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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on December 14, 2001
This trilogy amazes me. I will not talk about THE HOBBIT, but just about the trilogy. I think people get so amazed that someone could write almost 1500 pages of boring fantasy, that TolkienÂ's work became some sort of "trash cult"...
My God, he just canÂ't seem to know how to tell a history in a moving, spirited and dynamic way!!
1) The characters are awful, their dialogues a joke. They seem all to be machines;
2) The environment descriptions are all over the history, suffocating it (and the reader) due to its sheer boredom.
3) The forces of good and evil are clearly divided. The good guys are perfect, even when they slash enemies and take delight in counting the number of bodies at their feet;
4) The dreadful songs are a joke. After trying to read some of them, I skipped them all all the way until the end of this nightmare of a trilogy.
5) IÂ'm out of words to say how much overrated this book is. I realize the book has enough ingredients to make for a sucessfull movie, adn to have launched the RPG genre of games. I was player myself, once. BUt to read this trilogy is another totally different matter. ItÂ's a tour de force of your inner determination to not to put the book down to rest forever!!
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on May 15, 2001
For the life of me, I can not figure out why so many people live by this series and preach about how good it is. Now, I've been reading fantasy novels for many years, and have found many I like, and few that I dislike..but this series is truly one of the worst. There is no doubting the excellence of the plot, and its originality at the time. My biggest problem with it, howerver, was the lack of any real character depth. The only thing that actually told you what type of person, or hobbit, Frodo was, was the adjectives Tolkien used...he said words like brave and strong, but the story itself didn't impress any real sense of character on me. I like to read a novel and put it down feeling like I 'know' the main characters, as if they were friends of mine that I just shared an adventure with. I never had the pleasure of doing so with this book. I also felt the book was unrealistic in that you knew that nothing truly bad would happen to the characters. You discover early on in book one of LoTR that two of the hobbits are 'eaten' by a tree, but both pop right back out again with no scratches. Heck, the only thing that comes of it is one shivers and says he doesn't want to talk about it again. What kind of way is that to deal with a situation that had so much potential for character developement, and even pure old fashion action?? This combined with simplistic character interaction, I just got an impression the whole way through that the books were written for children, with a whole bunch of pretty words thrown in to please the adults who get off feeling smart reading intellectual gibberish. Perhaps I'm bitter after waiting so long to read what is known as the first real fantasy novel after reading so many from the genre, only to be disappointed, but I honestly feel that authors like Jordan, Brooks, Eddings, and Goodkind blow Tolkien away, and should certainly recieve more credit than this dusty old book
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on October 30, 2000
The Hobbit, a novel by J.R.R.Tolkien, is based upon, surprisingly enough, a hobbit, named Mr.Baggins. Throughout this book, Mr.Baggins undergoes many adventures, accompanied by thirteen dwarves and, for some of the way, a wizard. His companions and himself are heading towards a mountain of gold, with a dragon waiting at the end. When finally reaching their destination, they do not know exactly what they will find. Mr. Baggins uses his magical ring, which makes him invisible, to investigate on what they are up against. Well, things are easier said than done. Actually killing the dragon was completely out of their league, so they hid and waited for the right moment. When they couldn't stand hiding any longer, they came out, expecting to be burned by the dragon's flames. To their pleasant surprise, they found that the dragon had been killed by townspeople the night before. Thinking that left the gold to them, they celebrated. Around a week later though, they went into war to claim the riches all to themselves. Winning the war didn't do too much, since they had to spare part of the gold to their alliances. When the adventure of his lifetime was drawn to an end, Mr.Baggin headed back to the center of his motivation, home sweet home. A year had passed since he had left his hobbit hole, and he could have wished for nothing more than to be back in his cozy little home.
