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on September 1, 2014
I liked it very much - would recommend
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on May 23, 2014
Again the magic operates and brings you a great book that you will not put down
until the last page.
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on December 8, 2013
Good historical romances must be very difficult to write, for the author must walk a very fine line between delivering a sense of historical realism and addressing the modern woman's sensibilities. Kleypas walks that line with tremendous skill in this novel. Not once in reading this book did I roll my eyes muttering "Oh come on." Nor did I find myself wishing I wasn't using an e-reader so I could throw the book across the room in disgust. The Wallflowers series in general is pretty solid, and this is easily the best book of the series. I do think a reader could pick up this 3rd book of the series and enjoy it without having read the earlier books, but having stated that I also have to say that I think a reader would get more out of this third book were s/he to read at least the second book beforehand to really get into the wallflowers' universe. Should you find yourself trying to decide whether and how far to go back in the series, I would have to say that book 1 is a little flat. Being the first book of the series, allowances have to made in terms of exposition and character development, but it lacks some of the sparkle achieved in later books. Book 2 delivers characters that sizzle and scintillate, and has solid plot and pacing, but is weakened by some contrivances and cliche. In book 3, Kleypas gets all the ingredients just right - delivering great characters, a good plot, and excellent pacing. Perhaps what I like best about this book is that Kleypas manages to break the mold a little by turning a few cliches on their head in order to deliver something fresh. While book 3 is clearly the peak of the series, book 4 is also strong despite lacking some of the mold-breaking freshness of book 3. The bounds of credulity are nudged a little, but it is fun and has a pretty good pace. The final book is clearly a tack on to the series, but manages to be enjoyable despite its flaws.
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on October 17, 2011
The book starts with a cliché, i.e. a nice, shy and stuttering heroine and an absolut rake
fall in love with each other. The end is predictable, but the rest of the book is just marvelous.

You easily fall for Evangeline Jenner and Lord St-Vincent, because they are believable caracters, full of flaws, but heartful. Their chemistry is undeniable. You actually feel the passion/tension/fright in their relationship. You feel the longing they experience for one another. It is so well written that your own heart is overwhelmed by all the feelings described. The action is great, since it is realistic, and the love scenes are simply WOW !

Last, but not least, let's not forget Cam Rohan who will eventually have his own great story. It is remarkable how Kleypas is able to include past and futur main caracters in her stories and still continu to be loyal to them in each different novel.

Guys (girls, lol) you are in for a treat, garanteed!
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on July 4, 2010
I actually thought I wrote a review for this wonderful read, but apparently I didn't. Rarely do I read a book that I come back to years later and still enjoy it like the first time I read it. However, Devil in Winter is this read for me. Ms. Kleypas is a great writer, but like all writer sometimes she has hits and sometimes misses. Well, I would go as far as to say this is the best book she has written so far. It's a really great read with great characters and the book keeps me spellbound every time from beginning to end. Instead of explaining the plot or why I loved this book, I will say this; sometimes there is no explanation why something is as good as it is, it just is. I will say that if you like Lisa Kleypas's books and haven't read Devil in Winter, read it.
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on December 13, 2006
A flawed man; a woman who appealed to his most secret fantasies.

Wow, Lisa has really outdone herself this time. It's is rare when you want to read a book so badly just because you got a glimpse of the hero's and heroine's character from another book. I feel in love with Devil in Winter long before i got the chance to read it! Eva and Seb are so different from one another, yet so alike in their vulnerabilities and loneliness.

He is unscrupulous, a careless seducer who isn't even above betraying his best friend to suit his purposes. He is beautiful, like the Devil, and just as cunning. Cynical, corrupt, and weary, he is the epitome of a RAKE. To top it off, he needs money desperately.

Enter Eva: An awkward redhead, painfully shy with a stammer! She could've made a perfect Cinderella... hated and abused by her uncle's family, she flees to the lair of London's most notorious lord in the middle of night. She has no illusions about the man, yet he is her only hope. They make a deal which would provide Sebatian with funds and Eva protection. They were married with no love lost between them, but then, love is stubborn.
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on August 28, 2006
Where else can I begin, except to say that Kleyas only gets better and better with every book she writes, especially with her wallflowers series. Evie and St. Vincent's breathtaking story is the third in the series (First "Secrets of a Summer Night", then "It Happened One Autumn") and without a doubt the best one to date. Built on the basis of friendship, the series matures remarkably with each installment, always keeping the spirit of sisterhood and friendship intact throughout each. Evie has much to be grateful for in her small circle of friends as her story progresses.

