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on March 20, 2000
What a disappointment! After eagerlay awaiting the first EFC book and having to have it 'hot off the press', after only a few chapters I wondered why I bothered. The author began the story with gusto then became mired in the most boring trivia, going on ad nauseum for over a hundred pages where nothing more happened than Doors slept / tried to find food / got lost / found his way again and had some terrible visions. The inaccuracies with the storyline were a glaring embarrassment. One could have forgiven those errors if the story had been rivetting enough to hold a reader's attention. The only saving grace, I really liked the dust cover. Please Mr. Saberhagen do your homework before you attempt another novel. It makes for excellent bedtime reading ... for an insomniac.
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on March 19, 2002
I have enjoyed catching up with this interesting, though sometimes uneven, series now that SciFi is showing it. Turning to the books in order to flesh out some of the back story, I had high hopes. Unfortunately, after beginning well, this book drowns in repetitious and annoying writing. It's as if Saberhagen said, "Well, I have to write a certain number of pages, so I'll just have the same event occur a few times, modifying it slightly, to fulfill my duty." Of the 300 or so pages, about 50 are worth your time.
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on January 6, 2000
I'm afraid that this novel was very painful reading. The plot flowed slowly, (which would have been okay, if it had only been more substantial,). The dialogue was wooden. The old characters, (e.g. Doors and Da'an,) were written fairly well, but the new ones, such as Jubal and Esther were very poorly portrayed. (With the one exception of Lekren, a Taelon.) Half of the book was spent in Jubal's flashback which, although it revealed necessary information, could have been far shorter than it was.
Buy the paperback if you are a fan of EFC, (since it's the first novel - you know you have to have it, even if it is muck *g*). If you're not, avoid at all costs.
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