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on January 7, 2012
I had started reading Janet Evanovich books when they were recommended from a friend, and I'm totally addicted. The great thing is that you can read any one in the series she started and still know what's happening. You don't have to read them in order, although it gives you more incite that way. Also at the end of each book she doesn't leave you hanging so you don't have to continue on with the series. I love the characters in the book and each of the characters quarkey personalities. Her books are funny and serious and takes on a new look of seeing yourself hitting rock bottom and trying to make yourself and everyone believe that you can make it in being a bounty hunter. I'm now on book three and loving every minuet of it. I cant wait to read more.
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on April 2, 2002
I've already written reviews for these three books individually so I wont repeat myself here....much. Suffice it to say that if you havent read any of the Stephanie Plum books but would like to start, this collection is perfect for you.
In short, ONE FOR THE MONEY & THREE TO GET DEADLY are wonderfully hilarious. The second book, TWO FOR THE DOUGH, is okay but falls short in its humour and action content.
The Stephanie Plum series is in its eight book now and probably will last another eight. Read this collection of the first three books that started the craze.
Before the series goes stale.
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on May 24, 2014
Enjoy Janet Evanovitch's novels immensely. Wanted the first books because I had read some of the later ones.
Now I almost have the complete set.
Great deal and great delivery service from amazon
Thanks very much
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on November 10, 2012
What more can be said! Once you read these books you will be hooked. I lend these books out to friends and make sure to get them back so I can give someone else the pleasure of reading them. Every time I hear there is a new book coming out in the series I get super excited. Lola and grandma Mazur have a way of saying things that has you laughing and thinking I would love to be able to just come up with stuff like that.
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on August 3, 2003
I kept hearing about Janet Evanovich everywhere. On a soap opera message board, book club flyers, talk shows, and everytime I was in a book store, one of her books was on display up front. When I saw the "Three Plums In One" book, I decided to get it and see what all the fuss was about.
Some internet friends said, read the first one and you'll be hooked. I was laughing out loud from the first chapter! Everyone has a somewhat dysfunctional family, and the Plums are no exception. They are a wide variety of personalities and you can't help but be drawn into it. What mess will Stephanie be in next? What will Grandma do/say next? What job will Mom suggest to Stephanie next?
Stephanie tries to just do this first job to help her make rent in a tight spot, but soon it snowballs into taking another case while she works on the first that was harder than she thought. Morelli and Ranger keep popping up to help, or hinder, her efforts, and keep things interesting! This book is a very easy read, and is HARD to put down!! I was laughing so much that my Mom said she wanted to read it after me, she read ALL 3 in a week!! I wasn't that fast, but it kept me busy during the LONG car ride on vacation. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery/suspense or police type books. I am going to read the others ASAP!!
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on July 26, 2001
In 'Three Plums in One' you get the first three books in the Stephanie Plum series, 'One for the Money', 'Two for the Dough' and 'Three to Get Deadly'. Evanovich has created one of the most endearing, hilarious and completely entertaining characters to populate any genre of fiction you could hope to read in your lifetime.
Stephanie Plum is an out-of-work lingerie buyer who falls into bounty hunting through a combination of a family acquaintance and a pressing need for food, shelter and neon shades of makeup. When you think of a Bounty Hunter you think of a smart, cunning, confident law-enforcement type, but after you meet her, you will think "Oxymoron" whenever you hear the phrase "Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter."
Stephanie bungles her way through several fugitive apprehensions, as well as a rocky, quasi-romantic relationship, all the while giving us all the hilarious details in her frank, rambling narrative. Joe Morelli, a Trenton, New Jersey vice cop, plays Tracy to Stephanie's Hepburn, and Evanovich will have you in tears with her talent for writing the sardonic and sarcastic dialogue that takes place between these two.
Each episode has an underlying mystery to solve, but soon after you start reading you will discover that no matter what Stephanie is describing in her narrative, you would happily read along, much in the same way you would listening to a master storyteller describe a root canal.
'Three Plums in One' is a fast, sometimes suspenseful and often (very often) hilarious read. The three novels run together seamlessly, creating a sense of continuity that will have you thinking it was written as one novel, and then divided.
Read this book now. You will not be sorry. And, just for fun, count the cars.
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on March 21, 2002
_One for the Money_:
The first book I read by Janet Evanovich was _Hot Six_, in which I fell in love with all of the characters, and vowed to read the entire series. The first book in that series, _One for the Money_, didn't disappoint.
Stephanie Plum is someone that nearly any woman can easily relate to, thanks to Evanovich's singular ability to make her characters incredibly human. On nearly every page, there is something to make the reader chuckle in appreciation and self-recognition, and the belly laughs are liberally sprinkled in as well. The wit and humor aren't the only draws to this book, as they were with Dave Barry's _Big Trouble_; Evanovich has a good plot, and she develops it well, cultivating suspense and curiosity throughout the story.
