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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on June 10, 2017
Room a little back and forth, but I got my book in excellent condition. I've loved this book since I was a little girl and I love it even more as an adult. Thank you.
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on October 21, 2002
I grew up reading Daddy Long Legs and Anne of Green Gables, and it wasn't until some time later that I accidentally stumbled onto this book. If you're a fan of those two titles, I recommend you read Mandy. She is such an interesting little girl that you will soon be caught up in her world. You'll hurt when she hurts, and you'll love when she loves. Another one of those spellbinding books you can't put down because you simply can't wait to read what happens next to this little orphan girl who has her own secret...
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on November 5, 2008
Mandy is a ten-year-old girl who lives in a orphanage.One fine spring day she finds a cottage on the other side of the orphanage wall. It has a beautiful room that is completely made of shells. I enjoyed this book because I like the way Mandy uses her curiosity. Also because, she is very determined to do things. She has a good sense of humor and knows that someday all her dreams will come true.
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on March 7, 2002
Mandy, by Julie Andrews Edwards, is a very well written and eventful book. It starts when Mandy, a young girl living in a nice orphanage, is satisfied with her life, but longs for a place of her own. One day, she goes venturing behind the orphanage wall and discovers a little, abandoned cottage. She decides to make it her own place and with a few "borrowed" things, she manages to turn it into a nice playhouse without anyone knowing what she was up to. However, one day, Mandy disobeys the orphanage owner and sneaks off to the cottage when she is very sick. In the cottage, she falls unconscious, and no one has a clue where she is.
In her story, Mandy is very nice, but when she starts spending much of her time at the cottage, she starts to ignore her friends. She is disobedient at some times, but she is still kind and good-hearted deep down. Her friend, Sue, really wants Mandy to be safe and is always very curious. From reading this book, I learned that you should never lie, you should never disobey your parents, and that your parents usually know what is best for you. The best part of the book was when Mandy discovers the cottage. The scene when Mandy falls unconscious was very detailed and suspenseful. There was not much that I didn't like, except that Mandy was not always nice to her friends. The ending is very satisfying and is a good conclusion to the story.

I enjoyed Julie Andrews' writing style in Mandy. I never got bored while I was reading and the beginning really grabbed my attention. Mandy had a good amount of details and descriptions: not too many that I got bored, but not too little that I couldn't imagine what was happening. The vocabulary was rather easy and simple because the book was written for and is appropriate for children ages eight or nine to age twelve or thirteen. I really enjoyed the way Mandy was written. I would recommend it to girls who like adventure and enjoy good books. I would give Mandy three to four stars out of four (*** to ****). It is just an all-around great book!
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on June 6, 2002
This story is about a young girl named Mandy who lived in an orphanage. She lived there as long as she could remember and had lots of friends who supported her. There was a wall behind the orphanage where no one has ever climbed over and no one knows what it's like behind it. One day, Mandy started getting curious if there was a whole new different world behind it so she climbed over the wall when no one was looking. When she got over, she found a small cottage that was deserted. Everyday she climbed over the fence and she would clean the cottage with tools that she borrowed from the orphanage. Then there was a stormy night and she fell ill and couldn't even move, but then a mysterious person rescues her and she returns back to her cottage.
I read this book because I read the summary behind the book and thought it was a good story because I like adventorous stories. This book was also recommended to me by my cousin. This was one of her favorite books and told me to read it becuase it was written by the famous Julie Edwards.
My favorite part in this story was when Mandy finds the deserted cottage and cleans it all by herself. She plants flowers and she decortates the house will shells and other things that she found in the forest, next to the cottage. Also when she gets saved by poeple who were vistiting and they care for her. The part when I didn't like was when she got very ill and no one was there to help her and no one could hear her because the storm was so loud.
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on November 26, 2002
By Julie Andrews Edwards
Reviewed by Lily Pendery
I enjoyed reading the book Mandy, by Julie Andrews Edwards, immensely. This delightful children's book is about an orphan girl named Mandy. She is longing for a real home, even though she loves the orphanage that she has lived in for many years. She is also desiring a place to call her own for once.
One day, she climbs over an old wall to explore what is on the other side. She comes across an little abandoned cottage. She takes a few "borrowed" items from the orphanage to clean it up. However, she doesn't tell anybody about it. She wants it to be hers, and no one else's. One day, she falls very sick, but she returns to her cottage. No one knows where she is, except for a mysterious admirer that she never knew she had.
Mandy is a great book for children for all ages. The author does a magnificent job creating the character, Mandy and her beloved friends. If you love books about little adventures, you will adore this book!
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on November 12, 2002
I read a wonderful book called Mandy written by Julie Andrews. Mandy has an exciting and comforting plot with different kinds of joy and happiness sprinkled in each chapter. The first time I picked up Mandy, I was drawn in and I had forgotten about my surroundings and worries due to Julie Andrews descriptive words and cheeriness. I encourage all of you who enjoy sweet and kind books to read Mandy. I was intrigued by Julie Andrews writing style, characters, and touching plot.
Julie Andrews has a distinctive writing style. One example of her writing is "It was absolutely beautiful Lovely shells of every shape and size and all colors of white and pink and iridescent mother-of-pearl lined every wall and the ceiling too." The words used in Mandy are so light in touch and kind at heart. Also, I absolutely love the mood in Mandy. When I read Mandy, it seemed to make life so simple and filled with little trinkets of enjoyment and happiness along the road of life. I thoroughly enjoyed the environment Mandy lived in. Such as "On the outskirts of a pretty country village called St. Martin's Green, there stands a large, white house called St. Martin's Orphanage. It has generous tall windows and large, high-ceilinged rooms." This is why I love Julie Andrews's writing style.