St. Vincent has returned from his foiled attempt to kidnap, wed and seduce Lillian Bowman. Beaten and downtrodden, he's not expecting the shy and reclusive redhead that insists on entry into his home. Even more surprising, he's astonished at Evangeline Jenner's proposal of marriage - a marriage of convenience in which she receives sanctuary and protection from her abusive family and he gets what he so desperately needs. That would be money, of course. The daughter of a notorious gaming club owner and a rumored half-wit, St. Vincent never thought he'd be stooping to such a level as to consider Evie's offer. Hard times call for desperate measures, on both their parts, and the two are quickly off the Gretna Green for an elopement of the not-so-heart. Both are determined to maintain their distance, but both are in for some eye opening experiences, ones where prior assumptions and false conclusions about one another will be tossed to the curb. Is it really possible for a self-professed rake to do a complete one eighty? The chances are good for St. Vincent, and watching his awakening to Evie's not so obvious charms is a wonderful experience.

Kleypas's wallflowers series began with an endearing promise, among four unlikely friends, to aid one another in the begetting of husbands. That theme of spirited friendship has prevaled throughout the series and in Evie's story her friends come through for her at probably one of the most trying times of her life. A husband like St. Vincent was no easy cross to bear, a totally debauched rogue with no concerns besides ones for himself, he definitely makes it hard on Evie at times. However, at the same time, no one ever set out to take such devoted and gentle care of the fragile young woman. All but broken by the abuse of her "noble" family, Evie is frankly surprised at St. Vincent's efforts on her behalf. When he tries to bully her into a position she doesn't like, he's equally amazed at the fiery woman that steps out from behind her shell. Who'd have thought a self-professed wallflower could have such spirit and fortitude? The two are a fun and exciting couple to say the least. The attraction between the two was very well written and the chemistry practically leaped right off the pages, it was so intense. By far the best romantic achievement by Klepas to date. And it brought back fond memories of one of my favorites of hers, "Dreaming of You" ( Derek Craven, the hero of that book, is briefly mentioned in this current title. If you liked this story line, I highly recommend "Dreaming of You" too.). The only complaint I have is that there will be a wait for Daisy's story, "A Scandal in Spring", scheduled for release later in 2006. Keep 'em coming, Kleypas. We definitely want more.
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on March 26, 2006
Ms. Kleypas continues her "Wallflower Series" with her third effort "Devil in Winter." This was a romantic romp from start to finish and I am eagerly waiting for the final book is this entertaining series.
Evangeline Jenner is the ultimate wallflower. She is shy, untitled, and in possession of a stutter. Her family what there is of it only wants the fortune that will come her way once her father Ivo Jenner dies. Not wanting the life they have planned for her...Evie takes matters into her own hands. She makes a deal with the Devil...Viscount St. Vincent. Sebastian is a rake and has a nasty reputation...but she trusts him and together they make a dash of Scotland, Gretna Green to be precise and they are married. But, what starts off with battle lines drawn ends up changing and Evie can't help but realize despite her best efforts...her husband is slowly but surely making a place for himself in her heart.
Sebastian has almost hit rock bottom. When a stuttering wallflower walks into his home and offers him a second chance he takes it not asking why. He will keep her safe while being rewarded with her dowery. This rake has no plans on expecting much out of life...and truly can't see himself as a husband and father. But, Evie makes him believe in things he never thought possible. So when someone threatens her life he will do all he can to keep her safe. If he doesn't he will loose the one thing in his life that means something. But will he admit that his heart has already Evie's?
Sebastian and Evie were wonderful protagonists in this romance. Ms. Kleypas has done a fine job turning this anti-hero into a hero readers will fall in love with. Ms. Kleypas is at the head of her game now. Her stories only get better with each effort. This one read you will want to add to your "must read" stack.
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