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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on April 8, 1999
Anne McCaffrey's novel dragonflight can be a treat for those interested in light hearted fare that is a break from the hordes of epic and complex storylines currently running throughout science fiction and fantasy. Others however, may seek more meatier fare.
Her characters are fair and she paints them well but none spark the imagination nor stayed with me after I finished the novel. Perhaps when first published, her strong heroine was a novelty and I'm a decade or two too late to appreciate the protagonist. Instead, I found the character unsympathetic and cared little for her fate.
The more interesting characters were the dragons and McCaffrey describes them fairly. Somehow though, a majesty she tries to impart falls a bit flat. Regardless, she does drive home to the reader the joy of riding one. other descriptions are also vividly portrayed.
Action is sparse indeed and often unexciting. perhaps that is the greatest problem I found with the novel. There are few conflicts that felt worth the time to read and see resolved. Even battle with the threads seemed flat despite the build up. The final method for resolution probably has something to do with this dissapointment as well.
Ultimately, Dragonflight seems a good attempt but not the fare of on seeking epic conflict nor a stirring read.
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on September 20, 2000
I first became interested in this series because I love dragons- I was born in the year of the dragon. I liked the myths associated with them, how they can breathe fire, how some were evil and some are good. So, I happened to glance upon this book on the library shelf, I took it home, and it threw me into a highly imaginative world of dragons, their riders and some very cool plots. Dragon queens, Weyr lords and ladies and all those other people are sometimes hard to understand. So, when I first read it it took me a while to understand the whole thing, and it let a lot of sequels open to it. Even though it was a bit confusing at the beginning and middle by the time I got to the end I understood everything, even the sporelike Threads that everyone in the story was so crazy about. I guess this is a good book cuz it let me wanting to read more of Ann McCaffrey's works, so if you like dragons I recommend this book (but if you dont' like very confusing plots then don't read it)!
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on May 31, 2000
although i am a fantasy fanatic, i also loved this book because it developed a story and made you feel involved with the characters
Okay Lessa, is the rightful heir, to her, town, (if i must call it that) and no one knows it. she's so obsessed with coming into charge of it that she ignores the possibility of becoming more, then f'lar, who by the way screams love interest, comes along and takes her to the major place in pern and he sets her up to sort of like compete to be weyrwoman. and of course she becomes it. then lessa goes and meddles everywhere and almost spoils f'lar's chances at being the major guy in pern was it called weyrman? that would be weird, anyway, he does anyway, and then, its all very happy ending, there is more of course but you'll have to read the book, ms mc caffrey did really well when she created pern, especially the history. this is a fantasy fanatic must read book.
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on February 14, 2001
Dragonflight was ok if you can stand it when books are really slow in the beginning. After you get through all the boring stuff in the beginning of the book it was pretty good but it wasn't as good as I expected it to be. I wouldn't suggest anyone to read this book unless they are really into reading and can actually stand reading the whole book if it is boring in the beginning.
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on February 14, 2001
Dragonflight was ok if you can stand it when books are really slow in the beginning. After you get through all the boring stuff in the beginning of the book it was pretty good but it wasn't as good as I expected it to be. I wouldn't suggest anyone to read this book unless they are really into reading and can actually stand reading the whole book if it is boring in the beginning.
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on August 30, 2003
I've had this book for years, but it was always one of those books that I'd take down from the bookshelf once in a while, read the first 10 pages of, and then close it and put it back. Finally, I decided to force myself to read the whole thing. After all, with such good reviews, the book has to be good, right? Wrong.
Okay, the book wasn't actually that bad. The story was interesting and original; maybe even good, and the book was entertaining. However, I really don't think that the book lives up to the great reviews everyone has given it. For one thing, the writing isn't what I'd call great. It's not bad, but it's not good either. Maybe I'm just being harsh, but I don't think the writing style in this book really does live up to some of the other professional authors in this genre out there. Then again, there are worse.
I just found that sometimes consecutive paragraphs would not flow together. I'd read one, and then I'd read the second one and I'd pause and be like "uhhh...okay...was there supposed to be a space between these paragraphs or something?"
