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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on July 18, 2008
I was recently coerced into reading this series by a coworker, and though it's not nearly as good as people make it out to be, it is definatly an easy read and well-worth the time.

The author does a good job of portraying Bella as an angsty teen and narrates in a way that keeps readers interested.

The only real problem I have about this series is that in Twilight and New Moon the reader is put in a world where nothing exists but Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Alice and Jacob. The other characters used in the book aren't fleshed out and don't have a history of their own. Most of the time being used to push Bella to one of the fleshed out characters so something interesting can happen.

This is where I find Eclipse starting to fill in the gaps. Within the first half of the book, we're explained Rosalie's history, the Quielutes(sp?) history and Jasper's history. Other people around the couple start getting much more involved with the story, which is a refreshing departure from the problems-with-edward, make-me-a-vampire sections which have filled most of the previous books.

All things said, this is a good read. It's hard to put it down once you've gotten started though, so make sure you have time to read it.
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on February 11, 2013
Fantastic!! Read the entire collection two times. Highly recommend this series. Will pass these books on to my grandaughters.
Good Reading!
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on January 7, 2013
This was a Christmas gift and my girls loved it......Amazon is the place to shop. I received them quickly and never had to climb over people to get the bargains.
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on August 2, 2010
I am not a fan of bashing popular things. In my view, if something is really popular, there's a good reason for that, and even if it is by no means my reason (as is the case here for example), I'd at least give it the benefit of the doubt. I also like figuring stuff out for myself, so when the first Twilight movie was around the corner, I took a deep breath and jumped into the book itself. I was surprised at how "ok" it was. I was expecting either something way better, or something way worse. It wasn't until I learned more about the modern vampire branch of the Urban Fantasy genre that I realized that this series is obviously if not as good as it gets, then pretty darn good considering the competition.

All in all I enjoyed Twilight. Not enough to grab New Moon right after it, but enough to appreciate that there was a reason for the whole madness surrounding the series. Even if the book is not the best literature there is, it still somehow connects to you, makes you care about its characters and the world they live in. Still, I only read New Moon when that movie was around the corner, and even though it was a bit worse than the first one, it was still fine.

But then came Eclipse. In New Moon I had survived Bella's constant whining and spinelessness where her beloved vampire Edward was considered; it was somehow justified, since he had abandoned her and all. Not so in the third installment of Stephenie Meyer's series. There is a certain quality to Bella, which I like to call BLATANT SEXISM. Something one wouldn't expect from a woman author, but something one gets in abundance from Eclipse anyway. In one word - Bella acts like a cow. Easily distracted from what's important by her Edward staring at her, able to forgive him any transgression into her privacy and freedom, constantly reminding us how much she loves him and how she gets epileptic seizures whenever he's away from her... If it were a 300-page book, that would have been tolerable, considering that there's also a lot of world-building and action for a change. However, Eclipse is more than 600 pages long, and when you add lovestruck wolf-boy Jacob in the picture, constantly panting around Bella and asking her to choose him instead of Edward, the soap drama just gets way too effin' much!

See, the problem with this book is that it's about half as big as it should have been, and most of it is comprised of the main characters being annoying as hell. Too much attention is given to trivial details, and even though the plot is supposed to be about the newest plan of deranged vampire Victoria to kill Bella as a revenge for Edward killing her mate James in the first novel, you end up feeling that the most important parts are the ones where Bella whines about how she wants to be turned into a bloodsucker herself so that she can be with her love forever and ever and ever, and how she doesn't want to marry Edward even though she is willing to die for him, because - apparently - she doesn't want to be "that girl", whatever that means.

So, as much as I've been defending the Twilight series over the years, I have to say that Eclipse was plain bad. It just drones on and on, and if you are not a girl, imagining Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner shirtless while reading, it simply doesn't work. There is a decent world-building part, and the action scene in the end is by far the best in the series so far. And it still isn't enough to drown all the whining and lip-biting. I have the tentative hope that the movie will be better, because it seems to focus more on the action, but I still don't think I'll be reading Breaking Dawn before it hits the big screen.


