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on May 15, 2012
Them or Us is the finale in David Moody's Hater trilogy. Hater started off with a bang and never let up, while Dog Blood was a bit slower and more philosophical IMO. Hater for me was an excellent book, with no flaws that I noticed, and one that I recommended over and over. Dog Blood was quite good, but I felt the intensity was off a bit and I felt put off by some aspects of the story (like a 5 year old girl killing full grown adult men with ease).

After dozens of nuclear warheads are used on the major cities and wipe out thousands, if not millions of Unchanged and Haters, the country has turned into an apocalyptic wasteland, where crops won't grow and supplies are scarce. Danny McCoyne makes his way to the sea and winds up in a small coastal town which once was a tourist hotspot, now just a ramshackle bunch of ruins dominated by Haters. In true Darwinian fashion, the strongest Haters are at the top of the food chain and receive the best food and rewards, while the weaker ones, like Danny, sit at the bottom and scavenge whatever scraps they can from their overlords.

Danny's ability to hold his hate attracts the attention of the leader of the community, Hinchcliffe, who turns Danny into a confidant and sends him out on missions he can't trust his fellow alpha-males and females to do, including infiltrating pockets of Unchanged and scouting his nearby Hater rivals.

The book is bleak, stark, and horrific, and paints a picture of a dying civilization. I loved every page. Ultimately, the book basically asks, what happens to the hunters when there is nothing left to hunt? Moody's answer is that the hunters will begin to prey on those weaker than themselves.

If you're looking for a gritty portrayal of the apocalypse in the same vein as Cormac's The Road, look no further. Them or Us is fantastic.
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on January 20, 2012
I love David Moody's books and usually thouroughly enjoy sitting down and devouring each book and come away very, very satisfied.

Unfortunately, I didn't with this one. The third installment of David's "Haters" series, "Them or Us" continues the story of a post-apocaliptic England where a virus has swept the country and the world causing individuals to turn on their friends and family. The virus causes each person to see anyone who is not infected as a potential threat and the need to emliminate each threat no matter who it is.

This book follows the lead character, Danny McCoyne, as he tries to survive in a world where unaffected "humans" are becoming few and far between. So what happens to a bunch of violent killers when there is no more enemy to kill?

Danny spent the first 2 books looking for his infected daughter which gave the reader something to relate to Danny with and want to follow him on his journey through this wasted land. But, "Them or Us" doesn't have that hook to keep you wanting to know what happens next. When the main character has pretty much given up and has absolutely no forward momentum it makes for a hard slow read.

Where David Moody's Autumn series and his first 2 books in the Haters series all snap along at an amazing pace and even in the slower parts, the characters keep you interested, it's just not here for some reason.

For me, it was a bit of a let down but I always tell people, "That's just me" You need to read it for yourself and no matter how I felt about this one book, David Moody is an amazing writer and you really need to pick his books up. They are amazing!
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on July 5, 2012
The concept for this series is really interesting but there isn't a great deal of depth to the books and they are pretty short compared to their cost. If they were compiled into one it would be a book worth purchasing. I'd file this under 'great idea, poor execution'.
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