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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on November 11, 2000
I've always been a huge fan of anthologies, and this is one of the best ones I have ever read.
Kinley MacGregor's Santa Wears Spurs is by far my favorite. The story of a couple parted because of circumstances. Their love for each other is so incredibly well drawn that I actually cried. It was funny, touching and heart wrenching. Oh how I wish Michael was real. What a wonderful hero!
Lori Foster's story was also good, but I have to admit the age gap between the hero and heroine really bothered me, especially since it was a contemporary. it probably bothered me most because I have a daughter close to that age and I know how I would feel if she came home with a guy 10 years her senior. Even so it was nice to see how their love developed, and I really liked Maggie.
Eileen Wilk's was about a debutante wanting to lose her virtue to save herself, but what she ends up saving is the hero.
I'm still reading Dee's, but it's warm and touching too.
Kudos ladies. You did a great job. And I can't wait to get my hands on Kinley and Lori's next books.
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on November 17, 2000
This is the perfect gift for a romance lover who likes a sensuous romance. It gives you a taste of different time periods and the writing is very fresh and the stories will put a smile on your face. These gals know how to turn up the heat!
THE PROPER LOVER by Eileen Wilks
The setting is Sussex, Englnad: l807, and the tale is utterly delightful. Emily Smythe wants to experience sexual love and be ruined. She's tired of her life with her aunt and uncle who don't really want her around and constantly criticize her. Then everything changes when she meets James Edward Charles Drake, Baron Redding, the second son of the Earl of Mere in the woods while she's gather Christmas greens. James is a rake and takes the liberty of kissing his woodland sprite and Emily is in a spin afterward and decides he is the man she wants to take her virginity. What a hoot!
Emily sets out late at night to walk the mile to where James is staying with the outrageous Lord and Lady Debenham in order to seduce him so she won't have to marry the suitors her uncle has picked out for her. All I can say is James meets a woman who is dangerous to this rakedom! This story will have you smiling your face off. There are some memorable scenes! I had a coughing fit laughing.
SANTA WEARS SPURS by Kinley MacGregor
I fell in love with this tale of the Old West. Outlaw Michael O'Connell fell in love with a wonderful girl and then left her. Now five years later he is unknowingly headed back to her as he returns money stolen from an orphanage. The man is handsome as sin and Catherine has never been able to forget him and if she ever sees him again she's going to kill him. What a way to go! No more hints for you. <G> You're going to love this one!
Maggie Carmichael and friend and co-worker, sexy hunk, Eric Braggs are thrown together planning the office Christmas Party. Eric had been entranced by Maggie the first time he saw her at seventeen and he's biding his time until she grows up. Now five years later, she's graduated from college and stepped from boss's daughter to boss after her father's death. Eric had been her father's friend and right-hand man.
Unbeknownst to Eric, Maggie's had a crush on him since the moment she met him too so now that's she's all grown up she sets out to seduce this sexy as sin man and claim him for her own. Deliciously sexy and lots of fun!
When Emily Madden said she'd house sit for her friend she never dreamed her ex-lover, Johnny Cross, would be coming home. He's back and mad as the devil. Something's happened and Emily wants to know what has him so disturbed. Johnny was the one who left her to get out of their small town and his father for a partnership in a construction company. But apparently the flames of love are still there for Johnny and Emily as they almost go up in smoke in this tale of lost and found love.
Every story is wonderful in this delightful anthology. More of the same please ladies!
