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on May 11, 2004
Just because one is an expert at a given subject does not mean they make the best person to teach it. Aaron Hillegass is in a group of those few rare individuals who knows the subject and can help the reader to better understand it. His book is a well written and thought out tutorial that has been tested and refined by actual teaching conditions. If you haven't had the pleasure of attending Big Nerd Ranch then this is the next best thing. Don't think about it...just buy the book!
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on May 4, 2004
I had the pleasure to attend the April 2004 Cocoa programming class at the Big Nerd Ranch. We used a looseleaf version of the final proofs of the 2nd edition of "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X". Short summary: Excellent.
I have the first edition of the book, so let me summarize some changes:
The book uses Xcode. Cocoa bindings are covered, including key value coding and key value observing. The document architecture is introduced early, and this is coupled to an early discussion of implementing undo. Topics are developed logically and incrementally. The discussion on Java has been dropped, while class notes on OpenGL have been moved into the book.
An early example has been simplified to flatten out the learning curve in the first part of the book. Code examples that are developed in stages now show the new lines of code in BOLD, a vast improvement when you're typing it in.
This book has been refined systematically based on feedback from real students at the BNR classes. This attention to detail really shows.
I recommend the book very highly. My only suggestion would be to use Apples "Objective C Programming Lanaguage" or "Programming in Objective C" (Steve Kochan) as an adjunct to this book if you need a slower introduciton to Objective C.
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on June 5, 2004
When I first learned C (ten years ago) I learned from a book (which no longer published). In a year's time that book was dog-eared and ragged I referenced it so much. While I just received Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (2nd Edition) last week, I think my copy will suffer a similar fate.
This book is well-written, clean and lean. The approach to the subject is right on subject without a lot of fluff. If you want to learn Cocoa, this is the book.
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on August 19, 2010
Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X is one of the best hands on approach learning book I have read. How to instructions are clear. The several simple software projects are carefully chosen to cover a wide range of topics without redundancy. When deep explanations are missing, (this book has only 433 pages) it is possible to complete using Xcode searches in online documentation. A great introduction to Cocoa.
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on February 12, 2012
a terrific intro to objective-c..very clearly written and if followed closely section by section you will feel quite confident of your new abilities when you finish ..this can be a complicated process but the exercises Steve has chosen put each new topic in perspective...very well done !! the stuff is 'hard but you are not stupid'.....
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on July 16, 2004
ransom22's review pretty much says it all. I've since supplemented this book with some of the O'Reilly books, and I'm awaiting delivery of Scott Anguish's "Cocoa Programming", but this is an excellent book with which to start the journey into Cocoa.
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on April 30, 2011
I had previously bought "Learn Cocoa on the Mac" from Apress. This book was much better for seeing how everything fits together.
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on February 16, 2008
Though this book is clearly written and covers a broad range of introductory topics it fails and irritates in two areas.

1. It doesn't cover OO programming techniques. A new programer to OO will find the text confusing and possibly frustrating. C++ introductory books tend to have the same issue. I would recommend Design Patterns by Erich Gamma et. al to help with understanding how OO Design works.

2. The text is easy to read, but there are these sections that are patronising and unnecessary. The section on page 8 "How To Learn" and another page 55 on the morals of Lotteries just make me want to burn the book in defiance. I'm not interested in political comment in a programming book. Programming will not save the world!

I've also found that this book is too focused on screenshots and the XCODE 2.0 IDE, which means that it's dated and difficult if you are learning on XCODE 3.0

I've found "Programming in Objective-C" much better and this tied with Design Patterns book will get a new person up to speed quicker.
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on December 24, 2005
This book has been said to be the definitive book for introduction to Cocoa development. I don't dispute this fact, however it's not the only good book on the topic. If you don't have any existing books, I'd highly recommend it.
I read "Learning Cocoa with Objective-C" (O'Reilly & Associates) prior to this and there isn't much difference between the two as far as content goes.
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on January 6, 2016
Its not so relevant in 2015 , keep that in mind.
Technology moves quickly.
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