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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on June 2, 2005
Suze Simon is a regular 16 year old teenage girl. She doesn't take drugs, smoke, or wear a lot of black. She's pretty sane and goes through normal teenage high school experiences. Except for the fact that she can talk to ghosts.
All Suze's life, she has been able to see ghosts, in her home in New York. But when Suze moves to California, she hopes her life will be different - ghost-free. She is so wrong.
In Suze's new school, Hannah, the insane ghost, greets Suze and makes her feel at home. Hannah's got revenge on her mind, and not ever Suze can stop it. If Hannah continues her streak of evil, it could be a threat to the lives of all the students in the school. Will Suze manage to finish her off once and for all, or will Hannah continue to try to threaten people's lives? Read the book to find out!
"The Mediator" shows the life of an outgoing, daring, resilient teen named Suze, who just happens to be a mediator - someone who can communicate with ghosts. This book is very exciting, and has a lot of action in it. The characters' personalities are very realistic, so anyone can relate to them. I would probably recommend this book to readers who enjoy action, drama, a little romance, a touch of mystery, and a lot of excitement! Any teen or pre-teen would enjoy it! I've even heard of adults who like it! Even though this book is different from anything I've ever read before, it is still one of the best books EVER!!! I give this book five stars, because it is unique. This is worth reading! Get a copy of the book today!
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on March 5, 2016
Susannah is a mediator, a la Sixth Sense, helping ghosts resolve their earthly problems so they can depart. She lived a life of adventure and school problems in New York, hung out with her visiting dead father's ghost, and got in trouble with the law. Then Mom married a guy from California and they moved in with the new family -- new stepdad and three new stepbrothers. And her first day of school? She finds out that her school's principal, a priest, is also a mediator. She's not alone! Ever!
The introduction of a character who gets to physically interact with ghosts is great, and the introduction of Susannah to the ghost Jesse who has been haunting her new bedroom for the last 150 years is actually funny. There are lots of humourous bits as she moves into the new school, and meets the resident bully -- a rejected popular girl who committed suicide over a boy, and now wants to exact revenge on him.
Some of the clichés used around the vengeful ghost are a bit much, and the constant injuries to various people while she skates uninjured is rather exaggerated.
I received no compensation, not even a free copy, in exchange for this review. I am not personal friends with the author, nor do I follow her on social media.
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on October 25, 2015
Overall the book has a good pace and doesn’t bog you down with too much information. There are interesting characters with room to grow and relationships to grow along with them. There’s banter and witty comments galore to keep you chuckling and begging for more.

It is a cool plot, a teenage mediator who helps ghosts move on to the afterlife. This actually reminds me of the Buffy show. I also really like that some Spanish Conquest history has been thrown in.

Sussannah is the protagonist of this story and a 16 year old teenager. I am going to call her Suze because I’m not her mother. Suze is witty, snarky and sarcastic and it is wonderful. Suze is one of those people that always has a comeback. Unlike me who’s like if someone says I’m gonna smack you my reply will be you try that. And then later I think I should’ve said you try that and I’ll smack you into next week and it’s only Monday! I also really like that Suze's propensity for violence; she can and does get physical with ghosts.

Jesse is a Spanish guy/ghost dead 150 years. He hadn’t talked to anyone in awhile but he was still pretty snarky. I loved learning about his backstory and interested to learn more about it because we seem to know most of it but it also seems like there is more to the story. And the interaction between Jesse and Suze was great. They seem to compliment each other really well and push each other out of their comfort zones. And the banter between them makes the book.

Meg Cabot really seems to have gotten into the mind of a teenage girl and she has so many great one liners and they especially hit a chord with me because they are things I thought of back when I was a teenager…… back with the dinosaurs.

****** SPOILERS AHEAD ******

I didn’t quite understand how the title fits in- is it because Suze works in the shadows or is it where the ghosts go when they pass? But my main dislike in the book was that in the end to get rid of Heather, Suze had to do an exorcism. As Father Dominic points out that is not what they do as mediators. But I do understand that Heather was a threat that needed to be taken care of. But it still kind of feels like she failed. At least Suze has 5 more books to try again since there are 5 more books in the series!

My favourite part of the book was Doc/Dave figuring out what Suze is and what she can do. At least Suze will have some family support whether she wants it or not.

