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on June 8, 2017
I am still in the process of reading this book. It is very well written in Lee Strobel's journalistic style. I am enjoying it very much.
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This Student Edition of The Case for Faith will give the most important notions found in the original edition to your teenager in order to make him/her realize that faith is possible in our world today. Lee Strobel has taken the time to present the important questions of: Why is there suffering?, Doesn’t science disprove miracles?, What about hell – and the millions who’ve never heard of Jesus, as well as Is God unjust? – in a format that any student of middle and high school can read.

Not only will you see how Strobel himself have decided to find the answers of his own questions but you will read amazing testimonies from a friend of his as well as Ravi Zacharias. I believe strongly that learning other people testimonies are very powerful when you discover their own struggles.

I have read this book in 2 days – mind you I am a fast reader. The main reason why I requested this title is because I want my 8th grader (and eventually his siblings as well) to go through this book during the school year. This little book will answer questions he might have about his own faith that he has not formulated to us. It will also give him a solid base on how to speak with people who can disagree with his own faith. While reading this book, I have gained new insights that have deepened my own faith (and I want to read the full book!).

If your teen is struggling with his/her faith, this little book will provide the guidance in reshaping their understanding of the Bible. I would suggest that the parent read the book as well in order to talk about it with your child if he/she wants to discuss what has been said in a specific chapter of the book.
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on April 5, 2003
This book has a good/overall message. Strobel focuses mostly on why we need God. I'm not compelled to read the origanal through.
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on March 25, 2003
Lee Strobel has written several good books that could be especially valuable to someone new in the Christian faith. This is a revised version of his book The Case for Faith, which goes quite nicely with his first book, The Case for Christ. In this edition of The Case for Faith, Strobel--who is a former skeptic--continues where he left off with The Case for Christ. He interviews scholars all over the country, picking their brains for answers to some of the toughest questions out there, including evil, miracles, and "oppressive" church history. I thought the novelistic style helped make the book a quick read. Teens who want to understand their Christian faith will be helped by reading this book. While it will not solve all of their dilemmas or give answers to each and every question, the information provided by Strobel will certainly help. Overall I recommend The Case for Faith for its apologetic value.
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on May 12, 2002
The Student Edition of The Case for Faith is not a dumbed-down version of the adult book by former investigative journalist Lee Strobel. Rather, this book explores the same issues that are so well dissected in the adult book and yet examines them from the perspective of a young person. It covers topics that are thoroughly relevant to all students: How can there be a loving God with so much evil in the world? How can we believe in miracles when they contradict modern science? How can we believe in a divine Creator in light of evolutionary theory? How can anyone believe Jesus is the only route to God? How can a loving God send people to hell? And how much doubts can a person have and still be a Christian? The book uses timely illustrations and examples and goes beyond sound bite answers. I enthusiastically recommend this book to young people and to youth pastors who are seeking to help students come to grips with these faith-testing issues.
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