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on July 19, 2004
I recommend this book to anyone who is 8 and up because it is not a hard book. The book is not long. The book is very interesting. It talks about the way you should look at other people. '''Yeah I see what you mean.' He was right; it did make them seem less pretty to think of them that way-not ugly just less pretty." The narrator is talking to Carl about the mistake he made when he saw the Foxman and why he should not do what he did. I learned that you should not look at someone as being ugly but just as being less pretty. "'And he died.' I sat for awhile and cried, holding his hand, and I wished I could have been and done more, the way you do, and then I moved away from him, because he was gone, and I put the guitar next to him and emptied the kerosene lamp around the floor of the cabin and dropped a match in the puddle.'' I learned that the narrator stayed by the Foxman's side he did not leave. He felt really close to him. If you are really close to someone you should stay by his or her side like the narrator did the Fox man when he died.
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on August 17, 2002
A fifteen-year-old boy has been putting up with the hazards of his drunken parents for some time now. After a certain event happens as a result of them being drunk, the boy is ordered by the court to go live with his family in the cold woods of Minnesota until he can come back home.
While staying with his new family, the boy will see what it's like to do some pretty tough chores, he'll hear many unfunny war stories, and try to fit in with the people he now has to share a house with. But all of those things pale in comparison to meeting and befriending the Foxman. This 'Foxman' isn't your typical, everyday person; something bad happened to him years ago, and he doesn't choose to be anywhere near society, but there's something about the boy's company that changes him.
"The Foxman" is a GRIPPING story, to say the least! The author, Gary Paulsen has had countless experiences of what it's like to live in the north amongst the woods and wildlife, and you can definitely see it when you read many of his books. I must say, it is beyond me as to why "The Foxman" wasn't a Newbery Honor Book. It's much better than The Winter Room, which did win the great honor, and it's a downright classic in my book!
Gary Paulsen has a natural gift of writing in a way as to provide imagery from start to finish in his works. While you're reading "The Foxman", you will be devoured into the story and after you read so far, you'll almost feel like you're actually a part of the story. Let me give you a fair warning right now, once you begin reading THIS book, you will not want to put it down until you finish it. Another great thing about the book is that its characters are very interesting; you'll grow attached to the two main characters before you know it.
"The Foxman" is a great, adventurous book about friendship, troubles, and life in the northern woods. If you're a fan of books of those kinds, you can't afford to NOT purchase this one! I've read a bunch of Gary Paulsen's books (I just counted 16 from memory), and I'd put "The Foxman" right up there with the likes of "Hatchet", "Dogsong", and "The Island". It just might be one of the most underrated books there are.
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on February 4, 1999
A teenager named Carl is sent up into Northern Minnesota to live with his relatives. He starts to get really close to his cousin and they start doing a lot of things together. One night though, Carl and his cousin get stuck in a blizzard. Carl immediately looks for somewhere to stay for the night. He finds a little cottage to stay in for the night so they go there. A man with a mask on his lower-face is living there and he seems very lonely. Carl and his cousin stay there for the night and each second of the night, Carl keeps getting more and more curious about the Foxman. For the next few days, Carl keeps coming over to the cottage to see the old man without his cousin. On one very strong blizzard, Carl becomes snow-blind. He gets very scared and screams for help. He finally gives up but, fortunately the Foxman is able to save him. That night Carl gets rid of his blindess and goes to sleep. Unfortunately to find the next morning is the Foxman about to die. After the Foxman dies, Carl decides to take one thing from the Foxman's cottage. Before he leaves, he sets the little cottage on fire so there would be no more trace of the Foxman. This book is a great story of one boys attempt to find something.
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on January 5, 2004
I liked this book because it was fun and easy to read. It also was easy to visualize the parts of the book when and how they happen. It is packed full of detail. It is a little sad in the beginning, but gets a little bit better as you progress through the story.
The Foxman is about a 15-year-old boy who was taken away from his parents because one night they got so drunk that they tried to kill their own son with a butcher's knife. So the boy went to go live up north with his aunt, uncle, and cousins. They are farmers in the northern wilderness. At first he didn't like it there but once the winter stories came he'd grown to like it more than his old home. That's when he met the foxman, an old man who had fought in the wars. He was named the foxman for his skills of catching fox.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes surprise endings and needs to picture what is going on to actually understand the book.
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on March 14, 2000
The Foxman By Tom Repicky The Foxman is a great book I highly recommend to all people that like stories about living and hunting in the wilderness. Written by Gary Paulsen, The Foxman is a non-fiction story about how Gary Paulsen has to adjust to living with some of his relatives on a farm. After many months Paulsen finally adjusts to his new home. One of Paulsen's cousins "Harry" tells Paulsen that in the winter Harry's dad tells them stories about their lives. Later that year Gary and Harry go skiing in the forest hunting for a fox to kill and sell. When they look at the sky they see that a big storm is coming. The problem is that they are about 20 miles from home. Will the two boys survive the horrible winter storm? Find out when you read this great 125 page book.
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on December 10, 1999
I thought this book was awesome! It is my favorite book. It is about a boy who is striped away from his parents because they have a drinking problem. So they send him to live in his uncles cabin. He has to get use to it than he starts to get wilder and goes hunting with his cousin. They see a fox and chase after it for a long time until he find a log cabin so he knocks on the door and the Foxman appears.He Has a messed up face he puts a mask on. They spent the night and left,but Carl likes him so he keeps coming back until he gets snow blind on the way and if you want to knows what happens to Carl and The Foxman read the book The Foxman. I recomend this book to adventureous people. This book teaches people not to judge a book by its cover.
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on March 14, 2003
I thought this book was a very amazing book and exciting . This book is about where two boys go hunting fox to sell their fur for money and they spot a fox but the fox runs a away and the boys go after him and the fox leads the boys very far from their house and they look up and the clouds are getting dark . They spot a small house with a smoke coming out of the chimney. My favorite character was Carl because he was the one who taught his cousin how to hunt all animals and he his also kind of funny and he knows more about hunting. My favorite part of the book was when the boys was lost in the woods and a big storm was coming. If you like hunting this is a book for you and if you like adventure books.
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on November 11, 2002
...I read this book last year and it was so interesting that I still remember it today. The story was about a young boy named Carl and his cousin. They get lost in the wilderness and there is a storm moving in, along with that it is getting dark. They were getting desperate when they found a hidden shack in the woods with smoke coming out of the chimney. This story kept me guessing throughout the story. Then this young boy and his cousin went home the next morning. Then his cousin went back to see the man. I thought that was kind of dumb because how many young boys would go back in the middle of no wear and go to this house were a scary man lives.
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on May 21, 2002
This is the best book I have read for awhile. It tells about Carl and his cousin taking a journey through the woods. They were after a fox. They get lost on the way home and a storm is coming. They find a shack and knock on the door. The foxman answered the door and the boys seen his hideous face before he could grab his mask. The boys leave the next mourning but Carl's cousin keeps going back to find out more about the foxman. What I enjoyed most about the book was the author kept, well, when I was tired of reading I didn't want to put the book down. This is a great book. You have to read it.
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on October 8, 2003
The Foxman is a wonderful book. It has adventure and a bit of love. It is a happy and sad story. The Foxman is a good book.
It is about a kid that his parents had a drinking problem. Then he needed to go to his uncle's farm, Harold. One day he and his cousin Carl got lost in the woods hunting a fox. The main character finds a shack. In the shack there was a man called the Foxman. The Foxman was old, from his nose to the mouth he had a lot of scars. The main character became friends with him and they had a good time.
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