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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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I read "Red" in a day. It's not a long book but there is never a dull moment. And, much like David Lee Roth's book "Crazy From The Heat", the best moments are when the author dishes on the brothers Van Halen.

But before I will get into that I will say that "Red" is a gorgeous book loaded with colour photos. From candid shots of Sammy and his family to great pics of the mighty Van Halen and the equally fantastic Chickenfoot, you will not be wanting for photos.

The teritory covered here is pretty much what you expect from a rock autobiography these days. Sammy talks a lot about his personal life, and in particular his difficult first marriage. He discusses his career with Montrose and as a solo artist. The genesis of Chickenfoot and the Wabos are interesting. I only wish that Sammy spent more page time on some of these subjects, in particular Chickenfoot. But even his solo career, particularly the post Van Halen part, is barely touched upon. I wish he'd talked more about these things, and in more detail. But maybe that's because there's not much drama to discuss. Certainly not as much as with Van Halen.

Sammy insists that every word in this book is true, and if that's the case, then I feel very sorry for Eddie Van Halen. We've all seen cases in rock of genius musicians reduced to pathetic characters thanks to drugs and alcohol. Eddie Van Halen's case is by far the most tragic I've ever heard of.

However the early part of Van Halen, when Sammy joined the band, is nothing less than inspiring. They were all partying and drinking back then, pass out drunk, but it hadn't gotten ugly yet. Musically they were on fire and the ideas were flowing. Sammy talks about one night, when he was living next door to Ed, hearing Ed bang on his door at 4 am. Eddie had an idea, and such was their creative relationship that Sammy got up with his guitar and jammed out a new song right there on his porch. That's the way bands are when they're hungry and excited about the music. For a lot of the studio sessions with Van Halen, Hagar's storytelling gives you this fly-on-the-wall feeling.

Unfortunately "Red" is over far too soon. I would love for Sammy to have shared more stories, both good and bad. I think he should have spent more time on other parts of his career. But for me, better that a book is over too soon then it goes on far too long.

Highly recommended. 5 stars.
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on August 6, 2011
A good summer read. I bought this book because I was most interested in what Sammy had to say about Eddie VanHalen. I was pleasantly surprised at what a interesting life Sammy Hagar has had. He talks about his family & childhood, his marriages, his affairs, his bands & other business adventures. He came from nothing and a disfunctional family. Father was a raging and abusive alcoholic. Everyday was a struggle until he discovered his passion "music". He has a great & real/raw talent for song writing. He wrote / cowrote all of the VanHalen songs. Most of them experiences from his own life. His fame did not come easy though. Alot of road blocks along the way but he never gave up on his be a rock musician. The best part of the book is the VanHalen years.
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on January 7, 2014
Being of a select few who enjoy Van Halen with Dave and then with Sammy, I quite enjoyed this book . The book chronicles his life through his youth and the challenges that brought. Goes through all of the stages of his career from Montrose to his solo career, the Van Halen and back to his solo career and leaving off with Chickenfoot.

Sammy comes off like he does in real life. A regular guy who loves playing music and living life.

The only drawbacks of the book are the length (242 pages) and the bitterness that Sammy towards the Van Halen brothers. I'm sure that a lot of it is warranted. As a fellow reviewer mentioned I would love for Michael Anthony to write a biography to get his view of events in both the Roth and Sammy eras.
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on April 17, 2011
This is great book for anyone who loves to read about the rock and roll lifestyle. I learned alot about Sammy Hagar in this book. He tells it all.
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on May 4, 2011
A must read for any Sammy fan and/or Van Hagar fan.

Excellent book, well written and very interesting
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on December 18, 2011
Sammy Hagar seems like a man born to rock and from his stories it great to hear how his dream of being a rock star came true. he tells it like it is with and does not do it in a mean way that I am sure the Van Halen brothers would of hoped he would do. I think my next trip is to the cabo wabo in October and try to see this rock and roll legend.
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on May 11, 2015
As much as I love Sammy Hagar and his music, I was a little disappointed by his book. Most of the things in it I already knew from reading Valerie Bertinelli's book. As well as it is common knowledge about Eddie Van Halen's antics. Other than than that, I did learn a few things I never knew about him before.
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on April 7, 2015
This book rocks like Sammy rocks. Made me miss the Van Hagar era of Van Halen. What surprised me was Sammy's business savvy and entrepreneurship threaded through the wild debauchery of the rock and roll lifestyle. I had a lot of fun reading this book.
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on January 23, 2015
Sammy had a great life and he lays it all out here. He doesn't hide anything, and he doesn't take a dump all over the Van Halen brothers either (just a little on Eddie - but Sammy dumps far worse on himself).
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on May 6, 2013
Very informative, very entertaining, sort of sad, but that's rock n roll lifestyle for you. Sammy Hagar is an Honest Man, and is sober enough to know the truth. Great read,
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