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on May 22, 2017
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on February 15, 2004
The Ninth Key is about Susannah Simon (Suze), a mediator, as well as a high school sophomore who deals with standard teenage problems. She has lived in California for nearly two weeks and she is already having a great time with her new school, friends, and stepbrothers.
When Suze was trying to sleep a ghost of a dead woman woke her up, screaming and begging Suze to tell "Red" that he isn't responsible for her death. As Suze inquired "Red", she realized that he is the father of Tad Beaumont, the cutest and richest boy in school. Suze's father and Jesse both tell her that "Red" is a vampire and to not mess with Red Beaumont, but young Suze does not listen. As she searches for more information about "Red", someone knows what Suze is trying to do.
One of my favorite scenes was the scene when the whole family was having a conversation during dinner about Dopey and his relation with Debbie Mancuso. My favorite character in this book is Doc, Suze's youngest and smartest stepbrother. Doc has an interesting personality; he is a character who is ingenuous, innocent and naive.
This book was very interesting. Although the first book was more interesting, I still enjoyed it.
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on March 21, 2003
I love Jenny Carroll (aka Meg Cabot), and this second book in her Mediator series was just as entertaining for me as the first one. Our tough but beloved lead character Suze Simon continues her paranormal adventures, but winds up kicking human, rather than ghost, butt in this installment. Oh, there are still ghosts in NINTH KEY all right (they're what this series is all about after all), but some twists end up pitting Suze against a particularly mean real LIVE human this time around.
There was just something I noticed in this little volume that made me wonder about inconsistencies in series such as this. If we take a close look at the name of one of the characters in SHADOWLAND, we see that it's spelled Bryce M-A-R-T-I-N-S-O-N. In NINTH KEY that same character's name is spelled M-A-R-T-I-N-S-E-N, almost as if someone else wrote it. It's just a minor detail, and we shouldn't let it detract our attention from the enjoyable tale in this book's pages. I just couldn't help but wonder about it, especially since there are other inconsistencies in books three and four.
Still, this second Mediator book is definitely a fun read. Check it out if you enjoyed the first one.
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on November 3, 2003
In the second book of The Mediator series, the ghost of a woman asks Suze to find "Red" and tell him her death wasn't his fault. Suze has her work cut out for her when she discovers that "Red" is really eccentric millionaire Thaddeus Beaumont, and all signs point to his being a murder. Suze also has a new love interest, Tad, who just happens to be Mr. Beaumont's son.
This book was pretty good but a few things did get on my nerves. Suze's constant complaining that Tad was the only boy to ever ask her out was really annoying because two boys asked her out in the first book. Also, in the beginning, the book kept skipping around in time which was really awkward. Other than those minor complaints I really enjoyed the second book in the series, but not quite as much as the first.
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on April 24, 2001
The second book in the Mediator is really pretty good. But it fell into the unsuspecting pit of...rehash! In other words, too many repitive quotes from the first novel. I mean a lot series books do it but in this one it was annoying. How many times will readers be reminded of some very obvious things?? Anyways, the opening was so-so. The plot was so-so. But the characters as always stood out shining carrying the plot. Susannah, Jesse, Father Dominic and David aka Doc are awesome. But what really saves the plot is the end. The end completely surprised me. And I like to be surprised. So I reccommend ya buy it just to read more about these wonderful characters & surprise end!!!
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on July 27, 2001
Some of the earlier reviews say that this is a great book for teens. A middle-aged lawyer looking for light reading among all of the heavy books at a discount store wound up reading Ninth Key by Jenny Carroll and loving it! The narrator is a 16 year old girl who can communicate with ghosts. Her adventures in this book arise from her attempt to help a ghost deliver a message to someone named Red. Red, unfortunately, turns out to be a very difficult person to talk to. If you enjoy Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer type action and light, witty dialogue by a very good author, you will enjoy this book.
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on February 28, 2001
I liked Jenny Carroll's book the ninth key because it kept me glued to the pages the whole time. The plot is good and there is enough suspense that it keept me wanting to finish it throughout the book. Anyway, I would definately reccomend this book to anyone who likes a short, suspenseful novella.
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