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You will find some of the most interesting personal questions you have ever read in this book. You can use the questions in several ways: to amuse yourself; to stimulate even more intriguing questions; to grow closer to those you care about; and to ask others you know less well the same questions as a way to become acquainted. As a result, you should find your dinner table conversation much enlivened! As the authors say, " . . . This book was designed to make your conversations more creative, interesting and exciting."
The questions are in no particular order, and you can browse or go through from 1-320 in numerical order.
Here are a few of my favorites (with their numerical order noted in parentheses):
(320) "If you could add any question to this book, what would it be?"
(70) "If you could change the custom of shaking hands, what would you replace it with?"
(131) "If you had to choose your own epitaph of seven words or less (besides name and dates), what would it be?"
(181) "What bit of knowledge/advice do you have that you wish you could pass on to everyone else?"
(184) "What fear do you most want to be rid of forever?"
(213) "What is something that you enjoy that is a chore for most other people?"
(215) "What world record would you most want to establish?"
(273) "What is one of the simple pleasures of life you truly enjoy?"
In a group setting (perhaps like in a parlor game), you are encouraged to give everyone 60 seconds to answer before going on to the next person, unless the people involved want more or less time. The authors suggest that if you don't know what the answer is, you should imagine what the answer might be if you knew and be as creative as possible. If you get onto a subject you love, you can just stay on it. You don't have to go on to another question.
I think these are great stallbusting questions because they can make you aware of your complacency. If there are things you love, and you are not doing them, what's wrong? The epitaph question is a good start on considering your life's purpose. Are you living it? If you have a terrible fear you want to get rid of, what are you doing about it? As I went through the questions, I saw direct or indirect attacks on over 35 stalls that drain joy and accomplishment from life.
I suspect that you will get more good out of this book if you do the more stimulating questions with someone you love. That can be a great way to draw you closer together. In a way, this can be like some of the exercises in Relationship Rescue. In that book, you are encouraged to answer the questions first for yourself, then as you think the other person will answer them. Then you compare actual results, and discuss what it all means.
Enjoy getting to know yourself and others much better! BE SURE TO ACT ON WHAT YOU LEARN!
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on October 3, 1997
Are you ready to have some fun? The Conversation Piece is just that - a book of thought provoking prompts to start wonderfully original and long-lasting conversations. It's more fun than any board game and it will bring you closer to yourself and those with whom you read it.

I picked up this book last summer after spending four FANTASTIC hours reading it with three close friends around a campfire. Someone pulled out this little book as we sat there in silence, aimlessly watching the flames, and immediately the air was filled with (in addition to the smoke) brilliant thoughts and colorful stories!

We ended up spending more than four hours reading through only the first few pages . . . each "prompt" became a lead-in to thoughts and opinions we may not otherwise have discussed.

I recommend this book to EVERYONE between the ages of five and one hundred and five. You won't regret this purchase, and Amazon happens to have it at the lowest price I've seen. Don't miss out!
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on March 12, 1999
I loved this book. As a spublis speaker, I've placed my copy permanently in my briefcase, where I used it frequently as openers for my engagements. The questions are fabulous, and there's something in it for everyone. As the intro states, the authors specifically avoid any questions involving religious or political opinions, so any random question is sure to appease all. I also use it when friends come for's great fun. I also pull it out for long trips in the car with others. And I think it would be a real kick to add a question on your answering machine ('leave your name, your number and the one word or phrase you wish people would say more often')....simply put, I love it.
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on March 17, 1998
My decision to buy 'The Conversation Piece' was swayed by the previous review that I had read which described the book in such glowing terms. However, after having received this book, I couldn't have been more disappointed. I was expecting to find clever conversation pieces that I could apply in talking with others. What I got was a little book containing many useless questions such as "In your opinion, which animal is the most beautiful?" and "What's the longest line you've ever stood in?" These 'conversation pieces' have very low applicability in 'real' conversation.
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I recommend this book to anyone who wants ideas for conversation with friends, family, lovers, co-workers. The questions in this book help you to discover things about people which you may never have an occasion to talk about in the course of everyday interaction. I learned amazing things about people I am VERY close to which helped to enhance and enrich our communication and understanding of one another. It is worth every penny!!! A FANTASTIC gift for ANYONE!!!
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on July 10, 1998
Bret's and Paul's book is a must buy for every household. I strongly recommend this book to initiate conversation whenever needed. For example, we took the book with us on a long trip in the car and kept the kids entertained for hours on end. My daughter also used this book at her birthday party as a party game. I have also heard a famous Chicago WGN radio djay use this book once a week as part of his regular show.
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on May 16, 2001
Sorry, but I bought this book because I love the "if" books and I thought this would be cool too. Basically it's a pretty lame imitation of those books. Yes there are some good questions, but most of them are pretty standard. And it seems sometimes like the writers treat you like a little kid. Shoulda saved my money.
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on January 4, 2002
Excellent questions for meeting people. Some other questions books have questions that are much too intimate. This book is excellent for breaking the ice. And the questions are good for people you know already.
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on June 15, 1998
not very "thought-provoking" as the book claims, just get Gregory Stock's Book of Question's instead if you ARE looking for a true "conversation piece"..
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