As Plum learns How to Be a Bounty Hunter while chasing after a cop charged with murder, she develops very believable relationships with her partner, (Ranger,) the cop she's chasing, (Morelli,) and sundry other people throughout the book. We follow her as she's chased by a sociopathic champion boxer, lives through really bad financial times, rummages for the keys to the car she's "comandeered" from Morelli after he throws them into a
dumpster, deals with her overly-protective mother, and suffers through numerous embarrassing situations that rarely feel too contrived.
A thoroughly enjoyable and quick read that'll keep you turning the pages. Evanovich writes the way I truly wish I could, and I look forward to the rest of the series.
_Two for the Dough_:
Sadly, _Two for the Dough_ lacked the sparkle of the first story in this book others. The belly-laughs were largely missing, as was a compelling plot. The characters are not as lively, and it felt like the whole thing was forced rather than enthusiastically and easily written.
Grandma Mazur plays a larger role in this book, and is generally enjoyable, but the idiosyncracies that were so entertaining in the first book are overdone and feel contrived here. The chemistry between Morelli and Stephanie doesn't sizzle as convincingly in _Two for the Dough_, and Ranger is almost entirely absent.
This book was fairly disappointing, and I found myself wishing it would end much sooner than it actually did. Still, I have high hopes for the remainder of the Evanovich books, though, because she has incredible talent. I just think _Two for the Dough_ was a bit rushed and that she didn't have a lot of passion for it. Hopefully, her spark and humor will return in _Three to Get Deadly_.
_Three to Get Deadly_:
Thankfully, halfway through _Three to Get Deadly_, Evanovich once again found her fantastic wit and seems to regain her footing in the characters. Stephanie's self-deprecating humor and bumbling about learning to be a bounty hunter buoys the luke-warm plot during the first half of the book; there are some laugh-out-loud moments, and a myriad of snorts and chuckles. I really enjoy the character of Stephanie - I see much of myself in her, and a lot of the laughter was from self-recognition in her assorted neuroses and thought processes. The development of Lula's character was a very nice addition to the story as well.
One thing which disgruntled me during the first half of the book was the almost total lack of the spark that Stephanie had in the first two books; her character virtually crackled with life previously, but here it feels more like plodding until the second half of the story. Additionally, in the first two, she was 5'7" and a basically unapologetic 145 pounds - sturdy, and chuckling at how she was really "not fragile." In _Three to Get Deadly_,
she is 125 pounds and fretting about her weight. 5'7" and 125 pounds is not a weight to fret about! Alas. Pleasantly, though, Ranger is much more a part of this story than he was in the second book, and the tension between Stephanie and Morelli picks up steam again in the last quarter of the story.
I'm hoping Evanovich will continue the tradition of vivid characters who continually surprise the reader in the
other books in the series. Grandma Mazur thankfully drops back into the role where she adds a wonderful element to the story, but isn't a driving part of the plot.
I'm glad there are many more already written, so I don't have to wait. If only Patricia Cornwell and JaneT Evanovich could kind of merge into one fabulous writer, we'd have Evanovich's tremendous sense of humor and character, with Cornwell's ability to write a suitably complex and interesting crime plot.
If you're new to Evanovich, _Three Plums in One_ will definitely give you a taste of her style, to let you know if you'll enjoy the series or not. Having the first three volumes compiled together in one handy volume is a nice way to save bookshelf space, too.
If you haven't read the first book in this series, I really recommend picking it up to learn how Stephanie gets into the whole bounty hunter business. Skipping the second book wouldn't leave much of a gap, as important points are mentioned in _Three to Get Deadly_. _Three_ is worth the time to read, though, and I'm looking forward to _Four to Score_.
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on October 27, 2013
I have delighted in all Janet Evanovich's books. I had loaned this first set to someone who never returned it so I was forced to purchase it again to have the complete set. Very funny writing at times.
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on August 11, 2002
This has to be the most enjoyable book I have read this summer. I had never read Evanovich before. I came across this book while strolling through a "Message Board" from Kelly Rippa's book club (Regis and Kelly Show). Someone had mentioned it and I'm so glad that I picked it up.
In all three books there are colorful chartacters starting with Joe Morrelli, Ranger, Grandma Mazur and Lula. Stephanie Plum the main chartacter is a delight to follow as she takes on a new job as a bounty hunter.
I can't say that the series is particularly suspenseful OR that it is not predictable BUT I can promise that you will find yourself pulled in ... and along for the ride. In all three books I found myself laughing out loud ... even in the middle of the night ...and wishing there was someone I could share the storyline with. If you like a fast read, good writing and a lot of laughs ... This is the book for you.
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on January 1, 2003
This series introduces you to the world of Stephanie Plum, how she becomes a bounty hunter,and her family. You have to be pretty desperate to start a dangerous career in which you have no experience but her resiliency and attitude gets her through it. There were times my family heard me laughing out loud at some of the funny portions of the stories. The characters are believable and are introduced into the stories to complete the plot but many of the characters reappear in all of the stories. I liked Ranger, Joe Morelli, and Grandma Mazure. There is adventure, humor, and sexual tension that really make these stories hard to put down. I read all three of these stories in one weekend and it left me wanting more.
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