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Reviewed in Canada on August 13, 2019
I looked around for a few days before buying this protector.

I’m an iPhone user so you can easily find glass screen protectors for them because the screen is flat. However, my partner strictly uses the Galaxy S series and because of their curved screens, it is much more difficult to find a good glass screen protector.

In the past I have purchased other brands for past Galaxy phones but they either left smudges or had rainbow effect on the sides.

This one fits the screen like a glove and is made of great quality. I honestly cannot tell whether I’m touching the phones screen naked or with a glass protector on (that’s how it should be).

Installation is a bit tricky and I would advise you to watch the video at least once which is on a QR code inside the box before installing and keep it handy during the installation. The installation took about 30 mins in total but the the video made the whole process easier.

Now for the bad news: fingerprint sensor doesn’t work. I know they do claim it does but I couldn’t get it to work. During the installation process I made sure I pressed the fingerprint read area for about 45 seconds hoping that it would work but it didn’t.

Other than that, everything works great.

My partner uses a passcode along with smart lock anyway so she’s happy as long as her phone’s screen is protected.

Would I buy it again: depends. For protecting the screen of the phone YES because it is way better than some of the other known branded glass screen protectors for the galaxy line. This product is equally as good as the Whitestone screen protector but costs a quarter of its price.

However, if you want to use your fingerprint scanner then this product is not for you. In fact, in that case stick to a traditional screen protector or leave the one that came with the device on it.
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