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on June 17, 2003
I taught "The Pochade Box" and a student picked out "Dead Men's Shoes" from this collection to be taught by both of us. I read this collection originally some years ago and was delighted how much I loved re-reading it this spring. There are many wonderful stories in here.
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on December 5, 2001
This second collection of urban fantasy stories from de Lint's fictional city of Newford is almost as pleasurable as the first. As before, each story can be read and enjoyed on its own, but taken as a whole, they build subtly upon each other, and on stories from Dreams Underfoot, to create a whole portrait of a city that is greater than the sum of its parts. De Lint's lyrical, beautiful prose subtly underplays the magic, making it completely believable that there truly is this greater world beyond the one we ordinarily perceive.
The only reason I give this book four stars rather than five is the apparent influence that author/attorney Andrew Vachss has on this collection. Vachss's work crusading against crimes against children is indeed an admirable goal. However, several stories in a row in The Ivory and the Horn pick up on those themes--one even mentioning Vachss as someone one of the characters has had contact with--and it lends that particular section a samey sort of feeling, as opposed to the variety I prefer to find in short story collections. Individually, the stories are just fine. I simply would have prefered to see them presented in a different order, to keep the recurring themes from feeling so obvious.
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on November 14, 2000
This is always the book I recommend for those who have never read De Lint's work before. These stories show the magic of everyday life and provide inspiration for surmounting difficulties. De Lint is amazing for his ability to write from a woman's one of the previous reviewers, "Bird Bones and Wood Ash" is definitely my favorite story in the collection. Anyone interested in the human condition, whether or not they are fans of fantasy writing, will be drawn in by this collection of stories.
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on September 5, 2000
I haven't read a lot of DeLint's work, but this and his other two collections of short stories I found to be enchanting. I espically like that you find the same charachters in several of the stories, but from different perspectives so you really get to know the charachters. It's realistic in the way that people interact with thier circles of friends and the magical element is refreshing and makes you open your eyes to the world around may find yourself looking for the faries in the park without realising it after reading this book.
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on November 25, 1998
This is the best book that I have ever read. I love the mixture of characters. As with most people, Jilly Coppercorn is my favorite character and I really love reading stories of her. The wishing well is my favorite story in the book. And the one with Coyote (I don't remember what is called). This book is pure magic. I'd suggest it to anyone who loves a good read which delves into fantasy.
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on September 20, 1998
I LOVE this book. From the very first page, I was completely drawn into the world that the author creates. De Lint's charachters-especially the women-are totally believable. His insight into the female mind is almost uncanny. As a woman, I read this book thinking, "Yes, I've felt that," and "Yes-I've done that." I could completely identify with these women. While De Lint deals with some very important issues in his stories, (child abuse, AIDS, the environment) the reader doesn't come away feeling like they've been preached at. The book has a strong emotional impact, but it is never heavy handed or saccharine. More than anything, these stories are beautiful. I was profoundly touched by "Bird Bones and Wood Ash." Once I read it, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I immedeately bought copies of this book to give to my friends, so they could read it too. There is a magic in "The Ivory and the Horn" that made me want to share it with other people. Anyone who has ever loved fairy tales will love Charles De Lint; because in his books, the wonder and the mystery of the Faerie world is interwoven with everyday common existance. That isn't an easy task, but I feel that this author has accomplished it brilliantly.
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on September 11, 1998
This is my favourite book. I had to pause after reading each story, to let it's full meaning and beauty sink into my soul.
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