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on June 19, 2017
This little device has exceeded my expectations. could not be more pleased! Excellent product. FAST Shipping! Great product. It's everything I wanted the only brand to buy I like its high quality. Everyone thinks I am so lucky to buy it.
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on May 28, 2015
I don't usually write negative reviews, but this book was a huge disappointment. I bought it for my picky eaters in the hopes of incorporating more veggies into their diets. Everything I made was pretty awful. I'm not an inexperienced cook by any means, but wow, this stuff bordered on inedible. Every so often I would get it in my head to give another recipe a try....after all, there were some really good reviews on here. Every time, the recipe would be another failure with my husband saying, "Never, ever make me eat that again." He took one bite of the spinach brownies and said they were disgusting and tasted like spinach. Eventually I threw the book away so I wouldn't be tempted to waste more ingredients on recipes that always ended up in the compost bin. I don't understand why some people are rating this so high. Maybe there are some good recipes in there that I just didn't try, but I'm not willing to throw away any more food to try to find out.
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on October 26, 2007
I have no problem with sneaking a little extra veg. into my kids diets, so I ordered this book and was so excited to try out the receipe's. It is a beautiful book and I like the look of it, however the following are the ACTUAL result I received:
1. Beet pancakes- while the pancakes did turn out pink, they did not cook the whole way through, they were completely raw inside,(I have made many a pancake in my time and have never had this problem)
2. Beet chocolate cake - it was OKAY.. too much work for an OKAY cake.
3. Chicken Nugets- ABSOLUTE DISSASTER!! WAY too much flax meal in the bread crumbs, the broccoli could be seen through the bread crumbs, takes aweful, all burned (I kept having to add more oil to get through the batch) and the end result was greasy, bland and gross.
4. Mozzarella sticks, WHAT A MESS! the cauliflower was very over powering and they tasted aweful. I ended up freezing them over night so they would cook without becoming a melted mess.
5.Spagetti and meatballs - The meatballs were actually really good, I will make them again, the sauce was WAY too watery, I don't know if that's how they eat it in Manhattan, but it was like soup.

So 1 out of 5 worked. I'm not sure that the reciepe's were writen properly because they balance of ingrediant's seems off.

It's too bad they weren't better, I still really like Jessica, but unfortunately her reciepe's aren't very good.
I wouldn't recomend this book to others.
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on February 7, 2008
I'm don't understand why there are reviewers giving this 3 stars (or more) when they haven't tried the recipes or, worse, they have tried the recipes and they have failed. I hope that potential buyers will read all the reviews carefully before making their decision as to whether to purchase this book.

My review is as follows: The concept is wonderful, the book is beautiful and the pictures are gorgeous; but this is a COOKBOOK and the recipes are disasterous. Let's face it...a Mercedes Benz is gorgeous too but if it doesn't have an engine, do you really want to buy it?

So far the items I have made from this book have not cooked properly (for example, the banana bread is heavy and moisture-laden and resembles a brick) and the vegetables are not well "hidden" as promised. Ginger spice cake with carrots and broccoli tastes like....carrot and broccoli bread. And I also ask myself, hmmm...hasn't this been done before and better? After grinding away at the broccoli and carrots with my food processor I had cause to recall my mother's wonderful "pumpkin loaf" (as we called it) and the zucchini nut bread of my youth. These also have vegetables cooked into them but they are yummier and more successful.

In short, this book was a disappointment and I'm sorry that it is too late to return it. It's a shame really because it seemed like a great idea. Buyer beware, as they say, and please note the content of some of the other reviewers of this *cook* book. I observed a 4(?) star rating from a reviewer who gave the book as a gift and has clearly doled out their rating based on concept alone.
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on December 21, 2007
My children have been born and raised on fresh gargen veggies. Their appetizer and main course is heavily on the veggie side so I was very interested in this book. But I was very disappointed in the end.

As other cooks below have pointed out, Jessica should have taken more time to ensure that the ingredients and amounts all worked out and were pretty much foolproof before endorsing them.(I wonder if she really used some or just added them from other recipe books on the market!) For years my mother did exactly what Jessica has tried..only my mother perfected the process. (We all think SHE should write a book!) I initially bought the book to add to the couple of recipies I did have from my mother, unaware that she had many more tucked away, until....

....I tried several, including the chicken nuggets and spaghetti. Nasty. Mom came to visit and I showed her the book. Without having to try the recipies she pointed out the flaws in many...including the ones that failed for me. We rewrote the recipies with different healthy ingredients, balanced them and they were successful. So, Jessica's book is full of pen marks. I should change the title because it's not her stuff's "Deceptively Grandma's"!!!!

