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on July 20, 2016
One of the most disorganized cookbooks I have come across. Recipes are all over the place and the presentation format is awkward. What is really annoying about this "baker's atlas" is that it lacks pictures of each of the different flatbreads but contains photos of other stuff (presumably the "atlas" part) not of any relevance to the actual recipes - I really would like to see what the end product (flatbreads) actually are supposed to look like especially if you are going to the cost of including all the photographs that were included in this book. More emphasis should be on the flatbreads themselves (or do not include it in the title), with supplemental information on sauces, locations, and geographic information, etc. A great disappointment and a book I will gladly give the a charity for resale. The personal narratives may be nice to read, but the emphasis, one would think in this "A Baker's Atlas" would be on the actual recipes themselves.
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These recipes are so clearly written and easy to follow that I have not had a failure yet and I've tried nearly two thirds of the recipes in the book to date. This book opened a whole new world of baking and cooking for me. Peasant breads I had never heard of are now part of my family's daily diet and are met with rave reviews from even the pickiest eater. The food in this book is not only simple it is certaily healthy eating as well. I've had many cookbooks, this is the one I've had to get a second copy of, because I wore the first one out. It sits on my counter for daily use and hasn't seen a bookshelf yet. Please, Jeffrey and Naomi, more cookbooks like this one. Love their travel tales almost as much as recipes. Bon appetit!
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on March 29, 2009
What a clever idea - a Baker's Atlas that takes you around the world exploring all the different variations of bread - fougasse, matzoh, pizza, chapati, bannock, pita, lavash, focaccia, dosa, tortilla, injera, naan, whole wheat skillet breads, and so many more - I had no idea there were so many flatbreads out there!

This is a wonderful book, my definitive book on breads. I love it's range, the quality of its recipes, and its vision - it even includes sauces and stews, chutneys and spreads that you would sop up with the regional breads. Mushan Pork and five lentil stew, bean soup and tomatillo salsa, pomegranate and meatball soup - I could go on, and on, and on. Fantastic.

The recipes are detailed, and in-depth; the authors thoroughly know their subject, and tell us about their travels around the world doing research, making this ring authentic on every page. If you love ethnic foods this is a must - don't take my word for it, the James Beard Awards picked it as Cookbook of the Year, and it truly deserves that award.

If you only own one book about bread, make sure it is this one. Enthusiastically recommended.
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on June 28, 2009
Alford and Duguid's coffee-table books are beautiful and inspiring travelogues - I own two of them ("Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet" and "Beyond the Great Wall"), and I have enjoyed them greatly.

Although the recipes contained in those books are very achievable for the home cook, they are somewhat un-user-friendly as "cookbooks", since they are largely biased towards text and photos, and when thinking (for instance) "I feel like spicy chicken tonight", it is not always easy to find a recipe that will respond to a particular craving (The authors may wish to consider publishing companion volumes to their coffee table books in a similar format to "Flatbreads & Flavors").

"Flatbreads & Flavors" is much more recipe centric, while retaining the charm (and story-telling) of the others - although without the four-color glossies (several of the black and white photos in the book show up in color in their other books). It is dense with recipes, and I believe that I will rely on this book often when feeding a crowd, and when preparing a simple meal for two.

I bought it a little impulsively based on the description on the website (I had never seen it in a bookstore, but it popped up as a recommendation while I was buying A & D's "Beyond the Great Wall"), and am very pleased with it.

Highly recommended.
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on April 12, 2002
I love this book. I have had it for nearly a year and I use it several times a week. I made Afghan Homestyle Naan and the Uigher bread with cumin and onions yesterday, and have the recipe for injera souring now to try for the first time. I was first introduced to flatbreads while studying Arabic in the Middle East 5 years ago, and I was delighted to find this book that has so many of my favorites, plus many new ones to try. There are a wide variety of breads in this book, along with plenty of delicious accompaniments. I personally use a baking stone to replicate the tannur breads and have found it to work pretty well, although nothing can compare with a flatbread hot off a saj or out of a tannur. I agree with the authors that bread are a fast food- I have a one-year-old and a two-year-old, and I find flatbreads are one of the most convenient things to make. My boys love the breads. I highly recommend this book!
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on March 6, 2000
This cookbook features recipes for a wide range of flatbreads from many regions of the globe along with meat and vegetable accompaniments. The authors provide nonintimidating instructions, and most of the ingredients called for are not difficult to find. The book is attractively designed, and the many photographs add their own interest to the engaging and informative text. "Flatbreads and Flavors" would make a thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys baking bread.
Also recommended: "Recipes and Remembrances from an Eastern Mediterranean Kitchen," by Sonia Uvezian. This is by far the best volume in its subject area and one of the greatest ethnic cookbooks ever written, offering fascinating text and hundreds of splendid recipes. The illuminating essays on the region's flatbreads as well as recipes for flavor-packed dishes that utilize them are reason enough to purchase this book.
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on December 30, 2003
This book has many exotic recipes from the authors' travels in Asia, Arabia, Africa and the Americas. When I lived in Africa, I fell in love with chapatis and mandazi, but I always considered them too hard to make myself. Same for pita bread, which I eat every day. I'm not an expert bread maker, but I just made the Baladi Breads (Middle Eastern whole wheat pitas) from this book. They came out exceptionally soft and delicious on my first try. Some didn't puff up completely, but as the authors suggest, practice makes perfect. I had so much dough left over after making 8 pitas that I decided to make pizzas with whole wheat crust. They came out delicious, too! I can't wait to try some of the obscure dishes from far reaches of the globe like Armenia and Hunza.
I highly recommend this book. If a few more recipes turn out just as great, I'll come back and give it 5 stars.
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on March 19, 2003
I was lucky enough to meet the authors, while living in Laramie, Wyoming. (We could smell something terrific cooking in the bookstore nextdoor and had to find out what it was!) They baked up several breads, and I had to have this amazing cookbook and cultural journey. Travel the world while remaining in your own kitchen.
Authentic recipes of not only bread but many ethnic dishes, offering fabulous variety, proving that perhaps man could live on bread alone, if he had this cookbook.
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on July 22, 1998
Traveling around the world with the authors is only a small part of the joy this book brings. The detailed recipes are described step by step, enabling even novice bread makers to create a marvelous array of flat breads that are both delicious and appealing to the eye. It is the bible of flatbreads and should be part of every bakers library.
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on August 26, 2013
The book arrived in perfect condition and was very reasonably priced! The recipes are fantastic - at least they look fantastic but I have only had time to try one. My husband and I are looking forward to trying many new flatbreads.
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