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on July 1, 2011
I am a huge fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and since she doesn't put out books at the rapid rate that Nora Roberts does, I get excited when a new book is out.

This was extremely disappointing. It was almost like reading a poorly written version of Ain't She Sweet. She took no time to develop the hero in this book. There was no internal thinking or any insight into what the hero's motivations were. Usually she develops the hero and heroine with such intricate care. This seemed like a rush job. While it is nice to see repeat characters, it means nothing if the main characters are not adequately developed.

In Ain't She Sweet, she thoroughly explained the primary motivations for Colin's character. This book is extremely disappointing in this respect and the plot was almost a replica of Ain't She Sweet. Broke heroine pops in a small town where she is unwanted and harassed. Town sticks by the heroine who has a grudge against the heroine. The rest isn't even worth mentioning. The ending is beyond predictable.

True these are light, fluffy novels, however, repeating the plots and duplicating the heroine is just plain boring. I don't even think I will buy it and I own all of her books.

I truly hope she takes this constructive criticism to improve future books and return back to the level of excellence she demonstrates in comical romance.
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on June 21, 2011
'Call Me Irresistible' by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Ms Phillips has constructed another fine entry into her long list of wonderful contemporary romance novels. While most of her books have recurring characters, each book can and does stand alone. In this novel, you will find many of our old friends from the past, and more importantly, two who have now very much grown up and has this book all to themselves.
This book is written in the first person from our female protagonist's POV until you get to the last few chapters and then some switch over to Ted's POV. I really liked this little bit of change of POV's.
'Call Me Irresistible' opens with the impending wedding of Ted Beaudine, of Wynette Texas and God among all men, and the former President's daughter Lucy Jorik, and everything is running smoothly until Meg Koranda, Lucy's best friend shows up on the scene and seems to have put the kybosh on the wedding plans. On the other hand, has she really? When the wedding is canceled as the groom is standing at the altar, everyone in the entire town decides that it's Meg's fault that their 'golden God' has been jilted. Broke and with an unreliable car, Meg becomes stuck in a town that absolutely hates her and blames her for all that has befallen them and poor Teddy. Since Meg has never proven herself to be a real grown up, it soon becomes clear that she is going to have to grow and learn to survive on her own. No matter what that means. Of course this being a romance, sparks quickly fly between Ted and Meg and they decide having a 'no strings attached' flaming affair is the way to cool things off. However, do you truly think Ms Phillips is going to keep it that simple? Nope and a lot of fun is ahead for the reader. You can also add into the mix a bit of a mystery since someone unknown is trying to drive Meg out of town.

While some readers may be a bit put off by the lengths the townspeople go to show just how unwelcome Meg is and to make her pay for her 'mistake', it will become clear that not everyone hates Meg and what she did, although it does seem to take an inordinately long time for her to make amends. At one point even I was ready to throw in the towel. HOWEVER, all of this served to strengthen the relationship between Ted and Meg and was another way to show just how far Meg had turned her life around for the better.

Another wonderful Contemporary Romance by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
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on February 27, 2011
I really, liked this book. It was a fun read and it had hilarious moments, there were points where I just couldn't stop laughing.
After finishing this book, I had to go back and re-read her earlier books. Call me Irresistible is very reminiscent of her earlier novels about a young heroine who hits a bad stretch of luck and gets to fall in love with a super hunky hero. i particularly liked the fact that this book briefly brings into the plot characters from previous books.
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on February 9, 2011
This is my first book from the author and it's a very fun read. The story is hilarious and entertaining. I would recommend anyone over 15 to read this book because there are some racy scenes...
One thing though...the main girl is quite too wild for my taste...Otherwise it's a good read.
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on April 7, 2014
Another of Phillips' best books. It is charmingly written and brings together two people who are, at first, at great odds with each other but who, in the end, need each other very much to bring greater depth to their lives
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