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on September 18, 2001
ALL I WANT FOR X'MAS promises to be a deliciously scandalous read besides the prurient book cover with four authors to scorch you up with their novellas in this sizzling anthology. Christmas Bonus by Lori Foster wastes no time in subtleties to unite Maggie and Eric, who are co-workers and in secret passion for one another. The romp is outrageously prurient yet tender when they confess their love for each other especially when Maggie is discovered to be an erotica writer. Eileen Wilks crafts the story of Emily fleeing from her Aunt who had plans to marry her off to an undesirable match and her predicaments compels her to surrender herself to the dissolute rake, James Drake - Baron Redding. The humour twisted in the story especially when the overly amorous Lady Debenheim offers herself to James makes the sexually charged story scintillating. Kinley MacGregor fuels the sensuality with outlaw Michael O'Conell returning to his wife, Catherine but his declaration of love is obliterated by the cruel fate of his criminal brother engaging him for a crime spree. Love however surmounts the barrier to grant him a requisition of his lovely wife and daughter. The last story by Dee Holmes finishes with Johnny and Emily facing up to the truth that their love may not be extinguished after all - the bitterness learns to give way to their love. All I want for X'mas is an anthology pumped with unabashed sexuality - if you like the story zinged with flames and passion. A crackling Christmas will be gauranteed along with the gratifying satisfaction from the lovely stories in the anthology.
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on November 12, 2000
All I Want for Christmas is a melange of Christmas stories, contemporary and historical. Lori Foster gets first billing (or is it just alphabetical?) with Dee Holmes, Kinley MacGregor, and Eileen Wilks, rounding out the slate of excellent authors. All of the stories were charming, especially MacGregor's Santa Wears Spurs. This story of a man who is determined to set things right and who rediscovers in the process the woman he has always loved, is heartwarming and poignant, and my favorite of the four. In Eileen Wilks' regency story, The Proper Lover, it's amazing what a kiss can do when a young, innocent woman decides what she needs for Christmas is a rake. Dee Holmes brings a reunion story to the mix, when she forces two people who were once in love to spend the holidays together. And Lori Foster's Christmas Bonus showcases her hot as fireworks writing style. Reunion stories are among my favorites, so I was hooked by MacGregor and Holmes. Wilks' regency was charming. But Foster's heroine was a bit too young for the hero, although those who like her sizzlers won't be disappointed. Still, the best thing about the holidays is tasting all the different goodies, and All I Want for Christmas has something for everyone who loves short stories.
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on December 28, 2003
- "The Proper Lover" by Eileen Wilks
Set in Regency England. Emily, a young lady plans to lose her innocence to James, a charming rogue, so that she doesn't have to marry against her will, but she doesn't expect a night of passion to so thoroughly connect their souls...
- "Santa Wears Spurs" by Kinley MacGregor
Set in the Old West. An outlaw returns to the woman he loved and left behind because he wanted to protect her from his own brother, and finds the best christmas surprise of his life...
- "Christmas Bonus" by Lori Foster
(My favourite!!!) Erin Bragg had been in love with Maggie Carmichael for years. He had been waiting for her to grow up before making a move, but she was his boss now and if he asked her to marry him some might assume he was only doing it to get the company.
- "A Night with Emily" by Dee Holmes
Johnny and Emily were forced to spend Christmas together and they found out that their old flames still burn white-hot...
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on November 11, 2000
Now here is an author to watch. I've always been a fan of short stories, but I recognize the difficulty of telling a full fledged story with fully developed characters in the space of a handful of pages. Yet somehow this author blends in humor, steamy sex, a villain, a believable and heart-wrenching past and a story so satisfying that when I finished it, I didn't dare read the others for fear of how they might pale in comparison. BTW, I will read them, but I'm defintitely going to wait a few days.
The last time I remember a short story touching me this much was the one Lorraine Heath wrote in To Tame A Texan. O'Connell is the same kind of tortured hero with a past he would just as soon forget. I am just so touched by his love and devotion to Catherine. Maybe it touched me so much because the story mirrors my own life. And I have to say that I resent the "too stupid to live" comment about this story. Forgiving my then boyfriend for leaving me (his reason wasn't nearly as good as O'Connell's) and then marrying him a week later was the best thing I ever did in my life. We've now been married for almost 30 years and have survived numerous challenges and raised four wonderful children. I was amazed at how well MacGregor handled the situation and how real the conflicting emotions of them were. Having been there, I know.
