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on June 23, 2017
Filled with adventure a girl mnamed Anika was left in a church when she was a baby. She was found by two house keepers and lived with them for a long time until... A woman come and claimes thatt Anika is her daughter.
Befor Anika's Mom came she helped an elderly lady who had lots of julery. When the old lady died the Julery was ment to go to Anika but it didn't...

You should defintly read this book because it is a page turner.
You willlove this book.
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on March 16, 2007
Star of Kazan

Do you like a book with suspense, trickery and friendship? Well, Star of Kazan is right for you because it involves a sneaky imposter, a kind orphan and one special jewel. Star of Kazan is a story about an orphan girl, Annika who was found by two women when she was an infant. She was raised by the two ladies and three professors. One day she is paid by a rich and snobbish girl named Loremarie Egghart to spend time with her grandma. Annika soon befriends Loremarie's grandma; when she dies Annika gets her most precious jewel. A couple days later the professors tell Annika that a woman is here to visit her. The woman embraces Annika tells her that she is her mother and that she is to go home with her. Annika is very happy that she has a beautiful mother and that she can go live with her. Is living in a dark and gloomy house with her mother better than living with the women and professors she has known all her life?

There are four main characters in the story, and each a have a special trait. Annika is an orphan girl who is very friendly to the young and old. She is very kind and positive. Ellie and Sigrid are the two women who are servants for the three professors, they have hearts of gold. They are kind and caring guardians for Annika. The three professors are Julius, Emil and Gertrude. They are very mature and contained. They know many things and are very wise and smart. Eldetraut is Annika's mother. She is very cunning and is good at tricking people. She is also very intelligent and she is exceptionally greedy.

The main settings are Vienna, the professors' warm and welcoming house and Loremarie's grandma's house. Eldetraut's house is gloomy, dark and the surroundings send an icy shiver up your spine. It is dreary place to live in and the people who live there seem depressed.

The themes in Star of Kazan are friendship, suspense and trickery. For example Annika has a lot of friends who are supporting and caring. Another reason is suspense because almost after every chapter it has a cliff hanger. Also it always keeps you guessing. It has the theme trickery because it involves with an imposter.

Eva Ibbotson is the great author who wrote Star of Kazan in a third person. Eva Ibbotson describes things very well. At every chapter there that is a cliffhanger. She also makes everything suspenseful. She always makes you want to read on because you are always guessing what is going to happen next. At the end of the book there is twist and you can't believe that it really happened.

I highly recommend Star of Kazan for a 10 year old who wants to read a superb book. It makes you want to read on because when something big happens it always stops at a cliffhanger. Another reason I highly recommend this book is because Eva Ibbotson is a great writer and she describes things so well that feel you are right at the moment. Star of Kazan always keeps you guessing and you have no idea what is going to happen next. I guaranty Star of Kazan will keep you reading all the time. It also has great plot and a great description of settings and characters. So next time you go to a book store or the public library, go get Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson because you'll definitely love this book.
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on August 21, 2004
"The Star of Kazan," is without doubt the best childrens story ever told, in this woman's opinion! My child loved it...and so did I!!! You and your children will love it too. I promise! The characters are very entertaining and the plot was the absolute best!
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on November 17, 2006
This was an amazing book I read at age ten. I absolutly loved it! Because it was so long ago I hardly remember what happens. I think it was about this named Annika who had been found on a mountain in a church when she was a baby

by two women? Anyways, as far as I remember, the had been living a happy life until oneday when a woman claiming to be her birth mother came and took her away.

Because Annika had always dreamed of finding her mother she goes with the woman and a plot follows.

Yeah so i can't really remember what happens but anyways I really enjoyed it the book,
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