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Three Cups of Tea
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on July 20, 2009
I really wanted to love this story. After reading the first few pages a year ago, I put it down and didn't pick it back up until this summer - but this time I decided to persevere until the end. Greg Mortenson is an amazing man, doing so much for the greater good of the world. He is selfless, brave, and determined, and his story is an amazing one.

Unfortunately though, the writer of his story gets so bogged down in wordiness that it renders it hard to follow. While I welcomed the opportunity to learn about an area I currently don't know enough about, I found myself straining to understand everything, and losing out on the pleasure of the story. For those more familiar with the geography and politics of the area, it may be a more enjoyable read.

Nonetheless, the Central Asia Institute is an organization that deserves the attention and I would encourage others to read this story if for no other reason than to understand CAI's innovative strategy for creating peace, and bringing education to all.
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on September 12, 2009
All I can say is five stars plus, plus, plus for Greg Mortensen and his accomplishments and two stars for the book itself. The writing style is a long, drawn-out account of Greg`s life, mountain climbing expeditions, and how he came to build over 50 schools for young girls in war-torn underprivileged countries. While the author is to be highly commended for the amazing work he has undertaken and successfully completed, the book failed to hold my interest. Half way through the book, it began to read like a `who`s who` account of all the people he had met. Overall, the author is a hero for what he has achieved, but the writing style is a tedious, monotonous journey. Just finishing the book was, in itself, an exhausting mountain climbing expedition.
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on March 28, 2013
The story itself is a good one, but the way it is written is dull and drags the story down. I was reading it for a book club and had to skip large blocks of text just to stay awake and finish the book Not my cup of tea.
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on January 25, 2009
Mr. Mortenson's story is inspirational, but I found Mr. Relin's poor writing does this tale a disservice. I found Mr. Relin's writing to be quite clumsy and amateurish, with garden-path sentences and awkward turns-of-phrase distracting from the important message of Mr. Mortenson's accomplishments. I hope that a careful editor will revise the book for a second edition. I think that this amazing story merits a better telling.
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on June 9, 2009
It is unfortunate that the power of Mortenson's tale has deluded readers into considering Three Cups of Tea a five-star read. As another reviewer notes, this tale deserves much better prose. The book could double as a textbook on laboured similes.

Despite earnest interest in Mortenson's work and the topics of the book, I still had a hard time finishing it.
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on December 24, 2014
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on April 15, 2010
Man, Mortenson has surely created a book of inspiration for those America pro-war types that wish to demonize Muslim culture as being without education and without the means to make decisions about education on their own. Of course, here is another wealthy philanthropist that uses his ever-charitable means to build schools for the people of Pakistan as a way to combat "terrorism" and re-build Islamic nations. Did the CIA hire this guy to write this book or what? How can there be truly unconditional compassion for the poor with such pro-war American propaganda suggested in the title? Is Mortenson fulfilling his oath to repay the people of Korphe, or is he manipulating another culture into being like America? I think its the latter. The very same American school building technique had been allowed in Afghanistan by the Americans before the Taliban, but ya know, it was the Americans who later financed and supported the Taliban in fighting the Russians. I don't like this book, it stinks of American imperialism that destablizes every region it touches. Mortenson should stick to mountain climbing (and he failed at it), this book does not appear as a form of unconditional charity...its nation building at its most cunning. Yes, it claims this in the title. This is a book that I not recommend as being truly multicultural because of it is anti-Muslim and pro-American in its imposing an idealization of western educational institutions on foreign nations.
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