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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on May 20, 2015
This tarot is very spiritual and deep. It is quite different, He gave a name to every cards, including all the minor Arcana. The cards interpretation is unusual in a good way and he give you the "solution" for you spiritual growth. The book in itself is important to have. For me it complete the information I have on tarot with other decks. The art is also very beautiful.

The quality of the card stock is a bit thin...but okay and the book is well made. The suits are like this : Earth or pentacles are = rainbow, Air or Sword are = Clouds, Fire or Wands (or rods) are = Fire... and Water or cups is ... water ;-)
And mister Osho added another major Arcana number "22", that as actually no number (not the zero) and it : The Master. So there are 79 cards.

One complain will be that its masculine spirituality energy of way at looking at life... doesn't resonate with me anymore
and the back of the cards is quite ordinary... so because of that it is not my favorite...
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on May 19, 2004
As soon as I unwrapped and shuffled this set, I did a "Celtic Cross" reading and was pretty amazed. For this first quickie "out of the box" reading, and without having read any of the commentary on the individual cards, I was gifted with a very insightful reading on my general situation at the time. It took all of five minutes. Very intuitive indeed!
The card symbolism is fresh but the artwork is, for me at least, a bit variable in quality. As far as general "feel" goes, I can only gauge by the other decks I've tried, which aren't many. The readings do seem "softer" than my work with the Rider-Waite deck -- which seems to take a pretty clear-eyed, hard-edged view of things -- and certainly less dramatic than my William Blake deck.
But while perhaps somewhat softer in atmosphere and feel than many decks, Osho Zen Tarot doesn't gloss over the hard questions. I receive quieter but still tough responses from these cards, if the situation demands it. Given its intuitiveness and "measured" feel, this deck seems especially suited for my daily one-card reading.
Other decks may have a bit more depth to them in terms of symbolic complexity and intellectual appeal, but this isn't Tarot Lite by any means. I'm probably going to save my "bigger" inquiries for other decks, but as a quick and refreshing start to your day, I think Osho Zen Tarot would be hard to beat.
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on November 10, 2001
The Osho Zen tarot card deck is a wonderful and highly evocative spiritual tool. These cards have a way of stirring the intuition upon first glance and promptly extracting the truth from any situation in question. My suggestion? Keep an open mind and practice regular use of these cards.
I have found them to be a wonderful guide on my Spiritual Journey. The ultra-colorful illustrations tend to evoke strong images and bring immediate clarity and accuracy to my Readings. This is especially important since I must maintain a high level of excellence at my site, ,as a professional psychic Tarot Card Reader.
There is a very special genius at work here: unlike most decks I've run across over the years, Osho Zen has a silly, yet intelligent sense of humor in its illustration of so-called negative cards like "exhaustion" and "schizophrenia". I think part of the objective behind the author and/or illustrator's humor is to help us poke fun at ourselves and not take every single thing so seriously. The cards seem to offer a "free pass" to not get bogged down by the heaviness of our concerns. Within the cards and the companion book you receive, there is the continued reminder to look at the value in each moment and to live in today (not inside the cares of yesterday or tomorrow).
Osho's visual and written text may indeed be a breath of fresh air for those who need a change from the more Westernized decks, which almost always boast cards like the "Devil","Death"and "Hanged Man". The symbolism commonly associated with the "Hanged Man", for example, is that of St.Peter or Jesus Christ's hangings. Osho contains thought-provoking Eastern ideas like the one depicted in "No-Thingness". I think you should understand what I mean once you read the card's description in the book.
Even if I weren't looking to this deck as a means of spiritual divination; if I merely wished to do casual non-professional Tarot Readings, I still would have made it a point to get the Osho Zen deck because of its amazing artistry! The intensity of color and detail is astounding! Each card is a vibrant feast for the eyes. I have seen many many decks throughout my years as a professional Reader and I still find this deck to be one of the most, if not THE most beautiful I've ever seen!
If you take your Readings seriously, I whole-heartedly suggest you choose the sometimes silly, yet highly meditative images that comprise the Osho Zen deck.(...)
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on February 25, 2016
This tarot deck is different of all the other you already seen. My readings are already focused on personal transformation and empowering, so I do that's kind of reading with any tarot deck, however this one is specific for this kind of reading. I give 4 stars instead of 5 because I thought that the cards would be bigger and they are surprisingly small. The card stock is not the best as well. It would be great if the published could make decks with better material and bigger cards. However I recommend this deck anyway.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 2, 2015
I owned this deck for a few years already but I have to say I only used it for less than 5 times. The first two times I had someone's guidance and was completely shocked and blown away by the spread, explanation, and the result. But after getting a deck of my own and started to practice it, I find it rather difficult as the cards aren't exactly easy to explain and somewhat vague at times. To me I think it's not a Tarot deck for beginners and has certain entry barrier (may need some experienced people's guidance).

Though the drawing is indeed by far the most beautiful Tarot deck of all for sure.
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on May 29, 2000
After i had a few traditional tarot decks, i came across a sample of these cards on an on line tarot sight, immediately, i knew i had to have them. They are without a doubt the most thought provoking beautiful and soulful cards i have ever seen, they carry no morbid premonitions, offer no future divinations, yet when i read for myself i get right to the heart of whatever the issue is. I havent yet figured out how to read for others using this, simply because they give no answers, all cards, all meanings point to an inner working, and they all somehow ask us to open up to love, to the moment and letting go of fear.
all in all, the osho zen tarot is lovely and full of hope.
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on April 10, 2014
I have a few oracle cards and tarot decks but I like the fact that each card had it's own meaning and when you read really makes you think about the situation. it doesn't give you a clear cut answer but forces you to go deeper within for you own ...with it's guidance I really like it!
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on June 14, 2001
This is one of the most beautiful decks in my collection. The colors are clear and beatiful, the execution is always idiomatic and creative, and the look is fantastic overall. While I do not always like the way the cards are interpreted by the author, it is undeniably one of the most lovely and readable in my collection. I enjoy it a great deal.
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on August 13, 1997
first, the book itself, i felt, is terribly 'westernized': turning the basic eastern philosophy into nothing more than simple 'inspirational' statements for one to use. that is *not* what the Osho Zen is. Osho zen really is nothing more than the philosophy of zen, which includes Indian, Chinese, and Japanese Budhism. one cannot possible gain practical knowledge of zen budhism through this book. for its history and (cultural) practice, one must look elsewhere other than Osho Zen.

secondly, the tarot deck itself is wonderful, for one *may* gain better understanding of the self *through* the (very) general concepts of Zen Budhism. but to 'gain that knowledge' of self, one must find it through the cards, not from it. this is not about following (yet another) religious system or social sytem. Budhism is not about following (passively or assertively) 'another system', but finding nature's balance within the person. (And that would entail years of shedding one's own identity completely!)
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on March 24, 2000
I recently purchased Osho Zen Tarot cards, each card has its own beauty in it. The cards show in a beautiful way of expressing the inner feelings and the events of today's life. I love the illustrations on each deck of the card, not only does it express the meaning of the card, but everything around it.
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