Other times, I found that things would just happen, and it made no sense. It would just leave me wondering what the hell happened before shrugging it off and reading on.
Lastly, I didn't think there was really much character development. The whole story was about the threads with little side comments about what the charecters were doing. But, I didn't actually feel for the characters at all, and you didn't see them develop or grow in any ways. The characters were just...spontaneous. They'd suddenly be in a bad mood or a good mood and the reader would have no idea why. Sometimes we'd find out later, and sometimes we wouldn't. The reader didn't even know how the characters felt about each other most of the time either.
OH yes, and there were wayyyy too many characters. I'd find myself pausing all the time, trying to remember who certain people were, before frantically flipping to the index trying to find their name. Maybe it was just the fact that so many of the names started with F'___ or K'____ and that was confusing. I don't know...I just thought that should have been more limited. It did get annoying after a while.
This book did have its share of problems, but I don't think the book was terrible. If you have some hours to spare and you want something mildly entertaining to read for a while, then by all means, get this book. Just don't expect it to be the fantastic book that everyone else says it is.
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on July 12, 2004
Contrary to all the praiseful reviews, I think this book is a bit boring. Yeah, just as my title says, the writer has a great imagination. Also the story is quite complex - something I like - but somehow it's just boring. This has a lot to do with her writing style. It's so monotonous... A lot of spectaculair things happen, but they seem to go almost unnoticed. She describes action from a distance.
I want to experience the burning of 'the thread' in a dragon's wing..!! Just mentioning it doesn't get me arroused.
The only bit of action is in the dialoges. These are relatively well written, although sometimes hard to follow (it seems one needs to fill in gaps). Yet I kept waiting and waiting for Lessa and F'lar's romance. Hoping dearly for increasing tenderness between the two. No way, suddenly everything is alright... State affairs are the only fun thing to write about, according to Anne McCaffrey.
Well, I don't want to paint a very bad picture. Maybe you should give it a try.
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on May 21, 2004
Anne McCaffrey's famous Pern series is "Science Fantasy"--that is, it incorporates elements (such as, of course, dragons) commonly accepted as Fantasy, but explains them with science. Science that is sometimes a little shaky, but rational, not magical or mythical, explanations, nonetheless. So one person might call it "Fantasy" and another might call it "Soft Sci-Fi", and they'd both be right.
That aside, the world McCaffrey has created is well-envisioned and fresh. Though the prologue is dry, it's interesting because the world itself is interesting.
"Dragonflight" was just starting to capture my interest and bring me into the world when it kicked me out... with time travel. McCaffrey introduces it too late for it to feel real, and serious logic holes in its operation (of the "why has nobody figured this out before?" type) cause some serious skepticism on the part of the reader. It pulls you out of the world and significantly damages the believability of the story.
As sketchy is it is, the time travel is necessary for this to be a novel rather than a novella... and for many other reasons. But it's still a tired plot device used in a problematic fashion, and it's the crutch this novel rests upon.
The time travel is but one part of why this novel feels like light fantasy. Though they're not caricatures, the characters aren't particularly deep--but they get the job done.
McCaffrey's prose turned me off at first, seeming a little flowery, but it either got better or I got used to it, because it was very easy to read for the rest of the novel.
But more than anything, the reason this novel is merely average is because the premise for the story does not offer a very good conclusion. This isn't a character drama, it's not about relationships. It incorporates those elements and more, but what this story is really about is saving the world. That in itself is not a serious flaw, but the fact that it takes fifty years before the world can be considered 'saved' is one. Because of the admittedly interesting setup, the peril that the dragonriders are fighting will last for half of a century... so since the characters are quite human, McCaffrey has to end the story without truly accomplishing what it set out to do.
And the way she ends it works... sort of. It doesn't feel completely fulfilling, but she did the best she could with what she gave herself to work with.
I could talk about the problems of "Dragonflight" for hours, but the fact is, it's still fun. It's just downright fun to read. Take it too seriously and you'll be disappointed, but come in looking for a "book snack" and you'll enjoy yourself.
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