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on August 4, 1998
I find this book difficult to understand, so I'm looking for another Java book to buy. (I'm an experienced programmer with 15 years in the industry but no OO experience.) For example, the authors cannot explain "throwing" and "catching" exceptions without using the words "throw" and "catch". This is like a dictionary defining a word by using that word in the definition. Sometimes these authors spend pages of your time giving you an overview that only serves to confuse you. Brief overviews are fine, but in most cases they should just get to the point. After reading some chapters, I've found myself reading the corresponding chapters in other Java books because I didn't feel as though I understood the material. Maybe the 2nd edition is better...
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on January 3, 2000
This is a good intro tutorial for experienced programmers familiar with Object-oriented programming(OOP), but people not familiar with an OOP language like C++ will find the explanations lacking and terminology confusing, even though it does try to explain OOP. For the experienced programmer, this books gives a good overview on the various features of the Java language, but you'll have to turn to another reference for more advanced subjects and class descriptions, though the CD does includes complete listing of the Java API. But this book can't really be recommended unless you have to have a book in front of you because the complete tutorial is freely available online and for download on Sun's site at [...] where the tutorial is more up-to-date than the book.
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on May 25, 2001
This was my textbook for a introductory college class for Java, and I never refer to it that much. Not too many examples to take a look at. It is good for a reference when you are more knowledgeable about Java. But don't think this is a handholding sort of book for the neophyte in Java. I wish there were more example for applets in the book. Anybody wants to buy my copy? The college bookstore is not buying it back, and I wonder just why.
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on November 20, 1999
I used this book to try to figure out gridbags. Oh my were they complicated! I spent a day trying to figure it out, but the text and examples simply further confused me. The rest of the book was similar. Instead I picked up Sun's CORE Java Fundamentals - and it showed me just how easy gridbags are to use. It was obvious that this Campione/Walrath book neglected to explain the mere basics!
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on July 5, 1999
As several have mentioned, this book is not for you if you want to LEARN java. It's for you if you want to brush up occasionally about what something means. You need to remember that something will be explained later and not necessarily where it occurs. This book is NOT a TUTORIAl. It's is more a reference.
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on January 27, 1998
I found the first edition of this book very confusing. One of these authors isn't a very good writer. In the first section of the book, technical terms and concepts are used when they are not defined or defined much later. To learn Java from scratch, Java Handbook is much better.
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