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Reviewed in Canada on September 26, 2018
I am very happy with this product, but I knew what I was getting. I just wanted something faster than a mechanical hard drive for an old computer which isn't used very much anymore, and is mostly only used for checking email and writing documents. For that, it is fine. Higher capacity versions are better for speed, but they're still quite poor compared to other drives which don't cost that much more. Do yourself a favour, do NOT buy any SSD like this which doesn't have DRAM. Pay more for something like a WD Blue, Crucial MX500, or Samsung 860 EVO. They are WAY WAY WAY faster, not just with transfer speeds, but with response times (latency). The cheapest SSD's never have DRAM, and that makes them a lot slower, but it's not the ONLY thing which makes them slower. You should avoid them unless you just want a really cheap SSD for some kind of secondary computer. Slightly more expensive SSD's like the Crucial MX500 are also higher quality and have longer warranties. Also, you should probably get one of the 500GB models (or maybe more), or at least a 250GB. 120GB will not be enough for most people. You'll run out of space and then you'll waste time making space every time you want to install something or download something new.
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