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on June 27, 2004
I didnt think this book would be all this good. "Who is this Rose MacEwan?" i thought when i read the back cover, "whats she doing jumping into the WICCA series i know and love?" but i soon discovered....THIS IS SOME AWESOME BOOK, in my opinion, the best of all of them. Everything that I was confused about in the series suddenly all made sense, and this book made way for more great storylines to endure. I now love Rose almost as much as I love Morgan (in a non-lesbian way, i love her character and her personality, if you no wat i mean).
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on June 14, 2004
I purchased the Sweep series for my 13 year old daughter in the hopes that maybe she would read. "She hated to read." Well I was amazed, and could not get her to go to sleep, as she would spend the whole night, with a night-light on reading these books. She enjoyed them so much, and could not stop talking first about Cal and then Hunter, that I had to see what all the fuss was about.
Well after two weeks, a book a day, for a girl who hated to read, it sparked my curiosity, so I started reading, and was surprised to find out how enjoyable a Teen book about Teen Witches could be. I am not really into Wicca, but these books are really enjoyable. I am on my fifth book, and my daughter read each twice, and is know on the Circle of Three Series. I have to highly recommend these books to those parents who can not get their daughters to read. These are excellent stories, full of fantasy, horror, and fun.
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on May 28, 2004
Okay, I admit, this book was sitting on my nightstand for a while. I had no interest in reading it because it took place in a different time zone with no Morgan or Hunter.
Well, turns out this book was absolutly amazing. It goes back to the orgins of the dark wave, and when Rose is performing it, you feel like you're in the book. It's so intense. When she cant get Diarmuid (or however the heck you spell his name) back, you want to reach out and help her.
Sorry if this review is a bit off, it's been a while since I read it.
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on November 16, 2003
Not the best, but not as bad as some of them. Hunter "confesses" to Morgan that he kissed Justine - even though she kissed him and spelled the kiss. There were just a few thinks I felt were a bit off. For example, I did like Rose McEwan, she was an interesting character, but I felt that she resembled Morgan to much and also, did anyone else notice how similar Diarmuid was to Cal? Coincidence or just running Cate running out of ideas for different characters? Also, if Diarmuid was Rose's soulmate why did she need to spell him with the rose quartz in order to get his attention and why did he seem to lose interest in her after the spell was undone? Again, an interesting coincidence you might say. Also, I felt that Rose resorted to dark magick a bit to much (Morgan is the same way) - if I'd been in the same position she was in at the end of the book, I wouldn't have created a dark wave - I would have used my magick in less harmful ways to free myself. If she's really as powerful as that, then why didn't she do a simple forget spell so no one would remember she was a witch apart from her coven? I know she was in a dire situation, but I just thought that there were other ways she could've dealt with it magickally. There was no need to wipe out a whole village.
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on October 22, 2003
Another book in the series not from Morgan's viewpoint. There are a brief prologue and epilogue that has Morgan and Hunter, but the rest of the book is told from the viewpoint of Rose MacEwan, an ancestor of Morgan's who lived during the Burning Times (the Spanish Inquisition).
Hunter is back and he has brought back a book chronicling the life of Rose MacEwan, a woman who first created the Black Wave. Hunter and Morgan read it.
Rose is a young woman (Morgan's age) who falls in love with a member of another witch tribe. Her mother is the High Priestess of their coven but does not seem to trust Rose. Love, witchcraft, passion, trust and betrayal all lead to shaping Rose's life.
As Rose has to deal with her personal trials, the anti-Wodebayne sentiments are on the rise.
Rose's story culminates with her creating the Black Wave spell (although it seemed pretty simple for a spell so powerful). As the story closes, Morgan wonders at the parallels between her life and Rose's and what it might mean for her future.
A nice piece of history, but a little out of synch with the rest of the series and its linear progression. I also missed the journal entries that previously started each chapter (they are absent in this volume). I would have liked to have seen something from Rose's mother's viewpoint or even Diarmuid's.
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on September 14, 2003
I would like to comment on a quote someone else made as to why they don't like this book.
"Even though everyone the girl should trust is telling her that what she is doing is wrong she's so stupidly arrogant that she keeps on plowing her way through, certain that she alone is right."
Speaking as a secondary school teacher, I have two words for that: TYPICAL TEENAGER!
And bravo to Tiernan for not balking at portraying a real one.
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on September 10, 2003
This book is mainly reading a book of shadows. I started it and almost fell asleep. I put it down and started on the next one right away. I didnt miss a thing. The book to me was a waste of a read and really instit on skipping this book in the series.
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on April 13, 2003
I have mixed feelings about this series, but I'd say that overall I enjoy it. This book in particular, I thought was well strung together and Cate Tiernan seems to have a thorough knowledge of Wiccan history! When I first found out that the whole book was a diary of a totally different witch I thought "oh crap, how am I meant to get throgh this boring part?" but it proved me wrong. At times , though, I desperately wanted to scream at the characters and shake some sense into them - but that's a good thing right? Because it shows the reader is interacting with the characters.
The ending, I thought, was very gripping and left me in a bit of a daze - and still reading at 2am!
This series and changed my view on a lot of things, including my views on nature and the spiritual side... if one exists...?
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on September 1, 2002
I have been slightly dissapointed with the last few books in this series. I don't know if Cate is running out of ideas or she actually thinks by adding other characters pov's the readers will enjoy it.
This book has only two chapters from Morgan's pov. It was slow moving, but still informative. It explains the background of the darkwave.
Is it worth the read? Yes, if you don't mind the change of character. I prefer Morgan though.
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on August 10, 2002
this is a really good book its about morgan and hunter reading a old record book on morgan's ancestor rose who created the dark wave. this is really stupid because she uses dark magic which she wasnt supposed to use because her mom told her to not use it because its dangerous but this stupid idiot gurl doesnt listen and uses it anyways for all the wrong things. she is a really stupid girl and i wished i would of punched her for being stupid and not listening to her mom's warnings. besides that downfall this was a really good book.
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