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on August 8, 2013
The characters are realistic and easy to become attached to whether for good or bad. The setting is believable. The variety of peoples keep the book interesting. The plot is very strong although sometimes difficult to follow since it jumps back and forth to different individuals points of view. I find myself wanting to continue one storyline and skip others because of the nature of the character involved. The books are very descriptive in all aspects, be it violence or sexuality. I prefer using a little imagination and not having the acts described in absolute detail. I also struggle with some of the terminology and its relevance to the era of the books themselves. The series is definitely written for an adult audience.
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on March 21, 2014
I love fantasy novels. When this got popular, I decided to check it out because it was right up the alley of what I typically read for fun. The show is so close to the books that they're not work buying, since at least you can watch and discuss a show with someone if you feel like it. As much as the story is great, I'm fed up of all the characters dying and it's not written as well as most fantasy novels I read and love. I'm not sure what all the hype was about, still, except that maybe it's a tv show?
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on September 11, 2012
These are great books and great price. The price does match the quality I guess. When I had opened the package and taken the books out of the box they had already been damaged 200 pages folded :/. Every time I read a book there seems to be more damage, and I'm pretty careful with my books. Great books, good price, and poor quality. If you aren't looking to let to many people borrow the books I say it's a good buy.
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on February 6, 2015
sorry to say I think this series is over rated. There are lots of other options either more gritty, more complicated story or less familiar. I have started it twice now but have set it aside for others such as Sanderson, Cook or Ambercrombie. I will get into it yet and maybe change my opinion. I have not seen the tv series and dont plan to until its all complete and I have read the books, if ever.
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on September 27, 2013
Would have preferred the story wrapped in a bow with a logical conclusion. Unfortunately there is no end in sight and no sign of the characters that grabbed my attention in the first place.

Dragging the story appears like a money grab at worst or the tangent of a mind trapped in this never ending fantasy at best.

May give the remaining books a pass.
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on July 23, 2013
These books were good but the print is extremely small. If you have a hard time reading small print, then
the price of these books aren't worth it. If I could do it over, I would spend the extra money on the larger
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on December 17, 2012
First three books were great, by the fourth you get it, the story should have been wrapped up. Like some boxer ex-champ that should have retired past his story lines and characters keep appearing that will lead nowhere in the near future, maybe by book 10 or so. You realize by book 4 that winter will never come, the dragons will never grow up, the others will never cross the wall. All these interesting subplots from book 2 and 3 will never go anywhere. You get into key characters who have multiple chapters devoted to with cliff hangers only to find out 200 pages later in some offhand line from another character, "oh by the way he died" instead of developing and finishing subplots, there are endless paragraphs on who ate what and which knight's second cousin had a red on gold paint on the armour... And Martin is just milking the story for another paycheck.
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on July 8, 2013
Bought these for my boyfriend, he was super excited about receiving them. When we finally got them in the mail, there was a huge dent in the fourth book. It was unfortunate.
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on October 2, 2014
Haven't even started to read these and not sure I will. But in terms of quality this is a great set.
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on June 17, 2011
To start off, I really enjoyed the first 2 books, the third one a bit less and I'm struggling to make it through the fourth. I still don't like his habit of completely jumping story every chapter, conveniently when something interesting is about to happen. Then, after 3 or 4 chapters on other characters, we get back to that exciting part that was about to happen to discover that it's already over and done with, or we vaguely hear about it from the perspective of another, unrelated character who gets the news from a raven.

In reality, these 4 books probably could have been compressed into 2 if he spent less time describing the coat of arms of each and every knight who happens to wander by and spent more time on actually moving the story forward. And I honestly think that the 4th book could have been completely scratched because it's so difficult to care about most of the characters whose perspective he is taking.

I'm disappointed in how it turned out since I would give A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings 5 stars, about a 4 for A Storm of Swords and probably a 0 if it was possible for the filler that is A Feast for Crows. There are so many other stories and characters that he had been covering that were completely ignored to apparently be told in a fifth book but at this point I'm not sure it's worth taking the chance. I'll just have to see if I can be convinced in the last third of book 4 but it's not looking good.
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