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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on February 27, 2011
This is not a book to rush through. It calls for a long, slow savouring. Intimacy at its best, without offense or crudeness. There is the baring of a naked soul, yet somehow clothed in praise. Hurts are shared that bring the reader to tears, yet in almost the same breath, praise and celebration wells up in the midst of those tears.

Written in delightfully warm, poetic prose, and with breath-taking honesty, this is not a book for a single-sitting marathon. It calls for days and weeks of delight and inspiration. Don't let it replace your Bible reading. Do let it stimulate your Bible reading. As an author myself, a church librarian and an avid reader of many thousands of books through my lifetime, I rank this one high among the best.

I believe every library should have a copy, but I believe every home should have a copy as well.
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on July 16, 2010
This soon-to-be released book will help thousands more readers discover Ann Voskamp, a wonderfully gifted Canadian writer who writes about the simplest, and yet most profound, moments that give meaning to our lives.

To get an idea of Ann's creative voice and achingly beautiful writing style, spend some time exploring her much-visited blog, "A Holy Experience" [...], where you will enter an oasis of grace, peace and wisdom for living.

On her blog, Ann shares gorgeous photographs and musings about her life as a wife, mother and writer on a farm in Mennonite country in rural southwestern Ontario. Her lifestyle hearkens back to an appealingly simpler, more innocent time where the daily rhythms revolve around the land, the seasons, the beauty of nature, farming, crops, grinding grain, baking bread, sharing meals with family, raising (and home-schooling) six lively young children.

But don't mistake this for nostalgic Pollyanna escapism. Simultaneous with the beauty and joy, Ann explores some of the deepest, most painful aspects of our lives today as broken human beings, struggling with hurt, loss, disappointment and fear. Her honesty, sensitivity, humility, gentle insights and ability to express truths about life and faith in a fresh way will resonate with your soul... You'll feel that you've just been visiting with an old friend while sitting at her kitchen table sharing a cup of coffee and a piece of fresh-baked elderberry pie, and you'll come away refreshed.

I am greatly looking forward to reading Ann's first book, "One Thousand Gifts."
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on January 29, 2011
One Thousand Gifts: A Dare To Live Fully Right Where You Are
Ann Voskamp has written a gem! This book is a classic. I cracked the book open the minute it came in the mail... and I could not put it down! Truly amazing... it will change your life. It is very beautifully written, it speaks to your soul. Thank you, Ann, for this wonderful literary work!

I am getting more copies to give away as gifts. My copy will be mine to keep, not to be lent out... it is that good!!!
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I've heard so much about this book before I requested it. Many kept saying how life changing it would be to read it. I was picked by curiosity and decided to review it. From the first chapter, I sense that the author was unto something. After all she has many followers on her blog and many are walking into her footsteps of gratitude on their own blog as well. I was hooked. I also follow in her footsteps since I started reading her book. Weekly, I post my gifts from the previous weeks. Sometimes I even include some pictures. Ann has touched my heart and helped me to switch my thinking. It's a 180 degree turn - let me tell you. In the midst of our daily life, when you think that maybe life would be different without certain things, you see what you have in a different way.

I am homeschooling my four kids. There are days when it's not easy while other days are just plain fun. I have doubts sometimes. But when I take Ann's perspective and see the little things that blesses me on a daily basis, I am not feeling as discourage or stressed. It is a good therapy and way cheaper than going to see someone I find.

Anne pours out her heart in this book and somehow I feel closer to her as I get to know her thoughts, her emotions, her dreams, her struggles and so on. She based her book on a simple word - Eucharisteo - which means to be grateful, feel thankful, give thanks. But how can you be grateful in the midst of business struggles, problems, a busy family, homeschool to be done,... You get the picture I think. Well it's simply to sit down and see what is a blessing in the midst of all this. Simple things like a son old enough to babysit his own siblings who are napping so I can go get some brown sugar because he wants to make chocolate chip cookies (it just happened today!).

I have come into realizing that being blessed can be done in a multitude of ways - neighbors bringing blueberries from Lac St-Jean, friends calling to let us know they have clothes for us, a couple giving us a foosball table for the kids to play with, four bookcases found at the curb since spring, the birds flying in the sky, the plants given to us so we can have a more beautiful entrance, a squirrel walking on the fence when we never seen one in the area before, frogs, loons on the lake, our RV, my husband, my kids, homeschooling them - yes even if there are days that are more difficult...

There are also blessings in disguise which are blessings you wouldn't expect when someone give you something. We had one experienced like this recently. Needless to say, my eyes are more opened now and I can see them more easily. So I thank Anne for writing the book One Thousand Gifts and I plan to continue the challenge to list my one thousand gifts from above.

I would like to challenge every one of my readers (and my family and friends) to read Anne's book. Your perspective will change - guaranteed!
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on April 21, 2011
..unbelievable.....eye opening, humbling life changing book....i was so moved and so changed by the truths written upon its pages that i was compelled to purchase half a dozen more copies to give away to friends who i knew would be transformed by this same truth...In all my years of learning about thanksgiving from a biblical perspective, i have NEVER come across a practical view such as the one found in a 'Thousand gifts.."..i believe it should be a must read for all who claim the name of Christ~
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on May 28, 2013
I previously read "Selections from One Thousand Gifts" so I was pleasantly surprised when I get an email offering the full book! Ann Voskamp is a talented writer offering the reader a chance to see the good in everyday, situation or circumstance. I follow Ann on facebook and she offers everyone a chance to see beauty around them and Joy Dares which encourages you to find the good even in bad situations. There's a peace, calmness that enters the soul and encourages you to slow down and enjoy the book to it's full potential, soaking up everything Ann has to say. It's like a time of refreshing, and not meant to be rushed. I encourage you to read this book, you won't be sorry!
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on August 9, 2013
If you have been striving for joy in your life and it has always eluded you, and each day seems exactly like the day before, with no personal growth, then this is the book for you. Ann writes in a poetic prose that draws you in with vivid imagery and profound truths expressed in a refreshingly creative way. The connection between 'counting your blessings' and 'all these things will be added unto you' is clearly and profoundly presented through the story of Ann's own journey of seeking joy through living in thankfulness. Cannot recommend this book strongly enough.
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on September 11, 2014
I am working through this book with my small moms group. I feel that this book has a lot of flowery and artsy descriptions that take way too long to get to the point of the chapter. It also doesn't really touch on the "how". I also didn't feel the writing was crisp and clear, I didn't like the style of Ann's writing. If I was reading this on my own I would not be finishing it.
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on November 19, 2011
I loved this book! It quite simply profound, incredibly moving and extremely challenging. The prose is exceptional, even amazingly poetic. Ann communicates in a way that makes you feel as if you were her good friend. She is real, authentic. This makes the book and the ability to do what she is proposing, "to be thankful in everything" seem possible. Here are no trite phrases, no bandaid solutions, but here are gut-wrenching realities and gentle
exhortations to live a fuller, richer life. It can be done she posits, even in the midst and in spite of great difficulties. It has challenged me to begin my own "one thousand gifts lists..." Run, don't walk to do whatever you can to get this book. You won't regret it.
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on April 7, 2011
This is a great book. Love it and read bits of it whenever I need to be reminded to be thankful.
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