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on August 14, 2009
I just had to get this off my chest.
The last few chapters of Eclipse have entirely ruined the Twilight Saga for me. Bella kisses Jacob back? Shes in love with him? She craves a different set of arms besides Edwards? What the hell is this?! I've never gonna be able to enjoy Twilight and New Moon the way I did the first time I read them because now I know the whole things a sham.
I think the main reason that fans are so obsessed with these novels is because they love the idea that two people can be so passionate about one another to the point where it seems as though they were truly made for the other person. All of that goes out the window once Bella admits shes in love with Jacob; it compromises everything that shes said to Edward about him being the reason for her entire existence. This story is no longer about two people who love each other with every last ounce of their being.
The scales have been tipped dramatically, in my opinion; Edward and Bella do not love each other equally. It's obvious that Edward is telling the truth when he says that he wants nothing more in life than Bella. But now we know that this is not the case for Bella. She can't give herself to Edward completely, because part of her heart belongs to Jacob. Shes extremely reticent to get married to Edward, which she claims is only because she hates the idea of being married at such a young age, but if she truly loved Edward the way that he loves her, she wouldn't care what anyone else thought.
I can't read these novels anymore without feeling sorry for Edward, and being completely dissapointed with Bella. Every time that Bella says something to the effect of 'you're my life' or anything regarding how much she loves him I can't help but think that her love for Edward shrinks each time while the part that loves Jacob grows ('smaller, but getting louder and angrier every minute, screaming at the rest of me'). The romance in this saga is gone for me. The absolute, unconditional, timeless love that we all thought existed between these two is not what it seemed, and therefore these novels are not what they seemed.
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on March 4, 2009
....And yet, the "heroine" Bella is content to be passed back and forth like a doll between Edward, Jake, Alice, Charlie, and anyone else willing to babysit her. She is one of the weakest-willed, most utterly uninteresting main characters I've come across- not to mention hypocritical. I honestly don't get what they all see in her...she has no interests or dreams in life outside of being with Edward. Grow up Bella, you spoiled brat!

Both Edward's and Jacob's characters took turns for the worse in this book, which were big mistakes on Stephenie Meyer's part. The Jacob of the first two books would not have kissed Bella against her will, so that scene was surprisingly out of character. (I'm going to forget it happened, because to me, Jake made the 2nd book worth reading.)

Edward struck me as controlling and patronizing, traits which I for one would neither tolerate, nor be attracted to. Stephenie Meyer seems to think that being impossibly beautiful makes that okay. Edward improved a lot towards the end of the book, but were we supposed to be okay with his being such a control freak?

Anyway, I'm still excited to read the fourth book in this series. I hope the author actually knows what she's doing, rather than letting all the potential dissolve into yet another teenage angst-a-thon.
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on August 30, 2008
There really was no saving point in this book. Bella was as annoying as ever. We were supposed to feel sad for her, yet there wasn't a moment where I didn't wish she would be killed just so the story could move onto someone more interesting.

Jacob, who was the only saving point of the last book 'New Moon', spiraled down into a jerk by physically forcing himself on Bella (twice) and then having the nerve to stand back for a bellowing laugh. I suppose it was lucky that his sexual assault didn't borderline anywhere near rape, yet what really irritates me the most is that Bella's reaction to his assualt was played off comically by both Jacob and her father Charlie. WTF?

This isn't even the start of Eclipse's problems. Then there's Edward, who literally kidnaps the poor girl and holds her hostage in the start of the book, which made me wonder if Bella knew exactly the type of relationship she was in.

I know, I know, he loves her and wanted to protect her, but damn, when I was reading the entire thing from her perspective, it felt like I was watching a horror flick with an obsessed and mentally disturbed stalker instead. Luckily, that kind of over reaction didn't last because Edward was a bit more tolerable here for the rest of the book. He actually seemed to have somewhat matured from the previous book, but again, like in the past, his constant need to cradle or hold Bella's face to tell her how perfect she was became pretty annoying as well.

Even the ultimate alliance between the Werewolves and the Vampires didn't interest me. There was nothing in there that was remotely intriguing, especially since most of their allied battle was told to us off-screen, which is a complete shame because I was looking forward to that the most.

However, the biggest gripe I have about this series is how everything, including the sun and moon, seems to revolve around Bella. As close to a definition of a Mary Sue if I've ever seen one in a long while. Between the hundreds of growls that every character seemed to make in this book, I found myself lowering my IQ just to tolerate the characters and the story.

Why were all these 100+ year old vampires so dumb? The big twist where Bella figures out the connection between Victoria, the newborns, and Seattle was plainly obvious. In fact, after Jasper explained the entire newborn story, I thought that everyone assumed that Victoria was behind this. Imagine my surprise when it's BELLA who's friggin' telling all these smarter, faster, and experienced vampires that there might be a connection. The fact that they found this revelation surprising was what that baffled me.

This was not the only example: The twist of the final battle itself where Victoria used the newborns as a distraction seemed like a big deal to all the characters, even to the great military expert Jasper, but it was just as something that was so obvious and predictable that I felt like I was personally dealing with idiots. The entire thing just made me want to scream. AGH!