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on February 29, 2000
I know for a fact that there are several of Hobbit fans. Though personally, I hated the first book and the entire series. Most of these people who've reviewed books by Robert Jordan, claim that his series is just another set of stories based on the writing of the Tolkien series. Many of my friends seem to agree with me that this story was a total bliss. Bilbo is a Hobbit who seems not to do much in the story. Of course, the whole meaning of him being their, is to keep the story revolving around a world of addiction. The ending of the story is horrible and it seems that Tolkien wasted his POOR and SENSELESS usage of his brain. No offense, but the suspense was not at all amusing and you felt as if you wanted the book to end on the first page. Bilbo practically does nothing to defeat the vicious (funny word to use here), dragon, Smaug. Surely this book was a waste of energy. The intricate details which are suppose to consist within this "story" are no where to be seen. The book does not unwind itself to a twisting and strange plot, but clearly a purposeless one. I despise and loathe this series tremendously. Bilbo is not exactly the character which you would find addicted to. He stammers and is basically a coward. Dwarves. Now where have I heard this word babled by little five year olds? Oh, that's right, Snow White and the Seven DWARVES! For the dwarves in the story, remind you very much of the ones in the Disney classic. Idiotic and Irritating. This book is a story of your everyday savior (supposedly Bilbo) having adventures and slaying a dragon. So it's like your medieval classics of a prince saving his beloved, only with a more dull and tasetless...yawn. Excuse me. Just remembering that I read the book makes me just faint in exhaustion. What was I drinking when I decided to read this piece of junk? And like all stories, there are monsters and strange happenings. Flipping through the pages, the words "been there, done that," echoes through your crying mind. Crying because the story will NOT END! Agghhh! Gandalf the wizard is a bogus, he does absolutely nothing that would benefit to anything worth mentioning. Come to think of it, Bilbo reminds me of a pig. Small, always desiring food, foolish, cowardly, lazy...I can go on forever. Also, the series is quite poorly written. The words used remind me of the time when I picked up my first book around the age of four. Take my word for it, this is not the sort of book which makes you read till past your regular bedtime. One more things on the dwarves. They are useless characters and this story makes me want to vomit. No originality whatsoever is involved and the pages make me wish I was not even in existence. There you have it. I wouldn't even give this book a star, but since that was not an option, I had to settle for a WHOLE star. I'm just glad this guy's dead. :)
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on August 3, 2001
Ok, everyone goes on about how wonderful this series is. Perhaps I just didn't see the light. But I think I'm one out of a million people who have reviewed it, that STRONGLY disliked it. In fact, I couldn't even bring myself to finish it.
I read 200 pages. I was pretty bored. I read 400 pages, I was sooo bored I coulnd't read it. I've finished every book I've started, except this one. This guy doesn't have sence for time flow. I mean, come on. One of the main characters dies and he writes "...and so and so died. The mourned a while, and kept moving." Goodness, it was horrible!
After reading the hobbit (An alirght book I'd give two stars) I'd expected something more. Not literary garbage. The only reason I give it one star at all, is because I can't give zero.
Perhaps you like boring dribble, I dunno. Their are lots of people who liked it, maybe you want to try. But believe me, nothing could have prepared me for such a disaster.
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on December 7, 2000
Warning: Don't read this book. It'll scare you from reading any other book The Hobbit stinks. The Hobbit is terrible. The Hobbit is down right boring. It's hard to follow and is extremely dumb. It faces in on Bilbo Baggins, a lonely hobbit. Suddenly, he is left with a band of dwarves, who take him on an adventure. All he worries about is that he left his handkerchief at home. While he faces evil orcs, goblins, and wolves, he gains the respect of the other dwarves with the help of a magic ring. He also ends up in mental challenges as well as physical, such as a riddle contest with Gollum, a creature from the sea. The last few chapters about facing the dragon Smaug, are very hard to follow. To tell the truth, I probably don't know how it ends. I strongly recommend that you do not read this book. I think that J. R. R. Tolkien did a terrible job of tying the book together. Unless you want to be bored to death, do not read the famous The Hobbit.
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on June 11, 1999
The Hobbit I found was boring and so happy it was annoying. The characters are so happy it's annoying. I like characters with a lot of back ground and I like many characters I can relate to. A bunch of identical dwarves don't do the job. They also don't fit the spirit of dwarves, but then again after time they evolved into the grumpy alchoholics fantasy tends to portray them as. All the characters were corny and annoying. Anyway, don't get me wrong about it. I understood it. I loved the Dragonlance chronicles and Wheel of Time which made this book look so childish. I've heard Lord of the Rings is much better so I might read that. It doesn't seem as happy perfect utopia where elves dance and sing songs all day as The Hobbit was.
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on December 16, 1999
Clarke S. wake up! This is the real world. Do you really believe that it just so happens that black represents evil and white represents good and pureness? This book stinks of racism like your favorite safe haven after 10 out-of-the-closet poopers have struck. Tolkien is a christian intolerant racist. He and C.S. Lewis have devised these books to oppress us. It's easy for you to "get lost" in these books because you are probably a white dude, who wears glasses, has an easy office job, and drives a red sports car. For the rest of us who have to face the real world on a daily basis, it's not so easy to forget the very real evils of this world.
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on December 2, 1999
i read this book in my seventh grade english class, and personally, i wouldn't recomend it to ANYONE! maybe it is jsut me who doesn't like fantasy novels, but i mean, seriously....the hobbit? gandalf? they were such boring characters, it was as if a ten year old coul've made up these characters. i have written many essays on the hobbit about bilbo baggins, and that he is a heroic character,but to be honest, i would NEVER do it again. it was a waste of my time to read such a bad book! but if u do want to read it, then all i can say is, you will have to see for yourself what u will think of it! enjoy?
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on July 15, 2000
Unfortunately, I was subjected to read the first twenty or so pages of this book because I got it as a christmas present from my aunty. Not only that, I also received a compendium with the rotten book, which was of no use to me as I was not planning on ever reading it. Feel free to email me if you want this huge waste of time for free, though I strongly recomend you don't! This is a dangerous book and is an extremely bad influence on adolescents. Not only that, it is also more boring than having tea with nan and the relatives.
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