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Reviewed in Canada on December 18, 2020
Why so many people are saying this product is fake without doing any research?

I get that the UPC doesn't appear to be registered when checking with GS1 so that could be why people think it's fake. Many other brands out from various retailers with store locations also sell products with UPC's that aren't registered. Check out Kirkland Signature. Many of their products aren't registered, but that doesn't mean it's fake.

Labeling itself isn't always a telltale sign as products can have different labels depending on the size and when the labeling was created. Could be possible that they made some tweaks to their labels and you got the tweaked version whereas the stores have to sell out all their inventory before they would get the tweaked labels. I've seen identical products on store shelves with different labels because they happened to put the newer stuff out with the older stuff. Also, some retail companies request to have tweaks to the labeling for their store. This makes it easier to tell if something was purchased specifically from their store.

The biggest clue that this is a legitimate product is if you were to go to CeraVe Canada's website, and choose buy online, there's actually a link for Amazon. If you were to press that link, guess what, it links you directly to this product. A legitimate company with a legitimate and secured website is not going to link you to fake product.

Now onto the actual product itself. It's definitely runnier than most other lotions I've used. However, this being an actual lotion that's properly formulated to be used for the face as well would mean it needs to be lighter. Many other product brands with all purpose lotions are usually thicker. Also, CeraVe changed their formula for this lotion some time in 2020 and this new formula is lighter and absorbs much faster and better than the older formula. However, many store still have stockpiles of the older formula for sale. This would be the reason for the change in consistency that others are noticing.

I've used other brands and they irritate my sensitive skin. This is the only lotion I found that I could use on my face, head (since I shave it bald), body, and hands that does not provide any irritation. After using this for one week, my skin is already noticeably softer and there is less flaking of dry skin. It claims to be non-comedogenic, which is what you definitely want on your face and head. It meets this expectation since I apply this stuff after freshly shaving and have not received any breakouts due to clogged pores.
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