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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on January 21, 2004
Miss the series? Collins serves up a generous helping of backstory to the Max Guevara we've all come to know and love. The story expands on the small details that are already known: we are pulled along through the harrowing X5 breakout from Manticore, up through Max's first contacts with the "normal" world and right on up to the catastrophic Pulse that brings the United States down to Third World status. Much of the story deals with Max honing her craft as a professional thief on the mean streets of post-Pulse Los Angeles. Circumstance and a possible lead on an X5 "sibling" send her north into Seattle, and we are treated to the tale of how she met Original Cindy, how she moved in with Kendra, how she started with Jam Pony, where she first heard of Eyes Only, and even the spiritual importance of the Space Needle to Max's "meditations." Logan Cale features prominently as well, in some wonderful foreshadowing scenes. Original characters include fellow X5 "Seth" and Russian gangster-cum-art dealer Kafelnikov, and for fans who've missed the first season's villain Donald Lydecker, there's plenty of him in this novel, too.
The novel, being more or less unrestricted in its scope and direction, allows the reader to dive more fully into the gritty near-future of post-Pulse America -the language is coarser and more realistic than the cleaned-up television dialogue. Instead of having to hear characters remind viewers that "the world went and got a lot nastier," we are able to actually immerse ourselves in it; much more thought-provoking, particularly if you're prone to playing the "what would YOU do?" speculation game. In all ways an excellent lead-in to the events of the series pilot. An easy read, full of familiar characters, very satisfying conclusion.
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on April 22, 2003
Decent book for a prequel anyway. I enjoyed it. Can't wait to read the other DA books that follow the series finale. I miss the show quite a bit. I read the other reviews and someone said Max's leaving line was "gotta bounce" and No, it wasn't. ON THE SHOW Max often said, "GOTTA BLAZE". I am 100% positive of that. I've read episode scripts and stuff and it is most definitely BLAZE. So, the writer got it correct. On the show, when Max met Joshua she'd say "Gotta blaze", and he picked that up from her because as she was leaving Manticore just before the building blew up, Joshua told her, "You blaze".
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on January 5, 2003
OMG! I loved Dark Angel when it was on TV. I'm really upset at Fox, and so are thousands of DA fans when they cancelled the show last May. I especially thought Max, and Logan were the best. But thank gawd for Cedco for the DA Calendar, Artemis Records for the Soundtrack, and now Max Collins for keeping the DA fans still happy. This book is awesome and after I read the first page I knew the rest would be good. Oh, I can't wait for other books on DA and, if there were such a miracle, that DA Fans would all join together and get Fox to put the show back on!
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on October 18, 2002
If you're a fan of Dark Angel fan fiction, you'll like this book a lot. Max Allan Collins did a pretty good job of keeping with the overall Dark Angel theme, and the story is pretty good. It can be a little corny, and there are a few editing errors, but if you like Dark Angel I would recommend it.
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