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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on March 2, 2017
Very interesting and insightful read. I enjoy reading it very much.
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on December 28, 2002
This book describes how the 12 signs of the zodiac relate romantically with each other, from both the male and female perspective (for example, in the Leo-Scorpio section, Linda Goodman will describe how a female Scorpio gets along with a male Leo, and vice versa). It my first glimpse into traditional astrology, and as such, it was useful for its time, as a first glimpse into astrological "types" (or stereotypes). However, as I continued to delve into astrology and my understanding of it increased, I increasingly found it wanting. First, Goodman's characterization of the astrological types is by necessity highly stereotyped. The reason people are so complex is because they are more than their individual sun signs; the signs for the moon and ascendant, for example, are just as influencial regarding how people respond emotionally-- not to mention the romance and sex planets, Mars and Venus, which are very important for this kind of a book! ... Of course, one cannot blame Goodman for her stereotyping, as she could not consider all these aspects in a book that only deals with the basics. However, and this is the second point, even allowing it to be so, I still find her characterization of the signs overtly simplistic, sometimes slipping into something that appears a little superficial, even silly.
If ...Goodman's book is in fact a superficial skimming over how all the signs interact, and probably did not require all the text she used in describing the relationships, especially as much of it is her own interpretation, which is sometimes, as I said, just too superficial.
...Otherwise, this book will introduce you to all the stereotypes you wish to entertain about the signs and how they interact; but really, not to much more.
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on February 3, 2006
i have owned a copy of this for most of my adult life
my first copy got lent out to a friend, & mysteriously "lost"
my second got lent out to another friend, covered in paint during their redecorations & my third is now tattered & battered from much thumbing!
i love this book for it's quirky little poems & phrases,
also, some of the descriptions are laugh out loud hilarious in their descriptiveness & some of it is spookily accurate!
it is a romantic & funny book that can, if taken in the right context, be interesting & informative, but not taken as writ!
i think some of linda's observations are incredibly spot-on, she seems to have an understanding of people that is uncanny, & also a genuine love of them, taken their weaknesses failings with warm humour & also a real positive take on her outlook of the human persona. excellent, i love all her books.
i also think the artwork on this edition & some of her previous editions is beautiful.
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on July 2, 2001
I remember this book from when I was a little girl and my mom bought it home. I just remember liking the cover. Then as I got older and began to like to read, I discovered what was inside that cover and the rest was history. I love it. It was a great read from start to finish. Over the years every member of our house has consulted it to plunder its wisdom. I don't know much about astrology but the writing is what keeps me coming back for more. I love it's whimsical spirit and whisdom. The bits of poetry are wonderful and inspiring. Of a rainy evening you could do worst than to sit down with this one. There are no boring parts. You will enjoy reading about every sign and combination trying to glimps discriptions of yourself or people you know. I just dont have a bad thing to say about this book except that is too short. I wish there were more signs in the zodiac just to read what Linda Goodman has to say about them.
Her other books are good but this one is definately the keeper of them all.
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on June 28, 2004
This book teaches so much more than the dynamics of relationships. In the same way we learn about ourselves through our interactions with others so can we learn about the sun signs by their relation to the other signs. Also, personal perception affects much of horoscope interpretation and Linda Goodman's Love Signs accounts for this in a way more books don't; indeed, the book transforms it to the readers' advantage.
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on December 22, 1999
I guess nearly every astrology student is aware of this text -a worthy follow up to her "Sun Signs" It's been loved and treasured as well as teased. Linda Goodman writes with passionate conviction about all of the astrological combinations and this book indeed appears a labour of love. She explains the harmony/disharmony that commonly exist between the different sign elements and modes and what each sign is here to learn and can best teach. The literary quote before each analysis is delightful. Eg: Cancer/Pisces: "Pale rays of light tiptoed across the waters; and by and by there was to be heard a sound, at once the most musical and the most melancholy in the world - the mermaids talking to the moon." It is not as clinically scientific as many texts but the author is irresistably enthusiastic about her subject. Don't expect total accuracy - the book is general. Some statements are contentious. Eg: She says that Aquarians and Pisceans have much in common and are good for each other. Astrologer Teri King was far less enthusiastic about this combination saying that a cool, detached Aquarian is not a good mate for the emotional and sentimental fish. Either writer could be write depending on the specific planetary emphases in each subjects chart. I hope this book encourages budding astrologers to keep delving into this beautiful and mysterious science. Anything by Liz Greene could be a next best step.
