'big' solution, at the end of the movie.

Why, however, was, essentially, arming bad characters 'to the teeth' such a good idea?

The film did not say - despite history was full of examples which clearly demonstrated why it would be a bad course of action!

Still, the movie was largely entertaining.
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