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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on March 2, 2004
Initially I was surprised that Weaveworld wasn't the horror story I expected it to be. Then I was surprised how much I was enjoying it anyway.
Certainly there are elements of horror: The Rake, The Hag, The Magdalene and her Offspring, and The Scourge/Uriel - but this is primarily a love story between Cal and Suzanna. Their relationship is remarkable if for no other reason than the fact that it can never be fully consummated (unlike most of the casual relationships Cal and Suzanna have with others, which can and often are).
From suburban London to the Scottish Highlands to the Arabian desert, the story covers all this ground, plus the fantastic settings within the weave (The Fugue) itself. The pacing is fairly quick, but Barker does take the time to insert a descriptive paragraph or nice turn of phrase now and then. Characters are well-drawn, but there isn't a whole lot of development demonstrated over the course of the novel. Cal becomes obsessed with the carpet, but doesn't really change as he pursues or attains it. Suzanna gets super-powers almost as soon as she comes on the scene, so there isn't even much "before" and "after" as she comes to grips with them.
The book has a few other flaws, as well. Barker consistently uses the crassest term imaginable for the part of female anatomy euphemistically referred to on the TV-show Scrubs as the "bajingo." There are some pretty big plot holes as well; for instance, at one point a psychic attack is accidentally launched against an innocent London population; later, when such an attack would come in handy, no one suggests "doing what we did back in London." Wasn't it Chekov who said, "If you establish mind-altering super-powers in the beginning of the book you have to make an attempt to use them in a crucial moment by the end of the book"? Words to that effect, at any rate.
Subject matter and material aside, this is still a very good fantasy story. Romance fans will find a lot to recommend it. Horror fans may find themselves pleasantly surprised.
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I'm a fan of Clive Barker even though I've only read "Damnation Game" and "Cabal". By the way, Damnation Game was SUPER! Okay, anywayz, Weaveworld is good, really, it's interesting, packed with action, suspense, a little gore, wonderful poetic writing, etc, everything good, great, whatevers, but there's one thing missing in this epic advanture, and that's character. The characters in this book have NO depth! I seriously didn't care if Cal or Suzannah died or failed or anything, I mean, I had no feelings for them, or any other characters. I often thought Stephen King could get a little boring, spending 3/4th of a book building upon character, but that's all a novel's about, if you don't care for the characters, no matter how tightly packed with action the story is, something is still MISSING. Yup, but this is still a wonderful read, anybody should give it a try. After all, even most of his fans consider this as his best work (reluctant as I am to say that...Damnation Game was so much better). Email me n-e-time, comments or recommendations are always welcome.
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on November 1, 1999
....or to put it another way "there's a world in that carpet, no-one believes me and now the wicked witch is chasing me for it". Oh, I know, its unfair to make comparisons with C.S.Lewis but all the poor souls dishing out five stars for this book must have missed out before they hit teenagehood. Its a good read, but to be honest I didnt read any words that would move me such that I would care what happened to the carpet or its inhabitants. There's horror and gore in this book but at times it seems over the top and misplaced. And why does Clive Barker constantly make references to male genitalia? Honestly, after 700 pages I was dreading to read the effect of cold weather on our hero, it really does get that ridiculous. Anyway, it was my first read of a Clive Barker book and Im looking forward to the next one, despite my own personal gripes - I thought his idea for the book was great and well worth the time it took to read it. I wanted to give five stars, I really did, but there's a real lack of depth to Suzanna here and no real insight into to the kind of people she bravely tries to save.
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on December 16, 2003
Having never read a Clive Barker book, I decided to check this out when I found it on a sale rack at the local bookstore. Wow! Not what I expected from him at all. This book was far from the dark horror works that he's known for. More like a present day fantasy world, the universe that he creates is saturated with a mystic feel that makes you look deeper into your own reality. I was completely impressed by his imagination. In fact, that's all I could think of while I read this book. Even secondary characters feel so real that you can't help but genuinely care about them. As for the primary characters, they felt like neighbors after I'd read this book. I was very impressed and have recently purchased several other books by Mr. Barker. I haven't read them yet but am sure that I will enjoy the creativity that he so deftly conveys with the printed word.
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on February 2, 2004
Cal Mooney looks into a carpet and in a split second, realizes that all his childhood dreams and fantasies were true. He's drawn into this magical carpet world which has awoken, and in doing so, has attracted the attention of the powerful evil forces that seek to destroy it.
I was completely captivated by this story, drawn in from page 1 and kept rapt until the last line. I can't say much about character development, which is usually my #1 interest as a reader, because I was too busy being swept along into this magical world that Barker created. Not a short book, I wasn't aware of the length because I was so involved in the storyline and rooting every step of the way for the survival of this magical world.
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on October 2, 1999
I almost didn't read it because of the reference to "Horror" on the cover, but to me, it didn't fit that category. It was more imaginative than that- better than I thought it could be. In fact, I don't know where or when I bought the book, but I was getting books off to the used book sellers when I needed a novel, and there it was. I could put it down, but I picked it up regularly over the 5 days or so it took to read.
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on December 9, 1997
It's a good book, though this reader here does not particularly like to venture into grounds of "Magic n'Fantasy", however, this book showed itself as a good one. There were the traditionally violent scenes this Liverpudlian is famous for conjuring, and good writing above all. Maybe, it was a tad too long, but I read it anyhow, and was not in the leastest disappointed.
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on June 7, 2004
Weaveworld is like a dream that Jules Verne could have made.
a fantastic story between reality and imaginary. A world into a world. If you have a great imagination, read this book. It's simply an extraordinary journey waiting for you. Great characters, weirdest and scariest situations. It's 100% Barker made without a doubt. You'll think of Hellraiser, Nightbreed...
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on April 4, 2000
I've never been a fan of fantasy/horror adventures but when my son loaned me his copy of Weaveworld I didn't want to hurt his feelings. Much to my surprise I found this to truly be a must read. I literally couldn't put it down, reading into the wee hours at night then stealing more time over breakfast and lunch until I had devoured the last page.
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on June 19, 1999
.....I do believe I have to say that I enjoyed it. It kept me glued page after page. It was truly in depth. All his OTHER stories I have been exposed to (e.g. "Vampires" and the "Hellraiser" series, et al) I had only seen the movies.
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