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on December 10, 2000
Anyone who is sick of watered-down astrological interpretations of their relationships will love "Love Signs". With this book, Linda Goodman really explores the relationships between people of all twelve sun signs.
She does not just reveal behavioral quirks that you can expect from your partner or friend (or whatever): she also explains them. Unlike some other astrologers, who believe that negative aspects doom a relationship, Linda thinks that all relationships have a chance of working out. All her advice is positive and constructive.
"Love Signs" is the first Linda Goodman book to hint strongly about karma and past lives. Though she does not explain in depth in "Love Signs" how past incarnations with someone affect your present relationship, she does drop a lot of valuable advice. (For a deeper look at karma, read "Star Signs".)
This book is full of other esoteric secrets, some half-revealed, others stoutly stated. They may be shocking to many. To people who are really searching for truth, reading "Love Signs" is like taking part in a great quest or treasure hunt.
Finally, Linda takes astrology to a new level in this book. Some people think that astrology only predicts the future, explains the past or reveals one's personality. With the "Twelve Mysteries of Love", Linda proves them wrong. These twelve mysteries are meditations on each of the twelve sun signs and on the whole astrological wheel. Linda wants us to let astrology make us more aware of our destiny and of our ties to others.
"Love Signs" is not an ordinary astrology book. It was written in an age of desperate spiritual need, for people who are searching for truth. It has a higher purpose than just to make money for the author or to superficially enlighten the reader. It is meant to light the path of love for all Earthlings who may read it.
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on April 10, 2000
Linda Goodman was a very eccentric woman, but very loving and humane. And she was a fantastic writer who could write as if she was your best friend and somehow knew you intimately. This book is meant to show people how the different zodiac signs relate to each other. Linda chose to use the Sun sign influence because it's the most prominent one in a person's birth chart. But Linda stresses that it's very important to know a person's whole birthchart, especially the Moon, Venus and Mars placements. For example, Mars has much to do with a person's sexual nature. A Taurus person with Mars in Scorpio will be much more sexual and less inclined toward cerebral pursuits than a Taurean with Mars in Aquarius. I feel that Linda's spiritual perspective is what makes her books very interesting. She puts astrology into its proper spiritual perspective as nobody else has ever been able to do. Also, Linda stressed that anybody can love anybody else, no matter what their Sun sign is. However, Earth signs will definitely get along better with fellow Earth signs than with Fire signs, for example, and Linda explains things like this real well. The book should be used as a guide for tolerance and understanding of others. It should not guide whether or not you dump someone. Maybe you're an Aries person and the other is a Cancer. A probable no-go? But if the Cancer person has many planets in Gemini and Leo, they could be your soul mate. As Linda wrote, learn the other person's entire birth chart. This stuff should be taught in school.
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on September 2, 2001
Linda Goodman's Love Signs has been a classic in the field for decades, and for very good reason. Her material is very helpful in guiding you through the maze of relationships and relationship building. Reading about the different signs and their compatibilities can help you not only when you have fallen in love or met someone "interesting", but it can also help when you are having problems or if you are trying to formulate what we know in the metaphysical field as a "wish list". When you learn more about the different signs and their capabilities and drawbacks in love, you will be able to refine your own taste and expectations. If you are a beginner at love, you may not even realize that there are as many different ways to court and express love as there are signs (12). Do you know what you are looking for? Maybe there's something you want that you didn't even dare dream of. Look in this book ... you may find it in one of the signs. I recommend ordering this book today and keeping it by your bedside! (There is also no better way to learn beginning astrology as with Linda Goodman.)
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on July 19, 1998
A friend told me she was an air sign (Libra) and I was probably a fire sign. This sent me off to the bookstore to pour through astrology books. I too am an air sign (Gemini) after all. The number of books on the subject was overwhelming, but Goodman's books were the most succinct and the only ones where humor played a part. I am a Christian and usually stay away from this stuff, but her insights are accurate and helped me to see myself and others so clearly, I had to buy Love Signs. Now I am going back for Sun Signs and her new book. I wouldn't base my life on this, but it is always helpful to have insight into people, especially ourselves. Love Signs is entertaining, has a ton of information, and covers every possible combination of relationships. I especially like the fact she covers basic relationships and not only romantic ones. If I were to buy one book on astrology, this would be the one!
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