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First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2011
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on February 14, 2013
This is a must have book for studying for the USMLE Step 1. Most of the information (not all) that you need to know is somewhere in this book. Don't mistaken this book for a replacement for learning your basic sciences for the first time, this is a REVIEW book. There are little to no explanations for anything. It should be used to jog your memory from what you spent so hard learning before. It's quick and simple to get through and lots of mnemonics which you may or may not have heard before. This book should be supplemented with other books in areas where you feel you need help in. It's an amazing book as long as you use it properly. As far as I can tell right now, they have removed some information from the 2012 edition but they fixed everything that was in the 2012 errata. Buy this book, it's amazing!
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on January 18, 2003
This book provides a fair review of the first two years of medical school. But think about it, how can you fit two years of medical school into a few hundred pages (of large print for that matter). This book is not enough. If you are fine with at best doing a 230 on the test that you might be able to do that if you had First Aid memorized cold, but if you really want to rock the test then you better start getting busy right now memorizing some real text books. So if you just want to go to a mediocre residency in a noncompetitive field then this book is fine, but if you are more "type A" and crave a more affluent lifestyle that can only be provided by the more competitive specialities then you better only use this book as a last week review.
Just remember when the competitive residencies are selecting their candidates, it begins with the numbers. If you want to be making over 300 k a year you best be scoring over 240 on the test. I did and now I am an ENT resident at a high powered program. I expect to be making at least 500 K a year or more. I want some bling bling in my life and not be making a 120,000 a year in primary care.
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on November 12, 2002
Sorry to say it but med school and residencies are all about the numbers. Yeah we like to talk about personal skills and the importance of dr-patient relationships and such, but in the end if you don't got a 240 then forget about radiology and if you can't get a 250 then forget about ortho and if you can post a 260 then plastics isn't for you, you will just have to be content making 90K a year as a pediatrician.
So if you to just be a pediatrician or internist then go ahead and study for step 1 with First Aid. Just remember that every other uptight med student is memorizing it also. If you want to get into a competitive residency (ie if you want to be making the Benjamins once you are done) then you better not use this book as a primary review. You will be smoked by the competition.
Peace Out!
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on November 16, 2002
If you want to do well on the USMLE, you must begin reading this book since day 1 of your medical school career. In addition, you must read all of the recommended books recommended by this text to help you do well on exams, which will help you aced Step 1 and 2. I am a graduate of Ross University School of Medicine; I followed the guidelines presented in this text before I matriculated at this wonderful medical institution and now I am a 1-PGY at a major, top-tier program in the U.S., which many say can't be done if you attend an offshore medical school. There are many others like me so study hard and don't let the U.S. medical cartel squash your dreams because of local politics and prideful ignorance.
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on July 10, 2004
First Aid is essential for Step 1, and I found it very helpful for many 2nd year tests, but you are going to need MUCH more than just this. I took First Aid with me on the day of the test, and tried to look up any questions that had stumped me right after I completed a section. It is just not detailed enough! Step 1 demands that you know tiny details that are not covered in First Aid. Overall, it will cover the big picture, and it's not a waste of time, just don't be surprised when you find extremely detailed questions on Step 1 that you can't answer with First Aid.
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on July 15, 2003
I found this book highly useful for the usmle step 1. It summarized the topics in a reader friendly format. It helped me to study for the test without carrying so many textbooks around with me. I also recommend the following which is sold on amazon:
Spinal Anatomy Study Guide: Key Review Questions and Answers
ISBN: 0971999600
Microbiology Study Guide: Key Review Questions and Answers ISBN: 0971999635
The last 2 study guides showed me the kind of topics that were asked on portions of the USLME step 1. You can't go wrong with these 3 books.
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on January 13, 2002
I consider First Aid USMLE step1 by vikas Bhushan an excellent affort for those going for board exam. One must see before starting preparation for the exam as it guide how to read, what to read, how to prepare and what is the demand of the board. And once you complete with other books and review books/coures, then again start reading the first aid, as it will remind you and prepare your brain for exam!! I wish auther will go on upgrading the books as per the demand of the time. Good luck.
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on March 9, 2003
This is a great book for the USMLE test. It was on target with some questions and concepts. I also used the following which is also sold on
Microbiology Study Guide: Key Review Questions and Answers
(ISBN: 0971999635)
The second study guide was on target with a lot of microbiology USMLE questions. This study guide also was a thorough review for microbiology portion of USMLE. Buy both books to maximize your chances of passing the USMLE the first time.
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on May 16, 2003
First Aid is by far, the gold standard for Step 1 review. It is very useful to go through the high yield facts in First Aid and incorporate them into the systems-based format of Step-Up: A High-Yield Systems Review for Step 1.
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on February 15, 2013
I highly recommend this book as a part of preparing to USMLE step 1 exam. It covers almost all medical and clinical fields you need.
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