There are 6 books in the Mediator series: 1. Shadowland, 2. The Ninth Key, 3. Reunion, 4. Darkest Hour, 5. Haunted, 6. Twilight. So I give this book 4 out of 5 stars I recommend you read it! I plan to go find and buy the rest of the series!
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on August 27, 2003
I borrowed this book from a friend, and after reading it I ended up buying the whole series! Shadowland refers to the world of ghosts, and the main character Susannah Simon @ Suze have the gift to see ghosts and helped them to go to their afterlife. The story started with Suze moving to Carmel after her mom remarried with a guy who already has 3 sons, and Suze vowed to start over her life because she doesn't want to disappoint her mom anymore. But, since she IS the mediator, she can't really start over because there are ghosts still lingering even in California, including one really cute Spanish ghost haunting her bedroom! So she's all angry and stuff, but things changed when she met another mediator and also her school's principal, Father Dominic who tries to teach her the 'gentler' way of dealing with ghosts instead of just punching them on the face. Much to her surprise, Suze became popular at school, has great friends and was even nominated for Vice President!
Of course, all is not well, when Suze encountered a bitter ghost of a girl who died in a suicide and who is trying to kill her still alive ex-boyfriend. Suze tries to persuade the ghost into moving on, but instead it backfired and things got very, very bad (and messy) after that.
I thought this book was really entertaining, mostly because of Suze's thoughts and cynical sense of humour and the characters are interesting as well. The ending promises something interesting between Suze and her bedroom ghost, Jesse and I would recommend this book to all teen readers.
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on August 19, 2003
Susannah "Suze" Simon just traveled all the way across the country from New York to California to live with her mom, her new stepfather and her three new stepbrothers. Yippee. She hasn't even gotten the chance to unpack when she sees a ghost sitting in her bedroom. It is true that the ghost is really hot, but, hello, she cannot share her bedroom with a guy! She tells Jesse, the ghost, to take a hike, but, of course, he doesn't so Suze has to find another way to get rid of him. After Suze's first day at school, however, Jesse is the least of her worries. Heather, a very angry ghost girl who just committed suicide when her boyfriend broke up with her, is determined to make Bryce Martinson, her seemingly perfect boyfriend, pay for her death. Suze has never had a problem getting ghosts to leave before, true, she may have kicked a few ... to get them out of there, but they always left, but Heather wasn't leaving.
As Suze tries to convince her mom that she is happy in her new home, adjust to having a stepfather who insists they all eat dinner together (every night!), deal with three stepbrothers that she calls Sleepy, Dopey & Doc for a reason, exchange mediator techniques with Father Dominic, the first guy she has met who can also see ghosts, save Bryce from Heather's murderous impulses and get rid of Heather while making new friends at her new school, she finds that she has her hands more than full and figures out pretty quickly that, while California is not the same as New York, her life didn't get any easier...
I loved this book! It was so hilarious that I was laughing out loud while I read it. Suze is a fabulous character and is so matter of fact about seeing ghosts and how to deal with them and stuff that it doesn't seem at all unusual. Her friends are unique, her new stepfamily is a hoot when seen through Suze's eyes and Suze's idea of what California is like was pretty funny too. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am ready to pounce on all of the other books in this series. A must read!
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on May 21, 2003
This is my first book by "Jenny Carroll." I've read all the Princess Diaries book, but I didn't know that Jenny Carroll was Meg Cabot until after I finished the book.
IN "Shadowland" (the first of the Mediator books), Suze Simon moves to sunny, bubbly Californa with her mom. She's moving into an old, historic house that her stepdad and three stepbrothers (Doc, Dopey, and Sleepy) live in. When Suze finds out it's an *old* mansion, she freaks out. You see, Suze has powers. She can talk to ghosts, in fact, she has to help them go to the afterlife. Suze is right ~ there's a Spanish cowboy from the 1800's (named Jesse) living in her room. At first, shes kind of alarmed, but soon she becomes friends with Jesse ~ he watches out for her, and seems to have an attraction to her.
At Suze's new school, there is also a ghost. Heather, the pretty, popular girl who committ suicide the week before Suze arrived. Heather is jealous and seeking revenge on her ex-boyfriend Bryce, and will stop at nothing to kill him.
Suze keeps trying to prevent Heather's attempts to murder Bryce, but in the end - will she succeed?
This was a great book, even better than the Princess Diaries. It's a book that you won't want to put down, and won't be upset at the end. Everything comes together. Overall grade: A+
