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on July 14, 2005
Upon reading Tsubasa, I thought I'd dislike xxxHolic since they are supposed to be somewhat related but independent stories at the same time, plus they are both created by CLAMP.
I did not enjoy Tsubasa and decided to trade my copy in for xxxholic, and boy am I glad I did! This is a wonderfully witty manga. There are many things where you'll chuckle at, but other times, you'll gasp at how true to life some things Yuko says are.
Basically, this is about a boy named Watanuki who somehow ends up working for Yuko, a witch, but not quite willingly. Yuko runs a very unique "shop". I can't say much more about the story before I go and give away the plot. There are some cultural jokes and cameos from previous CLAMP work (when I say cameo, please take it lightly, i.e., the may show a photo of a previous character).
The artwork is very unique as well, and a little bit different from the usual CLAMP style.
Even if you did not like Tsubasa, it definitely does NOT mean you won't like xxxHolic.
I highly recommend this to anyone who prefers witty stories.
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on June 29, 2004
CLAMP never, ever ceases to amaze me. How they can just crank out these amazing books is just...amazing! And trust me, this book is no exception.
xxxHOLiC is a masterpiece. As you've probably already read, it's about a boy, Watanuki Kimihiro, who is haunted by ghosts and spirits. The beautiful witch Yuko says she'll get rid of them-for a price. So he becomes her servant/worker, and gets to see all of Yuko's crazy customers.
This is not like Cardcaptor Sakura, in that you can't just read the book and understand it. You'll have to read some things twice, and really think about some of the things before you get them. It's not a chore though, it's fun.
The art is absolutely stunning. It has a slightly gothic twist, which just makes it more interesting.
When I first read the summary of this book, I was a little put off, because frankly, I am a fan of girly mangas, so it didn't sound all that appealing. But I was so wrong. This is a book not to be missed.
One of the other cool things, is that if you're familiar with CLAMP's work, you'll notice a lot of little things throughtout the book from things like Cardcaptor Sakura, etc. It's fun to look for :D And this book crosses over with Tsubasa:RESERvoir Chronicle, which is CCS in an alternate dimension :D
Plus, Del Rey publishing has included these cool extras in the back of the book! All in all, xxxHOLiC is NOT TO BE MISSED!
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on June 13, 2004
The plot and dialogue is pretty good in XXXholic, it's interesting, creative, and ends in a great cliff hanger.
The problem is that often the art is good (same as other CLAMP stories) but there are too many details crowded together. The makes it hard to discern some pictures. However, when the story moves to simple settings it's much nicer.
I'd actually only rate this 3 1/2 stars (and round it to 3) because sometimes I wonder where CLAMP is going with this, but I added 1/2 a star because I *wuv* Del Rey publishing! They've got some useful extras at the end of the books, like explaining Japanese culture and honorifics and even a sneak preview of the next book (albeit it's in Japanese. -.-)
You probably realize from reading other reviews that this is a crossover of a lot of CLAMP books, but you don't need to read any of them to get the story. This is because they use Clamp characters (namely from Card Captor Sakura) but they're characters in an alternate reality, which you can read more of in Tsubasa. They cross-over part you don't get until the end anyway.
Appropriatness: don't worry parents. The worst you have here is mild swearing, no four letter words. How ever, we're comparing it to G-rated Card Captor Sakura.
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on June 7, 2004
How these ladies can keep cranking these books out like sausage without them feeling like they were cranked out like sausage is beyond me. Dont' struggle, just accept. This is another fabulous book.
This book is a collection of Twilight Zone style short stories, with our well-endowed witch Yuki and our petulant schoolboy Watanuki as our unifying characters.
For those of you new to CLAMP, let me take you through the CLAMP checklist: Beautiful artwork -- check. Beautiful costumes -- check. Interesting characters -- heh, an understatement. A moral lurking just at the edges of the plot -- check. A plot that takes at least two books to develop -- check (you were not in a hurry, I hope). A plot and/or characters that are ever so slightly...bent -- oh yeah.
Don't worry. If you read any of CLAMP's work fast enough and without any serious thought it won't ruffle your PG-13 sensibilities. It's just when you start to think about the issues that seemed like they were on the margins of the story that you realize what the story was *really* about.