Not only does Julie Andrews have a great writing style but also the characters are wonderful and alive. First, there is Mandy who is a bright, spunk, book loving 10-year-old girl who has lived at the orphanage all of her life. Sue, Mandy's roommate and friend, did not have as strong a personality as Mandy but was understanding and kind. Mrs. Bridie was the elderly woman in charge of St. Martin's since as long as Mandy can remember. Mrs. Bridie was strict and tries to aid and observe and help each child in a personal way. Last, but not least, there was Jake, the orphanage's gardener. Jake was sweet and generous but extremely protective about his ancient gardening tools and his gorgeous flowers. These are only some of the wonderful characters in Mandy.
The plot of Mandy is my favorite! I have always wanted a place to call my own where I can plant a garden of brilliant colored flowers and keep the cottage kept up. This is basically what Mandy is about. Mandy discovers a hidden, abandoned cottage deep inside the beautiful apple orchard over the "great wall" that inbounds the orphanage. The cottage is old, rickety, and filthy. Mandy uses the little money she has to buy exquisite flowers and borrows useful gardening materials from Jake. There are twists in the story that had me on the end of my seat! Mandy is an exciting and just plain sweet story about an ambitious girl who follows her dreams.
I truly enjoyed the writing style, characters, and plot in Mandy. I love Julie Andrew's distinctive writing style and the marvelous characters in Mandy. Also, I learned how wonderful life can be if you just pay attention to the little things. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who needs a heart-warming story about how to achieve his or her dreams. I think Mandy is a wondrous role model to people of all ages.
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on February 10, 2002
Julie Andrews' name is next to the word *TALENT* in the dictionary. She can sing better than *anyone* in the world, she is an absolutely pheunomenal, versatile actress (she won an Academy Award for Best Actress to prove it), an absobloominlutely AMAZING writer and has a personality to die for. Let me ask you, how is it possible to be all these things and then be EXTREMELY Beautiful???
I don't know how she does it! But I'm postively mesmerized by everything she's done.
Anyhoo, onto the book. Mandy is VERY VERY VERY well-written and as I've said previoulsly, its hard to believe that someone who cna sing and act as perfectly as Julie can write to wonderfull as well! Julie adds so much detail so you know every little thing thats going on in the story. You can almost SMELL the flowers and see the garden and feel the love! It's tremondous. I could read this book OVER and OVER until someone finally whacks me over the head and slaps me back into reality. If you love this book (I can't imagine anyone NOT loving this book) I HIGHLY recommened Julie Andrews Edwards' other children's novel "The Last Of The Really Great WHangdoodles", kinda sounds like something from the woman who put Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious into our vocabulary, doesn't it? 'Whandoodles' is so creative and so wonderful!!!
Bravo, Dame Julie!
BY THE WAY- further back in the comments someone said that Julie wrote this because she lost a bet to her daughter Emma Kate, she ACTUALLY lost a bet with her daughter *Jennifer*. The bet was that if Julie didn't stop swearing (or cursing) Jen would make her right a book....looks like Julie couldn't stop. :-)
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on March 27, 2003
By: Julie Edwards
Reviewed by: J. Cho
Period: 1
This book is about an orphanage girl named, Mandy. One day when she accidentally went over the wall that separates the orphan and somebody¡¯s property. She finds a small cottage. She thinks it over and wants to make the garden liven up more. For the garden looked very empty and weeds was everywhere. So everyday she would come and spend her time with the garden, and she would earn money to buy flowers, and she would ask different people for the tools that she would need. Soon she became sick and she couldn¡¯t visit the cottage as much as she wanted to.
What I liked about this book is that the book is interesting. It brings hope to you. ¡°During prayers she asked especially that her garden would flourish and her plants grow strong and healthy.¡± Her hopes are so high, and she expects much stuff from them, but sometimes she gets disappointments. For example, she doesn¡¯t get as much growth she has expected of the flowers, but at the same times she does enjoy that at the same time. When she¡¯s disappointed, at the same time she¡¯s happy too.
One thing that I don¡¯t really like about this book thought is the fact that some of the stuff won¡¯t come true and if an orphanage girl were to read this she might get hope and always mess up in life. For example, towards the end of the book the cottage¡¯s owner adopts Mandy because she has always worked in the garden so hard. Even though there are more reasons, but the reason they first noticed her was because of the garden. ¡°¡±Of course, I paid a bit more attention to the Shell Cottage,¡±¡± he smiled.
My favorite part of this book was the SECRET ADMIRER letters. Almost everyday after Mandy¡¯s flowers began to grow a secret admirer would write her a letter. He/she would fix up the garden, leave more seeds or flowers, clean up the place a little, repair some of the small gates, and much more other stuff. Mandy loved the letters. She thought it was a fantasy, and imaged a secret admirer to be all sorts of things. She would look forward to go to the cottage even more. Her hopes went up everyday, and she was persistent to get there, even though the person in charge of the orphanage thought it was bad for her to go out in the cold, but she still went.
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on July 31, 2000
The book MANDY was bought for me by my aunt when I about 9 or so. I owned it for a few months before I was able to actually sit down and read it, and when I was done I was thrilled with the satisfying feeling that my time had not been wasted. This book is one that I think all females can relate to, no matter their age, and is a great example of a book from childhood, that will never leave you. MANDY is a story of an orphan who dreams of something that she can call her own living a world where everything is shared. There is a wall in the back of the orphanage where Mandy lives, and she wonders about the tremdous possibilities of what could be beyond everything she has ever really known in her short life. But the real question is does she ever get over the wall, and end up with all that she has ever wanted, and more? Read the book, and you will find out, and I promise you will not be disapointed!
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