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on May 12, 2003
Thsi is the first book in the Mediator series. I liked it a lot more than I liked "Haunted" by Meg Cabot, who is also the author of this book. (Under a fake name, Jenny Carroll.) In this book, you meet Suze, or Susannah Simon, as she leaves everything behind in New York City to head out to sunny Carmel by the Sea, California. When she moves into her new house, she meets Jesse, a guy ghost from 1850 who is living in her room. Suze can't seem to get him to leave. But Jesse becomes the least of her worries when she meets an angry ghost at ther school, the ghost of a popular cheerleader who committed suicide when her boyfriend dumped her. Suze is determined to save Bryce, the object of the girl's rage. The girl ghost, however, gets even meaner and almost kills the school principal and makes threats against Suze's stepbrother. Will Suze defeat the angry girl ghost? I liked this book a lot. I didn't think I would because I was disappointed with Haunted: A Tale of the Mediator written by the same author. I recommend this read.
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on April 11, 2003
Jenny Carroll (Meg Cabot) is an awesome author. Every book that I have read of hers, I like.
"Shadowland" is about a girl, Susannah, who has this amazing ability. Susannah is a Mediator and can see, hear, and touch ghosts. It is her "job" to help these ghosts to find their way to the other side...whatever that may be. As if having an unwanted job wasn't enough, she is also the "typical" 16 year-old girl. She just moved from NY to CA because her mother married another man. In CA, she hopes her life will be different...and it is. As she says, "it's worse". The ghost of a really cute guy lives in her bedroom, a girl who committed suicide wants revenge on an ex-boyfriend and Suze, and Suze finally meets another Mediator-a Priest.
This story is fast paced, and a fun read. I think all teen girls can relate in some way to Susannah. She is quick-witted, quick-tempered, a bit cocky, and tough (sometimes she resorts to "kicking some ghost butt" to send them on their way to the other side). The story leaves room for more books and the reader wanting more. All in all, a good read. Way to go, Jenny Carroll!
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on March 19, 2003
Susannah Simon has had some odd experiences in her life but this one tops them all. Her mom remarries and they move to California. Normal so far. Until she gets to her room and there is a ghost in there. Not just any ghost but a "hot" dead "cowboy" with a six pack. Don't ask how she knows. Well anyways, he won't leave so they hav to aheeeem "live together." But she isn't normal. She is a mediator which means she can talk to, hear and touch ghosts. Don't take that the wrong way. She doesn't TOUCH them, she can hit them and beat them down and stuff. Well there is also a pyscho ghost at her school who KILLED herself! (What a freaking loser!) So here she is and the guy ghost who's name is Jesse, is super protective and obviously likes her. And that's her life. A ghost has a crush on her, her brothers are odd, her mom thinks she isn't popular enough and a ghost is trying to kill her. Don't get me wrong though, this book was truly one of the best I have ever read. It was original, fun to read, suspensful and not ditzy. Shadowlands was an amazing book that I think alot of people would enjoy. However, I think that this was a girl's book. Boy's really don't want to read about how hot Bryce Martinson and Jesse (who is like 150 yrs. old,) are. Anyways this book was fun and if you liked Philip Pullman books then you will LOVE this.
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on March 4, 2003
You know those books that you just have to read and can't put it down until two o'clock in the morning when you're finally finished and just can't wait to read the next one in the series? Well, Shadowland is one of them. In this book, you will meet Susannah Simon, sixteen, who is, oh, just an ordinary girl...with one slight twist. Susannah is a mediator, a person who can speak with the dead, but mainly just with the unhappy ghosts, who died with unfinished business they hadn't gotten to take care of. First, she is forced to leave good ol' NYC to Carmel, CA, where she is forced again to share a bedroom with a ghost who died 150 years ago, and who also happens to be a guy (good thing her parents don't know).
When she starts at her new school, she meets Heather, a suicidal maniac, who died over the Christmas break. Heather is furious at Susannah because Susannah just happens to be taking Heather's old locker, 'stealing' Heather's best friend and boyfriend. Heather will do anything to kill Bryce, her ex-boyfriend whom Susannah is 'stealing' away from her, and bring him down with her the land of the dead and no matter how much Susannah explains to Heather that she can't do that, it's no use.
What happens? Well, you'll just have to read the book to find out. It's definitely a book worth reading. Trust me, it is. I mean, if I, Lavender Skye, read it, then surely EVERYBODY would want to read it...right?
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