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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Anne Rice revamped the vampire-horror genre with the publication of "Interview with the Vampire," a supernational drama from the vampire's own mouth. It became an unexpected hit, and spawned a series of sequels that came to be known as the Vampire Chronicles. The first three books of the series are compiled here, and arguably remain her best.

"Interview With the Vampire" is the story of Louis, a grieving young widower and plantation owner, whose life is turned upside down when he meets the charming vampire Lestat. Lestat offers him a way out: become a vampire. Louis accepts, but once it's done, he finds that vampirism is more than he bargained for -- especially for his conscience.

"The Vampire Lestat" takes a totally different tack, showing us the world through the enigmatic, charming Lestat's eyes. After years of dormancy, Lestat wakes up in time for the early MTV years of the 1980s, becoming a rock star in the tradition of Ozzy and Black Sabbath. And like Louis, Lestat relates his long life's story -- how he became a vampire, his wanderings over the earth, and his investigations into the origins of vampirism itself...

"Queen of the Damned" builds on that research. Lestat's metal music has caused quite a bit of mayhem -- but not this much before: Akasha, Egyptian queen and mother of all vampires, has reawoken from her comalike sleep. The lesser vampires are having strange dreams, some are being murdered by the ruthless queen. Apparently she wants to kill virtually all men. What is more, Akasha has taken a shine to the roguish Lestat himself...

Vampiric autobiography is a given in Anne Rice's bibliography -- she has plenty of bloodsuckers telling us about their lives. But Lestat and Louis's were not just the first ones, but perhaps the most compelling and rich, especially since the two had such radically different viewpoints -- including of one another. Is Lestat a heartless fiend, or a roguish good-craving bad boy? I'd lean towards the latter, to be honest.

The first two books are quite personal -- one is Louis recounting his own miserable life and un-life. Then we get Lestat, a radically different viewpoint, a guy who enjoys his un-life even more than his mortal existance. Finally, there's an epic view of all vampires, throughout history, from the ancient Egyptian queen to the modern biker vamps.

Despite the more controversial recent novels, Anne Rice's first Vampire Chronicles are often reckoned to be modern horror classics. Rich, intriguing and far deeper than you'd think vampire fiction would be.
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on April 1, 2000
I have read all of her books and found the Vampire Chronicles to be her very best work. I had a hard time setting them down and wish there were more to read. I urge everyone to give them a try. Most definitely better than the movie!
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on January 10, 1999
Progressively difficult to finish. Devoured the first book in a day, never finished the third (I got bored). Very enchanting back-drops and great character development. Will cause nightmares in the sensitive reader.
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on April 19, 1998
I like it because I'm fond of reading vampire or mysterious stories. Watch the movie and read the book, you'll find Antonio too ugly to be Armand and know alot more details
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on May 15, 2016
They are exceptionally well written and certainly maintain a high degree of interest as each of the vampires life stories unfold. I have most certainly enjoyed all of them.
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on February 19, 1998
The books were very good.I have read the Interview with the Vampire,and the Lestat the Vampire.The history-what you wrote-was very intresting.I belive in Vampires-because of your books and the film.I want to be a Vampire.
I have read the Dracula by Bram Stoker but
that wasn 't intresting as your book.
Have a good luck,in your life.
Good bye:
Sánta Szilvia,from Szentes,Hungary.

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on March 1, 2015
Good book!
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