The only characters that I found that I could truly tolerate in moderation were the secondary characters - Charlie, Billy, Sam, etc. The stories that both Jasper and Billy's relatives told about their pasts were the only parts where I enjoyed the book. The conflicted romance, and even the danger that surfaced in this book, were laughably bad. I can only shake my head at anyone who thinks this is good writing. Perhaps as a way to fill some time, but other than that, it's a pass for me completely.

Sorry Stephenie Meyer.

1 out of 5.
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on December 26, 2007
I felt that this book was really cheesy, and that the author completely trapped herself for the next book. First off, you know quite near the beginning of the book that to vampires and the werewolves will have to "join together to defeat the enemy". Right when Bella finds out that the vampires were just about to catch Victoria, but their rivalry got in the way. Its just so, "we must stand together to succeed". It wasn't that bad when they actually did join forces, but you still got the feeling that that was the underlying tone. Also, I feel that Stephenie Meyer really trapped herself for the next book. The only solution that I would like would be for Edward to die, but I don't think anyone else would like that. There really is no good ending for the series that I can think of now. Also, Bella's "great discovery" that the vampire in her room, the killings in Seattle, and Victoria were all linked, was sadly obvious. The plot was quite simple, made more complicated by Bella's relationship with Jacob and Edward, but that just caused people to either hate Jacob, or hate Edward.
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on September 4, 2007
i'm begining to get really annoyed with the heroine.

i loved twlight, it got me into reading after going through something of a slump in that department. the characters were all interesting and the story was one we all know (if you're into the vampire romance scene) but given a fresh spin so that your interested. the second book was not as good as the first, but still had a good story and though bella was beginning to get on my nerves a bit, i could deal with it, though a lot of her flaws were illustrated and brought to light in that one. don't get me wrong, i love flawed characters, i just recently finished breakfast of champions by vonnegut, is there one character in that book that isn't flawed? but that doesn't matter because their flaws are made known to the reader... and i guess celebrated for what they are in a way. in this instance, it seems like no one in the book can see bellas flaws, she is the 'ultimate possesion' everyone either wants her or hates her because others want her, because she is of course the ultimate, and therefore has no flaws (by the by, i'm being sarcastic, but in the best way possible), and because her flaws were not recognized, they were glaringly apparent, and extreemly annoying. but still the story kept my interest and was in no way a disapointment as a whole.

now in the third book, she's getting on my nerves. firstly, right off the bat, one of the main parts in this installment of the series is bella's relationship with jacob black. now, if i were to start reading the series now, i would be able to accept their relationship as it is, but having read a supposed 'history', where did this relationship come from? in the last book bella spent a week or two with jacob and only searched him out ever so that she could escape her problems and maybe get closer to what she percieved as 'edward', and then all of a sudden no one knows jacob like her? give me a break! that would make more sense if they had some sort of history before twilight, which they do, but she said that she barely remembered him the first time they met in book 1, and even then she used him to her own ends. so in my opinion, that relationship, at least on her side, doesn't make sense or doesn't really resonate with me as a deep and meaningful relationship that would inerfere with her relationship with edward, but she somehow makes it, which makes you wonder the level of her commitment to him. speaking of that, sometimes in this book i didn't really feel bella's connection with edward was something 'real'. its ok that bella's relationships with other people are weak in a romance, so long as she has a strong relationship with her lover. and she doesn't have a strong connection with anybody, except edward, and thats fine, its a romance, no one else is supposed to be connected. but somewhere in the third book we have bella pushing edward away? i mean she isn't supposed to cling to him (never that), but she starts resenting his feelings. she gets her back up that one time, in the entire series, that he makes a request of her, that is for her own benefit. but she wines to him every night to stay with her while she's sleeping.

i guess my problem is that it seems bella is extreemly selfish and expects people to what she says without really reciprocating. in fact shes quite passive throughout the entire series, surprisingly. there is alot of things happening, so you almost miss it with all of the action, but the action is happening around her or because of her, but she never takes an active role, and yet she's so selfish and demanding. thats what bugs me. (and it took a whole three books to figure it out).

alright, my big schpeal out of the way, bella and her interactions with the other characters was the only thing i didn't like about this series. if she had been removed from it i think i would have loved this series and would have been damanding more. i have been reading that there will be another book with edward narrating this time, maybe that will be better, but then again... am i willing to risk the time and possibly money?
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on January 6, 2012
I had originally read the paperbacks, but received the box set as a gift. I love the story, so I'll definitely be reading them over, and over again. Perfect for any Twihard:)
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