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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on July 6, 2002
This has got to be one of my favorite romance novels of all times. I pull it out at least once a year and reread all of those hilarious "good parts".
The book is set in England 1192 where our spunky heroine, Reina, is kidnapped one night by a gorgeous mercenary named Ranulf. Ranulf has been hired to deliver the orphaned heiress into the grasping hands of Lord Rothwell (an elderly geezer who's four previous wives have all died mysteriously). In desperation, Reina offers Ranulf a bargain: marry her instead of handing her over to Lord Rothwell and thereby become the new Lord Clydon. It is a win-win solution for them both. Ranulf will finally get the land and stability he craves, and Reina will get a strong protector to keep her people and her land safe.
This book is truly amazing. Sparks fly from page one and don't end till the last sentence. Reina and Ranulf are the perfect match and it is a joy watching them both "adjust" to married life and to each other. Read this one somewhere where you can laugh out loud, and be prepared to stay up all night to finish it.
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on March 24, 2000
This is the 1st. JL book I've read.I would expect an "exceptional/good" rom.writer to do less "conveying",and personal thoughts of the characters! Don't want to let romance lovers like myself to be dissapointed but...I am 1/2 way through the book and the 2 main characters still have not had a FULL-PAGE(yes I'm yelling)of personal interaction..So far the story conveys thoughts but not PERSONAL INTERACTION.Come on rom.lovers. isn't that what makes a good rom.storyline? In other words..this story "tells" about his/her more than shows it through "personal dialogue"try The Wolf and the Dove,Flame and the Flower,etc.Kathleen Woodriss and Warlord by Susan? Not one who afraid of "details" but.Do we want "descriptions"of "supposed" fierceness.aloofness, brooding etc...but the writing style is not "showing these qualities in the character? I think not! I gave it 3 stars...because it a "WANT TO BE" -style of other great writers.Something a writer doe'snt have to "say" but "depict". It doe'snt happen in this book.I want to try another one but...any suggestions from you guys out there who have read this book and know of a better one?I'm used to the older books of Kathleen Woodiwiss and others.
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on September 24, 1999
I have only read this book by Johanna Lindsay and it turned me off any other books she has written. The characters are not likable, the plot is weak and the romance and chemistry are missing. All throughout the book, the leading male character, Ranulf, is more trying to exert his authority over his wife. I cannot even begin to count The number of times he threatened to spank her. Spank Her!!!!!!! like a naughty child!!!!!!The first time he threatened to do that, it just turned me off the story. And at the end, he actually did it. Because his wife did not jump to obey his orders. That just made me think of him as a big brute on some enormous power trip. Especially since his wife made him a wealthy land owner. This book is useful if you need kindling for your fire but not much else. From what I have heard, Johanna Lindsay's books all have the leading male roles filled with the same kind of character. Maybe she is just turned on by domineering, bullies who have to have complete control, but i'm not. The spanking scene is the crowning touch of this book. It turned it from bad to worse. How can anyone consider this book romance when the heroine gets flipped over her husband's knee and spanked?
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on October 6, 2000
It was nice to read about two main characters that approached things with common sense and mature attitudes. It was delightful reading of how they grew in their knowledge of each other and their growing love. My favorite part was when Ranulf desired to please his wife in bed and sought advice on how to do this. I, also, loved how their love for each othe was finally expressed. Ranulf was a charming character with his size, anger, humor, and gentleness. Reina was fun with her antagonist ability. I liked how they were both straightforward so that there wasn't a lot of misunderstanding between them or assumptions. The story did slow down towards the end. The ending did leave a smile on my face. Lindsey is excellent, she is one of my favorites! I do wish that these romance authors would give a clue as to how to correctly pronounce some of the names of their characters, PLEASE!
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on October 28, 2002
J. Lindsey has quickly become added to my top 5 favourite authors. This book is another Lindsey great! What a refreshing change to open a book and immediately be drawn in by this tiny spirit of a woman fighting to save her own Castle! Reina was the ultimate heroine... down to earth, witty, comical and brave. No frail little mouse here... as huge and domineering as Ranulf could be, she always stood up to him, making me laugh at her quick wit every time. Also refreshing was how Ranulf was so inexperienced in pleasing a woman and how he wanted to learn how to make it a beautiful experience for her also. Each character had flaws but they made you care more deeply for them. This book is an example of how great romance is written and written well. Try out Prisoner of My Desire too! Its another awesome book by JL.
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on August 12, 2000
Ranulf is a soldier for hire. He is hired to kidnap Reina and return her to her betrothed husband. All too soon he discovers that he has been tricked. Reina's real betrothed husband died and her father also has died before arranging another marriage for her. Realizing that she and her people and lands are vulnerable, she offers to marry Ranulf. He has money, but no lands. She has lands, but little money. At first, Ranulf is hesitant. He doesn't have much use for a Lady, but realizes that it is an opportunity he can't turn down. Besides, he likes a woman that will stand up to him. As you can expect, these two fall in love despite their initial annoyance with each other. A charming and amusing story.
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on February 26, 2000
I was not disappointed with this book. I was DEFINITELY one of my favorites. At first Ranulf seem so dangerous and cold, but with Reina help he turns out to be a man any woman can love. I found it very heart warming that he took the time and effort to find a way to give his wife pleasure with his fears getting in the way.
Both Reina and Ranulf were WONDERFUL characters. Reina was soOO sprited and so fun. Ranulf was so caring, understanding,& fair. I love the relationship they have going on. If it wasn't for Reina wit and spunk we wouldn't have seen Ranulf playful, sexual side. I LOVED THIS BOOK AND RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO READ IT. Johnanna Lindsey biggest fan.
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on September 28, 2001
This really IS one of her finest novels. There is much humor and feeling in this book. Her heroine's laser-like wit is very funny, so clever in fact that it turns her into one of Lindsey's best characters. The hero is a great match, with an absolutely endearing determination to find ways to pleasure his wife. Given that so many heroes in these medieval novels tend to border on being brutish louts, this is a welcome change of pace. There are excellent subplots that tie together nicely with the hero's father and brother. This book is so entertaining that the reader will feel compelled to reread it several times. If you are looking for an enjoyable lift you cannot go wrong with this book!
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on October 9, 2002
I absolutely love this book!!!..I've collected all Johanna Lindsey's novel and this is by far the most interesting book of them all (my opinion.) Reina is a Herione i'll love to know in real life. She's not beautiful but she has that sort of charisma that attracts people to her...good or bad. and her tongue!!! That girl can kick your butt with words and left you wondering what just happened!.. the writing was unique and witty. Reina is not spoiled like most of Ms lindsey's other heriones and she knows what she wants,so she go for it not waste the reader's time debating whether she's in love or not. I'll recommende this book to someone looking for a little change in Ms lindsey's writing
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on December 6, 1999
The book was a little bit boring. Ranulf was not a very likable charector.and since when is beating up a woman made to seem attractive. The fact that Ranulf expected Reina too jump to obey his orders and become his slave - and he even spanked her for not obeying him, gave me the impression that he was some kind of bully.The book was not very interesting and it took me a week to finish , but it wasn't that bad. It just wasn't really worth buying (maybe just be taken out from the library)It seems like JL finds this spanking thing erotic but it puts me off completetly .The fact that nothing much really happened made this book become quite monotomonous.
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