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on May 20, 2004
Children have been fascinated with the idea of dolls and toys that can talk and move, from the Newbery winning, "Hitty: Her First 100 Years" to the more contemporary (and better known) "Corduroy". This particular tale focuses on a bear, his small unassuming quest, and the girl that eventually becomes his friend. The book feels more like, "The Velveteen Rabbit" than "Toy Story", but kids will quickly come to enjoy (or at the very least, understand) Corduroy's wish for a child to love him.

Living in a department store with other toys and dolls, Corduroy is a stuffed teddy bear in overalls. One day a doe-eyed girl and her patient mama spot the bear and the child is instantly entranced. Unfortunately, her mother points out that the bear is a little worn down and is even missing one of the buttons on its overalls. Upon hearing this, the bear is distressed and resolves to, that night, locate the missing item. After taking an unexpected ride up the escalator, Corduroy finds himself in the store's bedding area. He tries (unsuccessfully) to prise a button off of a nearby mattress, but succeeds only in alerting the local night watchman to his presence. The next day, however, the girl returns with her own allowance money and quick as a wink purchases the bear, missing button and all. She even sews a new button back onto his overalls, and the two are fast friends.

The book, when you look at it closely, almost seems to resemble a series of woodcuts, painted with watercolors later. I don't know if this was the case, but if so the author/artist, Don Freedman, is certainly adept. I've never seen woodcut faces as well presented as the ones here. People are smooth and rounded, and Freedman apparently doesn't have any problems with round curves. Moreover, I was impressed that the little girl and her mother that view Corduroy are black. Originally published in 1968, this was a bit of a big deal back in the day.
Today, the story of the little bear who wanted a friend is as poignant and simplistic in its telling as it was when first it came out. Anyone who read (or had read to them) this book as a child will instantly remember the scene of Corduroy tugging and tugging the button on the mattress in an attempt to remove it for himself. It's a sweet story all in all. I think people feel a great deal of affection for "Corduroy" because they can identify with the little unwanted fuzzy guy. He's a cutie, there's no question.
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on January 6, 2002
Corduroy, written in 1968 by Don Freeman, is a great book for children who are just learning to read up to those children in 4th or 5th grade. I myself enjoy this book to this day and I am in 8th grade. How could someone not like this book about a furry and lonely little bear looking for a home. This story is a classic, it has been told to many children and I would strongly recommend it to a parent looking for beginning books for their child.
Corduroy is about a stuffed bear that lives in a warehouse who is missing a button. One night he searches for the button, but he does not find it so he goes to sleep. The next day he wakes to find that a girl has come to get him and he is finally given a home. Throughout the story you get a since of warmth and love and it makes you feel better. This book is also a challenging read for the younger children out there and is a great way to help beginning readers learn how to read quicker. Corduroy is in my opinion the best children's book that I have ever read, if you are a parnet looking for a great book for your child, or if you are a child looking for a great book, Corduroy is definitely one that you won't want to pass up.
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on December 10, 2000
Corduroy is the story of a toy bear who lives in a department store and has dreams of finding a home. He becomes upset that no one wants to buy him because he had lost a button. So he ventures out into the store to find his button. The next day, a young girl buys and appreciates Corduroy. This book demostrates true friendship because the two adore each other because of what is in the inside. It doesn't matter what you look like but who you are. This story is great for young children. It helps them to realize that looks are not all that counts! It's how you treat other people!
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on November 13, 2015
Touching story is well matched with a gentle retro illustration style. Also notable for using a black child from a clearly modest home as the one and only child in the story. Nice storyline of a slightly run down bear who longs for a home and the little girl who sees his potential. Corduroy is so happy to have a friend and a home and the story makes the point that you don't need a palace to be happy, because a small, simple home with someone who loves you is just as special. Small children will definitely enjoy having this book read to them.
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on December 14, 2001
This story is a great one to read to a little girl because it talks about her wanting a teddy bear and we all know that little girls love teddy bears. I think the pictures in this story are great because they are very detailed and very realistic. As a little girl I loved this book alot because I thought the bead was adorable. I think any young girl anywhere from ages 4 to 10 would love it. I would highly reccomend it to them because I know they would enjoy the wonderful story and exzilirating pictures!
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on July 19, 2003
My 2 1/2-year-old son loves this sweet, gentle story -- as do I. It's great in that the characters aren't all cookie-cutter children's characters. The little girl lives in an apartment in the city, the mother initially rejects the teddy bear because he's missing a button in the store, etc. If it's possible for a book to be both realistic AND whimsical, this one did it.
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on October 27, 2000
Corduroy is a toy bear in a large depatrment store. Becasue of his missing a button no one wants to buy him. Corduroy takes a magical adventure searching for a button for his pants so someone would buy him. This story is humorous and supports an idea of friendship at the end. Children love this book because it is relation that they can compare to!
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on March 15, 1998
Corduroy: a cute, sweet little bear or a beginning robber? Corduroy get stuck in a store at night. His cute antics make you think he's innocent, but just how many teddy bears do you know who have snuck in a store and been caught by a policeman? Is this another innocent bear, or the start of a conspiracy?
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on January 11, 2013
I'm happy to have found a Corduroy bear for my 6yr old son. This was the first book he read at school. He was very excited to get it for Christmas. I would have liked it if the bear was a little bigger, like in the story, but my son hasn't noticed, so I guess we are both happy with Corduroy.
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on July 4, 2015
i love this story and wanted to buy it for my own child since it was one of my go-to favourites when i was a kid.... but the illustrations seem different than the one i had 30 years ago (or so). it's throwing off my nostalgia.
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