Ant THAT, for me, is what makes CLAMP such a damn fine read.
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on June 5, 2004
This is an awesome manga from the amazing Clamp team. Forming a parallel story with another now project, Tsubasa, XXX Holic is easily the better of the two works. While readers may find themselves bogged down in the sheer amount of detail in Tsubasa, XXX Holic has just the right mixture of gorgeous art and simplicity to be captivating (and decipherable)
The story follows the character of Watanuki, who is cursed by his blood to see spirits, from malevolent to mildly irritating. Yuko owns a shop that sells the realization of people's wishes...for a price. Fate leads Watanuki to her store, seeking -- without knowing it-- a way to stop seeing ghosts. In payment, he is forced to do menial labour for the lazy Yuko... which often leads to adventures, both amusing and sobering, dealing with customers to the store. ((These events may include a red metal baseball bat--cum--executioner's sword, a laptop computer, fin sake, and a ring to ward off bad habits!))
XXX holic is a wonderful manga, written more as a selection of short stories of various customers, with only a few hints to a larger plot as yet -- a plot that is more clearly outlined in Tsubasa. It's great for light reading, and fans of Clamp's other works will have a field day pointing out characters and elements appearing in the manga that are derived from other series. Definately a must read for any manga fan.
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on May 18, 2004
I have only been a medicore fan of CLAMP ever since I had first heard of them. That having been said, I was truly impressed with this manga. I was skeptical of anything with XXX in the front of it, however, the recomendations forced to me try reading it and i was not disappointed!
Yuko, the witch, is among my favorite female characters because she not only has a well-developed character but has a creepy, occult streak a mile long. The situations of Yuko's clients are common happening yet have a hauntingly true to life reasoning behind thier severity and how easily it is to fall into these "habits" as her clients did.
No action sceens, but they are not truly needed. And I am a great fan of action. It was so alluring, my thumb print is embeded in the pages i've read it so many times! Any fan of thought-provoking manga owes it to themselves to at least try this series.
The power of CLAMP compelles you!
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on May 1, 2004
A great manga with humor but no set plot.
Watanuki Kimihiro has been haunted by ghosts and spirits all his life. While on a walk, he is pulled mysteriously to a strange house. There he meets a witch named Yuko. She says she can make his wish come true (make the ghosts and spirits leave him alone) if he gives up something of great value to her. And that is how Watanuki ends up working at Yuko's shop. Everything's normal for a while, people come in and get their wishes granted, or sometimes they get advice. It seems that Watanuki will be able to pay off his debt in no time... that is, until he gets an omen that speaks of people from another dimension coming to theirs and they actually do.
This series crosses-over with another series called Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. This is a really good series so far, with lots of humor and all, but I do hope a plot appears soon.
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on June 19, 2004
As usual CLAMP proves to be the best in storytelling. XXXholic is about a boy who can see ghosts and other things humans cannot normally see. Some people would see that as a gift but to this boy it has been to him nothing but trouble. So he walks and stops right in front od this little house in the middle of the city. Suddenly he walks right in to the gate and into the house. The house owner quickly asks him his name and his date fo birth and puts him into contract to work for her and in return to make his wish come true. To get rid of his so called "gift". But other than that i am done we will see if the boy can survive his boss and get rid of his "gift."
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on May 24, 2004
XXXholic is one of the best mangas I have ever read. Yuko the main charachter is so cool and funny. The manga is funny but also serious. It deals a lot with Karma and destiny. Though you do not have to beleive in those things to like this manga. It has many charachters from other clamp mangas in it like sakura and syroan from cardcaptor sakura. You do not need to be familiar with them to understand the story. The manga is very good and anyone who likes manga should read it. Overall the story is very good and very funny and the drawings are great so you should pick it up and give it a try.
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on July 15, 2004
This is the first Manga I have ever bought, and I couldn`t be happier. I thought it was gonna kinda suck, the summary sounded a tad bit boring, but after reading it, I soon found out I was wrong. Quite wrong. I`ve had it for less then 24hrs. and already I want to go out and buy the next one!
I loved the art, and the story is really good.
I`d say it was money well spent. =D
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