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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on November 8, 2000
I lost my mother when I was just 13 years old and although it's been 16 years, I still feel the loss every day. Like the author, I had an overwhelming sense of grief in my mid-twenties. I mean it was like I was newly bereaved again. I would come home and cry. Or I would dream about her for consecutive nights. I am so glad that Ms. Edelmen took on this topic. Intellectually, I knew that I wasn't alone, but I am the only one in my immediate circle of friends whose mother is deceased so that makes for awkward moments on Mother's day and other holidays. Of course the sympathetic ones want to be a sort of replacement, but that's not what I want. I want my actual mother, my nurturer and my friend. It's so hard to explain to someone who hasn't experienced this loss, especially since I am an adult now. I remember that shortly after mom passed some callous relative actually had the nerve to tell me, "Life goes on." As if I didn't know that already. As if it were that simple.
Thank you Hope, for helping us motherless daughters understand that the impact of this loss can be lifelong. I've long suspected that the absence of my mother has affected my intimate relationships and even my relationships with other females. It's one thing to feel something intuitively and quite another to see that someone else has not only felt that same way, but has researched it. I'm still reading this book, but I felt so strongly about it that offer up my heartfelt thanks right now. This book is a blessing, and not just for daughter whose mothers are deceased. Hope also addresses women who have been abandoned ny their mothers and those who have never known their mothers.
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on October 21, 1998
I resisted buying this book because I grew up feeling that I should just "get over it." I'm in my early 30's and my mother died when I was 17 months old. As wonderful as my father is, I have always felt the void of my mother's absence in my life, and more so as I get older. "Motherless Daughters" taught me that my feelings are not unique, but I wish there had been more about losing your mother as a baby or toddler. My mom died when I was walking and talking, so I am sure I grieved, but I have no memories of her life or death. It would be nice to have some follow-up about people who never had the precious opportunity to know their mothers.
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on October 24, 1998
I felt the book very helpful because I had all kinds of feeling and thoughts and the book helped answer most of them. I'm glad she talked about if your mother was alive but had another mental or other problem such as alcohol. My mother was an alcoholic and I use to feel it was my fault and I had to be the perfect child even though I wasn't the oldest. I'm not just a motherless daughter but a fatherless one too. I wish it would have gone into the subject if both parents die early in your life. But I also realize it doesn't happen very often.
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on July 12, 2001
Although my mother is still alive, I lost my father eight years ago and have since written "Fatherless Women: How We Change After We Lose Our Dads" (Wiley). I found that Edelman's observations and the interviews she shares with us touched on many of the issues of all children who have lost a parent -- clearly the loss of a mother touches on many issues of femininity for women, but many of the issues of trust and safety are the same, and I found this book insightful and informative, as well as comforting.
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on December 9, 1999
I have been looking for a book like this all my life. There is no other book that focuses on motherless daughters. This book helped me work through my loss. It helped me realize I am not alone and also made me realize the effect my mother's death had on me. The author spent many years researching for an answer to her grief, she found it, and I think it is wonderful that she shared it with us.
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on March 18, 2002
Although this book primarily focuses on female adolescent loss of mother, I, in my forties, recently lost my mother and walked away from this book with solid insight and understanding as to why I feel the way I feel...or don't feel. Well worth the read for "older" daughters grieving the loss of their mothers.
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on August 16, 2013
I like the way this was written, easy to understand and to grasp the meaning of what the author is trying to relate. It was a good read for me.
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