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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on February 12, 2011
I was expecting to learn something new and spectacular out of this book, however, being a fitness addict, I found nothing new. I'm a major fan of a few of jillian michaels workouts and have yet to read more of her books. The essence of this book - make sure you get your omega's, proper vitamins and have your regular blood tests to follow your health. Eat every 4 hours with your protein, get 8 to 9 hours of sleep, eat food high in HGH (human growth hormone; these are essentially your everyday healthy foods - go organic if possible) and drink plenty of fresh water. Honestly ppl, keep your muscle mass up, do regular cardio and strength training and you will be sailing steady.

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on April 30, 2010
Reason I bought the book: the belief that "something" isn't quite right with my metabolism, and this book seemed to promise information over and above the usual gimmick diet books.
What I didn't know: I had never watched "Biggest Looser" and didn't know Ms. Michaels. Because of that, I found the tone of the book not to my liking. If you follow the show and are familiar with the approach and language, you'll not find anything wrong with it (would be my guess)
Positives: the book is jam-packed with information that is not easy to find all in one place. It walks you through the steps of removing all unwanted products from your life. It is not just a "clean-eating" book, but looks at the poisonous junk in other areas of our lives. Some of it is downright scary. If you're new to all this, I highly recommend this book. Others who already practice a healthy lifestyle, may still find new information here.
Negatives: if I had Ms. Michael's income, I'd be buying organic foods and other non-toxic products at fancy stores, too. But I don't, and I find a lot of suggestions unrealistic, because they are so unaffordable. Secondly, once I realized who Ms. Michaels is, I did a bit of research into her other enterprises, and found her to be marketing completely useless diet products (fat burners, calorie control and the like) - Jillian, if a great body came in a bottle, we wouldn't need to diet and exercise and follow the bigges loosers on tv. So as far as I'm concerned, her credibility takes a big slide because of this. If she sells us big hopes in the form of pills that unlikely work (see customer reviews), what else does she sell for the sake of making more money?
In conclusion: I found the book informative enough to give it 4 stars; all else I mentioned are personal comments.
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on April 10, 2011
I was so excited every page I read new information that I'd go to work and share it with my coworker who is also into organic living. I even bought her the book for her birthday (which is only in June and we're in April!) - I was that excited and wanted to share the info. It's amazing how much you learn about your hormones, the food we eat and what's in it, as well as the environmental endocrine disruptors. The only problem I have with this book, it doesn't offer much information for us vegetarians. You really have to figure out on your own what to eat and when. She's very pro-fish and organic meat, which is fine for the meat-eater. Other than that, I would recommend that everyone read this book. We can't keep turning a blind eye to the facts of what makes up our food and environment, including our cleaners, cosmetics, etc. Who knows, if everyone listened to her advice, we could just maybe have a safer future for our little ones!
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on November 8, 2014
Not an easy book to follow to lose weight at all. If you have to change your entire life around and buy expensive food then maybe it is ok.
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on December 23, 2014
Really enjoy this book. Provides good advise on things to keep in mind without the need to diet.
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on May 10, 2009
This should be a horor Novel not a Diet Book, there is an amazing amount of information in this book about how your metabolism works and how all the garbage we eat affects it. No wonder most of us are over weight we've been feeding out bodies chemicals and all the wrong stuff (not to mention too much of that stuff which we can only blame ourselves for.)

The book is 80% technical and scientific information about the metabolisim the last few chapter are about the diet but don't let that scare you because you should read it so you are aware the next time you pick up a can of some process food that you know you are hurting your body by eating it.

The diet itself is common sence (we all know what we SHOUTD be eating) and Jillian gives you a couple different options so anyone can follow it. There's a basic table of good food types the non cook can use to pick and choose from. There are also meal plans and recipies for those more advanced in the kitchen, so something for everyone.

I rated the book a 4 simply because it's so technical and a little daunting to read, I think most people (including myself) will have to reread it to really absorb the information but, I think Jillian has done the world a service and finally put the word out that the majority of the food industry is poisioning us with chemicals that our body can not process so it aborbs it to the detriment of our health.
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on November 14, 2014
Some very good pointers indeed and easy reading and also she makes it fun to read.
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on December 24, 2014
Reading it now, and learning alot of new things I did not know
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on March 14, 2016
Great read and very informative.
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on September 7, 2009
Jillian has done it!
this book is full of information you need to solve the overweight dilema in your life!
FINALLY someone has written a handbook of answers!!
and how to fix the problem!!
thanks Jillian!!
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