I've just ordered everything by Kinley MacGregor and I can't wait to get them.
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on November 9, 2000
ALL I Want for Christmas is an anthology featuring Lori Foster, Dee Holmes, Eileen Wilks and Kinley MacGregor. Santa Wears Spurs by Kinley MacGregor is about a guy who returns to his wife after leaving her five years earlier. This story was the least believable of the four. The woman forgave the guy way too quickly, both of these characters fall in the dreaded Too Stupid to Live category. A Night With Emily by Dee Holmes is about a woman housesitting for an old friend and her old lover shows up unexpectedly. Johnny is not to pleased to see Emily because, he had plans to sit and drink after finding his fiancee with his best friend. This story is good, but too cliched and was wrapped up way too quickly. In The Proper Lover, Emily (another one named Emily) goes to a neighbors house where a renowned rake is spending the weekend hoping to get herself ruined so she wouldnt be forced to marry one of two men picked out by her family. I enjoyed this one, which surprised me because I usually dont like historicals too well. In Christmas Bonus, Maggie wants Eric and Eric wants Maggie, but both feel a little uncomfortable admitting it, since she inherited her fathers' company and became his boss. She asks him to meet her at her place the next day to help with a Christmas party. After she kisses him under the mistletoe she placed over his door, he decides he is tired of waiting. This was the most believable out of the four and my favorite, and the best reason to buy this book.
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on November 9, 2000
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is an anthology with 4 books by authors Lori Foster, Eileen Wilks, Dee Holmes and Kinley MacGregor. All stories in the book are very good. Kinley's book takes place in the old west. An outlaw is determined to right a wrong made by his brother. Imagine his surprise when he meets his wife--a woman he hasn't seen, and for whom he has remained celibate, in 5 years. Eileen Wilks' story takes place in Regency England. A chance encounter with a fresh young miss and a rogue ends with a kiss. The young lady decides a night with the rake will take care of some of her problems. Dee Holmes is the story of second chances. Former lovers are forced to spend the Christmas holidays together and discover each other. All over again. The last book, by Lori Foster, is the story of two people working together in the same company. There has been a mutual attraction but neither was aware of this fact until they started working together to organize the company's Christmas party. Eric was second in command and Emily was the boss' daughter. When the father died suddenly and unexpectedly, Emily picks up the reins of the business and runs. Fortunately, Eric is there to help out when needed. The attraction builds. Sparks fly and snow melts when these two people get together.
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is a wonderful book with 4 top-notch stories by 4 wonderful authors. I would encourage each and every one to run, not walk, to your favorite bookseller and pick up a copy. You won't regret it!
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on November 10, 2000
Forget hot chocolate, forget that crackling fire. All you need is Lori Foster's "Christmas Bonus" to warm you up on a cold winter's night. Whew! This is one hot story. Too bad it was so short. Of course, this is a novella, but I'd have loved to have had another 200 pages of Eric Bragg and Maggie Carmichael.
Unbeknownst to each other, they've both worshipped the other from afar, their age difference being one of the main factors. Now that Maggie is head of her late father's company, Eric continues to keep his distance, unsure of how Maggie would respond to overtures. Would she think him only interested in her now, since her rise to company chief, as a way of gaining control of the business he once thought would be his to control? As for Maggie, did Eric still see her as the bouncy teen-ager, ten years younger than him?
Their secret infatuations with each other remain secret, until Eric discovers Maggie's 'other' career. Then, the sparks fly as Eric decides to take matters into his own hands.
If those long, cold winter days (and nights) have you feeling a bit like hibernating, "Christmas Bonus" is guaranteed to jumpstart your pulse and heat your blood to sizzle.
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on November 11, 2000
I bought this book for Lori Foster, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by all the writers and the stories in it. Lori's was my favorite, but I have to say Kinley MacGregor's came in a close and surprising second. Something remarkabale since I normally despise historicals.
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