I also agree with another poster's comment. This book is strangely VERY similar to one that sold earlier in the year..and like others my friends have that are a few years older. There are many combinations that work with purees...why did Jessica's book have to be so much a clone of the other one? Interestingly enough the failed recipies seem like the only ones that were not taken from another source. Did Jessica scour the net and other sources for foods made from purees and throw them in a book? Very few are original. I could not find the chicken nuggets anywhere else so that one may have been hers. But was an abismal failure.

So in summary, the book contains recipies that one can find in other books..and several that fail miserably. The only saving grace was my mom's changes. Otherwise the book would not have been worth buying.
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on January 23, 2008
Granted my initial introduction of this book was from the only time I watched Oprah in 2007 and seeing Jessica Seinfeld whipping up a few recipes with the Queen of Media dipping in and appearing to be overjoyed with the nearly gourmet outcome. The next thing I knew, my good friend was showing the same cookbook to me in her kitchen and said that it was selling out at our local bookstore. My mom eventually gets it for me for Christmas - a bunch of her friends got their daughters Deceptively Delicious (but really for their grandchildren). My copy sat on the counter for almost 3 weeks before my [...] asked to try out a recipe and we had fun grinding and chopping together. I haven't so much followed strict recipes as I have just started steaming and blending veggies and deceptively hiding them throughout many of our meals now and for this I am grateful as it wouldn't have occurred to me if not for Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook. Well done and thank-you.
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on January 6, 2008
It wasn't until I read the reviews that I learned that this book was 'taken' from another one. I was disappointed but not surprised. I have made both the chocolate cake and the chocolate muffins. I made some alterations as I made them, and they turned out perfect in my mind and my kids are eating beets, cauliflower and avocados because of it.

The disappointing thing is that I am a cook and I wanted to know the techniques and study that went behind it so I could make amendments to my own recipes. Which purees tasted the strongest and which one should never be used in certain situations. This book does not provide that information.

I enjoy the book and have used it (for desserts) extensively over the past few weeks since Christams, so I gave it three stars, but I was disappointed that it did not provide the information necessary to take the techniques forward into your own kitchen.
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on April 16, 2009
This cookbook is a fabulous idea in helping mom (and dads) to be able to get your child to eat their vegetables. My daughter introduced me to it because her daughter is such a picky eater. She always has pureed vegetables frozen in her freezer in baggies ready to add in her everyday cooking. Her husband has no clue about how much healthier he is eating as well. I recently purchased a couple of these books to give as baby shower presents along with a child's plate, bowl, cup and cutlery set. Starting off with this mindset helps new parents to be ready for their new picky eaters and to start before the little ones even know. I have suggested this book to several friends and they are thrilled with it as well. Great job Jessica. I was surprised though to see that Jessica doesn't use wholewheat pasta and items like that to begin with.
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on October 3, 2008
After trying out some of the recipes, it wouldn't now occur to my kids that one could make cookies without beans :-) So, some of the book's ideas are very creative.

The ideas in this book, both for always having pureed veggies on hand, and for the sheer creativity of some of the recipes, are quite inspiring.

Having said that, however, not all the ingredients are listed in the quantities that best go with the recipes, e.g. the chocolate cookie dough is too thick (and, incidentally, works better with red kidney rather than garbanzo beans, and with milk rather than dark chocolate chips:-).

Also, I found the multiple course dishes that she claims to serve Jerry + their three kids at every meal somewhat over the top...
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on November 20, 2007
I agree with the reviewer who wrote that many of the recipes don't turn out very well. Although I love the principle of hiding veggies and have stocked my fridge with purees, several of the recipes I have tried do not turn out well. For example:
1) Spaghetti and per previous reviewer, we liked the meatballs but the sauce was very thin and bland..I added more stuff to make it more interesting.
2) Chocolate cake with Cream Cheese Icing-cake was too dense and turned out a bit tough almost-never had that happen before. The icing was very very thin..I had to add more icing sugar and it was still thin.
3) Chicken Nuggets were just awful..surprised that other reviewers liked them. My kids would not eat them..preferred to eat raw veggies. Something seems to be wrong with the ingredient balance and cooking method with these.
4)Couscous was a pasty mess..I added lots more chicken broth and it was still thick and gunky.

On the plus side, Appleasauce muffins were really good and potato soup also-I did add a few things to the soup though.

Sorry Jessica, love the idea, but I think you need to go back to the test kitchen
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